File Title
1 Caterpillars could hold the secret to new treatment for osteoarthritis
2 A guide for parents and teachers: What to do if your teenager watches violent footage
3 Cell culture shock--a scientist's hunt for the perfect cocktail
4 Potentially deadly and memory-killing effect of opioid abuse explored
5 Mindfulness could be a key to recovering from substance abuse, experts say
6 Breaking the stress and drug abuse connection
7 Androgen receptor, a target for prostate cancer treatment, imports into mitochondria and plays a novel role
8 What works best for women struggling with a leaky bladder?
9 Study explaining side effects of statins finds drug can have unexpected benefits
10 Meal kits and recipe tastings increase healthy food selections among food pantry clients
11 Team studies smarter automatic defibrillator
12 New evidence for a human magnetic sense that lets your brain detect the Earth's magnetic field
13 Milk or no milk? Study fills long-time knowledge gap on babies with genetic disorder
14 Breast density assessment varies greatly by screening method and race
15 3-D mammography significantly reduces breast biopsy rates
16 Study links breastfeeding with lower risk of heart disease
17 Eating fish may help prevent asthma
18 Cardiovascular diseases: Prognostic model from the 1990s still gives the best results
19 Researchers investigate sleep's role in emotional experiences for teens
20 A nutty solution for improving brain health
21 The benefits of a home rowing machine
22 In utero ultrafine particle exposure tied to asthma in offspring
23 Active interventions generally helpful for urinary incontinence
24 Dementia is a global challenge--a new report asks if anyone is ready to meet it?
25 Where does chronic pain begin? Scientists close in on its origins
26 TB discovery could save tens of thousands of lives
27 The politics of fear: How it manipulates us to tribalism
28 New class of drugs could treat ovarian cancer
29 Medical marijuana laws linked to health and labor supply benefits in older adults
30 Measuring differences in brain chemicals in people with mild memory problems
31 Simple blood test could determine preterm birth rate in low-resource countries
32 It's no Fortnite, but it's helping stroke survivors move again
33 Even low doses of synthetic cannabinoids can impair cognitive performance
34 People choose healthy and sustainable lunches if given the green light
35 Puerto Rico approves sale of naloxone amid opioid crisis
36 Every hour 30 people are diagnosed with tuberculosis in the European Region
37 Prescribing healthy food in Medicare/Medicaid is cost effective, could improve health
38 Trigger warnings do little to reduce people's distress, research shows
39 Precision oncology insights revealed for colorectal cancer
40 Former inmates need social supports to maintain mental health, study says
41 Tecentriq approved for small cell lung cancer
42 Sleep problems during pregnancy affect glucose, may increase risk of childhood obesity
43 Bluetooth technology enables insulin adherence monitoring
44 How attention helps the brain perceive an object
45 Novel checklist can distinguish anthrax exposure from other illnesses
46 Analgesics in pregnancy do not seem to cause offspring asthma
47 Inflammation inhibitor blocks neurodevelopmental disorders in mouse model
48 Fountain of youth for heart health may lie in the gut
49 New Labour's policies reduced geographical inequalities in infant mortality rates
50 Older people less anxious, more active and less likely to fall in retirement communities
51 Researchers develop new method to detect cancerous DNA in lung cancer patients' blood
52 Older patients with Crohn's disease benefit from new medications
53 First ratings for youth football helmets address sport's largest pool of athletes
54 Does alcohol consumption have an effect on arthritis?
55 Skin diseases are more common than we think
56 Bacterial contamination in household and office building tap water
57 Study examines how high altitude affects memory
58 Child and adolescent anxiety could be linked to later alcohol problems
59 Disease burden in osteoarthritis is similar to rheumatoid arthritis
60 Drinking hot tea linked with elevated risk of esophageal cancer
61 Exercise program provides multiple benefits to nursing home residents
62 Economic growth linked to reduction in stunting and thinness, rise in overweight, obesity in Chinese children
63 Stillbirths more likely if diabetes in pregnancy not diagnosed
64 FDA approves first drug for postpartum depression
65 High potency pot 'strongly linked' to psychosis: study
66 Review of osteoporosis clinical practice guidelines finds majority lack patient values
67 Asian-American groups vary in life years lost to premature heart disease, stroke
68 Acidic environment triggers genes that help cancer cells metastasize
69 Diattenuation imaging--a promising imaging technique for brain research
70 Sleep, heart disease link leads from brain to bone marrow
71 Drug used to control cholesterol found effective against cancer-associated cachexia
72 Discovery of a crucial immune reaction when solid food is introduced that prevents inflammatory disorders
73 New 3-D imaging technique shows promise for finding contractions that may lead to early birth
74 Deep brain stimulation provides sustained relief for severe depression
75 Researchers find a new mechanism by which cells can sense oxygen with applications in cancer treatment
76 Online psychotherapy against child sexual abuse launched on the darknet
77 Revealing a potential new marker for aggressive prostate cancer
78 Go for a run or eat chocolate: A choice dictated by the cannabinoid receptors
79 More than one in four high school students have experienced symptoms of depression
80 Discovery paves way for precision medicine in future
81 Sniffing out Parkinson's disease
82 Experiments with roundworms suggest alternatives for the treatment of schizophrenia
83 FDA warns homeopathic company about illegal product claims
84 Is year-round daylight saving time a good idea? Maybe not
85 What parents need to know about the signs of child sexual abuse
86 Having one mental health disorder increases your risks of getting another
87 Active substance from plant slows down aggressive eye cancer
88 What is a doula and how do they help women giving birth?
89 Non-invasive test is breath of fresh air for diagnosing gut diseases
90 Antibodies from earlier exposures affect response to new flu strains
91 Tick, tock: The countdown to peak tick season is here
92 CDC: New HIV transmission often from those unaware of infection
93 Human microbiome metabolites tip the scale in intestinal E. coli infections
94 'Short sleepers' can get just 4 hours a night and feel fine. But is their health at risk?
95 Alcohol, domestic violence link not as obvious as it might seem
96 Increasing evidence of a strong connection between sugar and cancer
97 Houston hospital helps woman deliver 6 babies in 9 minutes
98 Researchers uncover aspirin's effects on platelet rich plasma
99 Canadian food and beverage companies get mixed grades on nutrition goals: report
100 Children with autism are in 'in-tune' with mom's feelings like other children
101 Preventing elderly falls through low-cost community events
102 Protein linked to cancer growth drives deadly lung disease
103 New Baltimore-based health initiative aims to close disparities in research, treatment of brain disorders
104 A groundbreaking pancreatic cancer trial, which aims to match patients with more targeted and effective treatment
105 A case against a moratorium on germline gene editing
106 Researchers use radiomics to predict who will benefit from chemotherapy
107 The Mastermind approach to brain research
108 Improving access to weight loss clubs for people with learning difficulties
109 Even light physical activity has health benefits--new research
110 The role of violence against women is overlooked in opioid epidemic
111 Levels of autism in China similar to the West, joint Chinese-UK study shows
112 Algae could prevent limb amputation
113 Psychology may help explain why male and female serial killers differ
114 Balance of two enzymes linked to pancreatic cancer survival
115 Researchers identify gene variant associated with cellular aging
116 Surrey creates innovative lab test to develop easy-to-swallow medicine for children
117 Treatment deficiencies, research disparity in pelvic organ prolapse
118 New model for ICU care discovers causes of health emergencies