File Title
1 Building blocks of DNA and RNA could have appeared together before life began on Earth
2 Engineers discover novel role of water in production of renewable fuels
3 Breakthrough study of cell signaling holds promise for immune research and beyond
4 Research identifies potential target for strep A vaccine
5 Methane promising route for storage of renewable energy from sun and wind
6 Chemists design faster production process for essential sugars
7 Technique to make transparent polythene films as strong as aluminium
8 Hydrogel 3-D printing and patterning liquids with the capacitor edge effect (PLEEC)
9 New polymer mixture creates ultra-sensitive heat sensor
10 Toward novel computing and fraud detection technologies with on-demand polymers
11 Depression, obesity, chronic pain could be treated by targeting the same key protein
12 Uncovering the secrets of ancient rock art using 'X-ray vision'
13 Probe shines light on overactive immune cells to help detect, treat certain cancers, autoimmune diseases
14 How to free trapped radicals from carboxyl
15 Quantum physics and origami for the ultimate get-well card
16 Rise of religion pre-dates Incas at Lake Titicaca
17 Building blocks of DNA and RNA could have appeared together before life began on Earth
18 Scientists construct new family tree for perching birds
19 Using QMC simulations to examine the dynamic spin structure of planar coupled spin ladders
20 Scientists find likely source of methane on Mars
21 Green fluorescent protein-based glucose indicators for real-time monitoring of glucose metabolism
22 Synthetic rubber outperforms natural rubber
23 From the bronze age to food cans, here's how tin changed humanity
24 Researchers print channel structures in quartz glass
25 Accelerating electrocatalyst discovery
26 Anions and cations in dual-ion batteries act like cowherd and weaver girl
27 3-D printed tissues may keep athletes in action
28 Lithium ions flow through solid material
29 Cultured stem cells reconstruct sensory nerve and tissue structure in the nose
30 Researchers dramatically simplify and streamline organic chemical synthesis
31 What's in this plant? The best automated system for finding potential drugs
32 Mirrors control chemical selectivity
33 Knowledge gap closed in our understanding of degradation of ethane
34 ORNL investigates complex uranium oxides with help from CADES resources
35 Synergy for storage: Containing nuclear waste for thousands of years
36 Tomorrow's data memories: Using new technology to explore single molecule magnets in slow motion
37 Investigations with neutrons settle scientific dispute about the structure of fluorine
38 A new class of branched single chain surfactant for enhanced oil recovery reported
39 A cost-effective method to synthesize chemical building blocks
40 Ultrabright X-rays reveal the molecular structure of membranes used to desalinate seawater
41 'Featherweight oxygen' discovery opens window on nuclear symmetry
42 We've been thinking of how ice forms in cirrus clouds all wrong
43 First bacterial genome created entirely with a computer
44 Research shows cocaine trafficking adapts to law enforcement efforts
45 Farming for natural profits in China
46 Skyrmions could provide next generation data storage
47 Can technology improve even though people don't understand what they are doing?
48 Researcher calculates temperature inside moon to help reveal its inner structure
49 Chicago tops list of most dangerous cities for migrating birds
50 Astronomers take a closer look at a nearby dwarf active galactic nucleus
51 Air pollution caused by corn production increases mortality rate in US
52 How to ice-proof the next generation of aircraft
53 Gender parity: Not a foregone conclusion in all fields
54 MIT and NASA engineers demonstrate a new kind of airplane wing
55 Artificial intelligence sheds new light on cell developmental dynamics
56 Anti-evolvability drugs could slow antibiotic resistance in bacteria
57 Engineers craft the basic building block for electrospun nanofibers
58 Adhesive formed from bee spit and flower oil could form basis of new glues
59 Researchers advance effort to manage parasitic roundworms
60 Pressure makes best cooling
61 Solving a hairy forensic problem
62 Fullerenes bridge conductive gap in organic photovoltaics
63 New structural phase transition may broaden the applicability of photo-responsive solids
64 Bacteria could be a future source of electricity
65 Building starch backbones for lab-grown meat using Lego pieces
66 Microgels let medical implants fight off bacteria
67 C. elegans roundworms 'harvest' an essential coenzyme from the bacteria they consume
68 Smartphone test spots poisoned water risk to millions of lives
69 Detecting ethylene, the fruit ripening hormone
70 Discovery of life-extension pathway in worms demonstrates new way to study aging
71 Color-changing sparks
72 Why photosynthesis works better for some plants than others
73 Scientist constructs artificial photosynthetic cells
74 New cellulose-based material represents three sensors in one
75 Will cyborgs be made from melanin? Pigment breakthrough enables biocompatible electronics
76 Wood-based technology creates electricity from heat
77 New tool allows scientists to catch elusive protein in action
78 Drug diversity in bacteria
79 Scientists squeeze catalysts inside host materials like a ship into a bottle
80 Novel technique to characterise chemical composition and structure of samples
81 Vapor drives a liquid-solid transition in a molecular system
82 Breakthrough in air purification with a catalyst that works at room temperature
83 Key evidence associating hydrophobicity with effective acid catalysis
84 New research shows highest energy density all-solid-state batteries now possible
85 Catalyst advance removes pollutants at low temperatures
86 Study shows how electricity-eating microbes use electrons to fix carbon dioxide
87 New approach to molecular modeling may accelerate the development of new organic materials for electronics
88 Chemists show that sodium can be safely used for cross-coupling reactions
89 4-D-printed materials can be stiff as wood or soft as sponge
90 A laser focus on finding better ways to make renewable fuels
91 Research team develops material to separate oil and water for environmental remediation and wastewater treatment
92 Breakthrough in acidic water electrolysis via ruthenium-based catalysts
93 Pork essentially free of veterinary drug residues
94 Dynamic hydrogel used to make 'soft robot' components and LEGO-like building blocks
95 Inert nitrogen forced to react with itself
96 Periodic table discovered at St. Andrews recognized as oldest in the world
97 Researchers evaluate the potential of perovskite solar cells for space applications
98 Artificial Intelligence will map the chemical space to help navigate through the wide diversity of chemical compounds
99 Lighting the way to removing radioactive elements
100 Research paves way for new source for leukemia drug
101 Neutrons paint atomic portrait of prototypical cell signaling enzyme
102 'Terminator'-like liquid metal moves and stretches in 3-D space
103 Pollutants, pathogens could team up to make us sick
104 Seeing through food and drug fakes and frauds
105 Study shows pressure induces unusually high electrical conductivity in polyiodide
106 Revealing the rules behind virus scaffold construction
107 Scientists discover common blueprint for protein antibiotics
108 Smarter drug release thanks to control over encapsulation
109 New technique for in-cell distance determination
110 Electron accelerators reveal the radical secrets of antioxidants
111 Making xylitol and cellulose nanofibers from paper paste--towards a green and sustainable society
112 Cutting-edge fingerprint technology could help in the fight against knife crime
113 A laser technique proves effective to recover material designed to protect industrial products
114 Material for new-generation atomic reactors developed
115 From foam to bone: Plant cellulose can pave the way for healthy bone implants