File Title
1 Could beetroot fight salt-induced high blood pressure?
2 In most states, insurance won't cover addiction treatments
3 Contact lens-based antihistamine delivery effective
4 Frailty may up fracture risk in patients with type 2 diabetes
5 Death rates from Caesarean section far higher in developing countries
6 Team finds universal background checks lower homicide rates
7 Pain, pain go away: new tools improve students' experience of school-based vaccines
8 Omega-3 fatty acids tied to fewer childhood asthma symptoms
9 Hawaii eyes flavored e-cigarette ban to curb teen vaping
10 Smoking and pre-eclampsia may cause fertility problems for offspring, study suggests
11 Mozambique cholera cases jump to 139 a day after outbreak
12 A new model to trial preventative treatments for schizophrenia
13 Movement toward a poop test for liver cirrhosis
14 Aspiring doctors seek advanced training in addiction medicine
15 Public domain antibiotic found highly effective against triple-negative breast cancer
16 A ventilation system proves effective at reducing hospital infections
17 Call in the reserves: Two types of stem cells repair intestinal injury
18 Major step towards individual cancer immunotherapy
19 Calming, ocean-themed room offers tranquility for those with sensory processing issues
20 Researchers discover a new migraine-associated mechanism
21 How proximity to substance use treatment programs affects opioid-related health outcomes
22 Lifetime hypertension risk high for black men and women, white men
23 Q&A: Evaluation can determine cause, guide treatment for knee pain
24 New findings indicate additional benefits of exercise to breast cancer survivors
25 A new method to evaluate stress and allostatic load in primary care
26 When parents play favourites, what happens to the kids?
27 Why sleep training will not hurt your child
28 Cimzia injection approved for new inflammatory arthritis indication
29 Guidance lists new first-line treatment for severe malaria in the U.S.
30 Why are we losing so many Indigenous children to suicide?
31 The first complete mapping of cerebral functional lateralisation
32 Nurses say proposed state law limiting number of patients would save lives
33 Study finds young athletes are slightly more likely to have enlarged heart aortas
34 Researchers report a new targetable vulnerability in breast cancer cells
35 Research into tropical eye worm yields new tests to rapidly assess safety of anti-filarial drugs
36 The dying art of conversation--has technology killed our ability to talk face-to-face?
37 Clinical trial finds therapy to be well-tolerated in patients with aggressive brain tumour
38 Poor lung function in shorter people linked to increased risk of heart disease
39 Men are fooled by placebo more often than women
40 The exercise conundrum: sometimes active people put on more weight than couch potatoes--here's why
41 Home-based tools can help assess dementia risk and progression
42 Researchers discover two, rare genes associated with Alzheimer's disease
43 People can survive organ failure, a review explores how
44 World first 3D printed feet: steps up treatment for diabetics
45 Kicking goals for kids with autism: Coaching the Coach to coach the kids
46 DRC reports new Ebola contamination
47 Study reveals exercise is more critical than diet to maintain weight loss
48 Genomic analysis offers roadmap for diagnosis and treatment of a high-risk leukemia
49 Study highlights need to increase diversity within genetic data sets
50 Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk that your baby will become obese
51 More Americans now think vaping is harmful
52 Genetic testing helps family uncover inherited heart condition
53 Shift work is tough on workers' hearts, study shows
54 CDC: 2017 to 2018 saw increase in enterovirus D68 detection
55 The 1-parent family and kids' health risks
56 When you need to see a dermatologist
57 Medical marijuana bill clears Senate
58 Use of biologics to treat IBD in U.S. adults may be suboptimal
59 Doctors more likely to prescribe preventive therapy if prompted by EMR
60 Can a protein in cord blood predict risk of death, cerebral palsy in preterm infants?
61 Scientists develop way to perform supercomputer simulations of the heart on cellphones
62 Lumbar spine MRI reports are too difficult for patients to understand
63 Patient factors contribute to imaging follow-up rates
64 Contrast-enhanced MRI provides useful findings in discordant core biopsy management
65 Uterine artery embolization can be considered for well controlled symptomatic leiomyomas
66 Emails show FDA worry after romaine outbreaks
67 The great sex recession: celibate Americans at record high
68 Trips to the toilet at night are a sign of high blood pressure
69 Gastrointestinal complaints in children could signal future mental health problems
70 Hundreds vaccinated after measles emergency in New York
71 Mozambique says cholera cases up to 271 in cyclone-hit city
72 Immune checkpoint inhibitor combo efficacious for patients with neuroendocrine carcinoma
73 HER2-targeted CAR T-cell therapy shows promising antitumor activity in patients with sarcoma
74 Adding savolitinib to osimertinib beneficial for certain pretreated lung cancer patients
75 Mesothelin-targeted CAR T-cell therapy shows early promise in patients with solid tumors
76 CD40 combination therapy can shrink pancreatic tumors
77 International aid helps Mozambique fight cholera in Beira
78 Excess body weight before 50 is associated with higher risk of dying from pancreatic cancer
79 New glioblastoma vaccine shows promising results in phase Ib clinical trial
80 Awake lumbar interbody fusion
81 Just an hour of weekly walking staves off disability
82 New evidence about why clear margins in breast cancer surgery are such good news
83 Cesarean delivery associated with higher risk of severe complications for the mother
84 China to regulate all fentanyl drugs as controlled substance
85 Biopsy alternative: 'Wearable' device captures cancer cells from blood
86 New evidence on the association of shortened sleep time and OSA with sleepiness and cardiometabolic risk factors
87 Compression-only CPR increases survival of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
88 Research may predict outcomes for newborns with rare disease
89 'Jumping genes' drive many cancers
90 A simple new blood test for tuberculosis
91 The mystery of touch and how we feel about it
92 Teenage psychotic experiences more common in areas with high air pollution
93 Gabapentin and pregabalin become class C drugs
94 Chronic kidney disease of undetermined causes described originally in Central America and Sri Lanka
95 It's time to lift the restrictions on medical abortion in Australia
96 Fee for service psychology no answer to mental health
97 What should our maximum heart rate be during exercise?
98 How DNA ancestry testing can change our ideas of who we are
99 Baby-led weaning or spoon feeding? The difference it makes to your child's eating habits is actually very small
100 Clustering helps unlock secrets of the human brain
101 Breakthrough implant brings dexterity and sense of touch to prosthetic hand
102 Medicaid work requirements: Is there a path forward that could help the poor, not harm them?
103 Two new genes discovered in the developmental defects of canine enamel
104 'Brain scanners are bringing about a revolution in neurolinguistics'
105 Neonatal DNA tests could save young lives, expert says
106 Mental health disorders rife in post-conflict areas
107 Mega study confirms pregnant women can reduce risk of stillbirth by sleeping on their side
108 Natural gene therapy for intractable skin disease discovered
109 Neuroscientist casts doubt on benefit of using electric currents to improve memory
110 Gilteritinib improves survival for patients with acute myeloid leukemia
111 British government's failure to offer HPV catch-up vaccinations to older boys discriminatory, says health economist
112 Should measles vaccinations be compulsory?
113 Single agent umbralisib effective for relapsed slow-growing lymphoma
114 The unique vulnerabilities and needs of teen survivors of mass shootings
115 Researchers discover how tumor-killing immune cells attack lymphomas in living mice
116 Cancer preventive vaccine showed promising results in preclinical model of Lynch syndrome
117 First total-body PET/CT studies show potential for better, faster, lower-dose images