File Title
1 New study demonstrates radio signal benefits from decades-old theory
2 A global motion-planning approach based on local experiences
3 Laser technology helps researchers scrutinize cancer cells
4 Wearable sensors mimic skin to help with wound healing process
5 New 'blue-green' solution for recycling world's batteries
6 In a first, electric cars outsell traditional ones in Norway
7 Selecting the best features for phishing attack detection algorithms
8 British startup looking to build 18-seat bioelectric hybrid airplane
9 MIT and NASA engineers demonstrate a new kind of airplane wing
10 'Smart' pajamas could monitor and help improve sleep
11 Toyota robot can't slam dunk but shoots a mean 3-pointer
12 Magento commerce platform has fixes, users told to install asap
13 No AI in humor: R2-D2 walks into a bar, doesn't get the joke
14 Stacking boxes is spectator treat if Boston Dynamics is in the warehouse
15 US tech giant Apple apologized to customers who had been looking forward to the release of the canceled AirPower
16 KAIST team used fuzzing to spot newer LTE protocol vulnerabilities
17 Building 3-D models of unknown objects as they are manipulated by robots
18 Tests carried out on plywood delivery drone solution
19 Researchers develop a new way to test machine learning algorithms that control self-driving cars
20 Scientists discover potential sustainable energy technology for the household refrigerator
21 Walmart partners with Google on grocery shopping via voice
22 US, China leading race for 5G wireless: Survey
23 Computing scientists use machine learning to track health trends on Twitter
24 Zuckerberg's 'new rules' for the internet must move from words to actions
25 Streaming helps boost 2018 music industry sales
26 Facebook CEO visits Ireland to discuss reform pledge
27 Are we on the right road to driverless cars?
28 Facebook removes fake accounts tied to Indian political parties, Pakistan's military
29 Facebook seeks tab to promote 'high quality news'
30 US investigating Kia, Hyundai over 'non-crash fires'
31 Boeing, FAA say more time needed for fix of troubled 737 Max
32 Twitter says action taken against pro-Netanyahu bot network
33 Scam ads promoting fake tax breaks prosper on Facebook
34 Outgoing Airbus CEO poised for 37 mln euro payout: report
35 Germany finds truckers cheating to hide emissions
36 Purdue startup wins Army's xTechSearch for newest technology to meet modernization needs
37 Google workers want ultra-conservative off AI council
38 Cathay 'faces reality' with budget airline buy, say analysts
39 Facebook's call for global internet regulation sparks debate
40 Virtual tests for autonomous driving systems
41 Methane oxidation on the plus side--a selective industrial route to methanesulfonic acid
42 Evidence found of Denisovans interbreeding with humans in Southeast Asia more recently than thought
43 VLA makes first direct image of key feature of powerful radio galaxies
44 Researchers tune material's color and thermal properties separately
45 Scientists prove that binary stars reflect light from one another
46 New alternatives may ease demand for scarce rare-earth permanent magnets
47 Restore natural forests to meet global climate goals
48 'Molecular surgery' reshapes living tissue with electricity but no incisions
49 New species of wood-munching (and phallic-looking) clams found at the bottom of the ocean
50 Hands spread flame retardants, plasticizers throughout homes
51 Muscle-like material expands and contracts in response to light
52 Scientists capture live, atomic-level detail of nanoparticle formation
53 Bacterial factories could manufacture high-performance proteins for space missions
54 Scientists set record for light-matter interaction
55 New machine learning model describes dynamics of cell development
56 How much hunting is too much hunting?
57 After the Moon in 2024, NASA wants to reach Mars by 2033
58 Bristol mathematician cracks Diophantine puzzle
59 Subaru telescope helps determine that dark matter is not made up of tiny primordial black holes
60 Study of diversity training suggests it doesn't lead to much change
61 Why you should love robo-advisers
62 Germany doubtful about Facebook chief's reform pledge
63 Greater comfort for cyclists
64 Data glitch delays flights at several US carriers
65 Personalized skin cream from a mini beauty plant
66 Artificial intelligence automatically detects disturbances in power supply grids
67 Project delivers low-cost future network architecture for mobile operators
68 New tools in the battle against online data misuse
69 Tiny sensors, big potential
70 Post 'net neutrality' internet needs new measurement tools, Princeton experts tell policymakers
71 Facebook chief wants 'more active' govt. role regulating internet
72 Leaders hint Poland will not fully apply EU copyright law
73 How Europe is faring on renewable energy targets
74 Breaking up Big Tech not the answer: EU commissioner
75 Facebook to tighten live stream access after mosque attacks
76 New Australian laws could see social media execs jailed over terror images
77 Financial pressure mounts to fix Boeing's troubled jetliner
78 Hyundai finds new engine problem, prompting another recall
79 Boeing anti-stall system was activated in Ethiopia crash: source
80 To imagine the '5G' future, revisit our recent wireless past
81 Google, Microsoft and Starbucks are some of the best places to work in the US, workers say
82 Five things to consider before speed limiters are added to cars
83 Facebook beefs up political ad rules ahead of EU election
84 Hey, Google and Alexa: Parents worry voice assistants can listen in on kids, survey finds
85 IBM purged 'gray hairs' and 'old heads' as it launched 'Millennial Corps': lawsuit
86 Google suspended from LGBTQ equality index after failing to remove controversial app
87 Fiat Chrysler to cut 1,500 jobs at Canada plant
88 Lyft's shares soar as investors bet on ride-hailing future
89 Huawei defends security record as annual sales top $100B
90 New way of designing systems against correlated disruptions uses negative probability
91 Amazon plans 800-job expansion in Austin--but it's not related to HQ2
92 WTO confirms US failed to fully comply over Boeing subsidies
93 Twitter may tag rule-breaking Trump tweets
94 Iceland's WOW Air budget carrier collapses, cancels all flights
95 Cuba, Google move to improve island's connectivity
96 Turbocharging the switch to efficient engines
97 How big tech designs its own rules of ethics to avoid scrutiny and accountability
98 UK identifies fresh Huawei risks to telecom networks
99 Sony says former CEO Kazuo Hirai to leave firm
100 US charges Facebook with high-tech housing discrimination
101 Ride-hailing giants face bumpy road to profitability
102 YouTube's child viewers may struggle to recognise adverts in videos from 'virtual play dates'
103 New technique reduces time lag between component manufacture and checking precision on CMM
104 How to cross-examine a machine in court
105 Stop outsourcing the regulation of hate speech to social media
106 How AI could spur drug development
107 A 'cookbook' for vehicle manufacturers: Getting automated parts to talk to each other
108 Daimler and Geely to develop next generation Smart car
109 S. Korea spycam crimes put hidden camera industry under scrutiny
110 US officials order Chinese company to sell Grindr: report
111 The Three Mile Island nuclear accident 40 years ago
112 Boeing unveils fix to flight system after deadly crashes