File Title
1 Kids with heart defects joined Jackie Kennedy, LBJ to raise awareness
2 Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol may not improve thinking and memory
3 Do soccer players have an increased risk of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis?
4 Liquid biopsy as effective as tissue biopsy for non-small cell lung cancer: study
5 First semi-identical twins identified in pregnancy
6 How 'completely avoidable' measles cases continue to climb
7 In tobacco state, students testify about youngsters' vaping
8 Many antibiotic courses for common infections not in line with guidelines
9 Early use of antibiotics in elderly patients with UTIs associated with reduced risk of sepsis
10 Child anxiety could be factor in school absences, research concludes
11 Over 40 percent of GPs intend to quit within five years: New survey
12 Study identifies predictors of psychiatric events during drug-assisted smoking cessation
13 Intervention with at-risk infants increases children's compliance at age 3
14 India's child nutrition program sees higher utilization, but fewer gains in high-burden states
15 Colon cancer growth reduced by exercise
16 Is alcohol consumption more helpful than harmful? It depends on your age
17 Study: US pedestrian deaths hit highest number since 1990
18 Cerebral palsy: studying baby steps could lead to better treatments
19 Congenital heart defects vastly increase risk of heart problems later in life
20 Lab study: Parkinson's researchers test a new approach against motor disorders
21 Cognitive behavioral therapy may affect neural processing in agoraphobia
22 Countering stereotypes about teens can change their behavior, study finds
23 Study finds depression in millennials on the rise
24 Making sense of how the blind 'see' color
25 Sore throat, cough and phlegm--all you need to know about your horrible cold
26 Don't expect to puff away at next year's Tokyo Olympics
27 Switzerland mulls studies on legal sale of cannabis
28 Dietary factors affecting gut microbiome may influence response to immunotherapy in melanoma patients
29 Colon cancer usually diagnosed late in under-50 adults
30 Ten tips for surviving a crowd crush
31 Soybean oil or fish oil? This study's result surprised cancer researchers
32 Depression screening rates remain low among adolescents
33 When watching others in pain, women's brains show more empathy
34 What our new study reveals about the genetics and biology of suicidal behaviour
35 Researchers link mutations in antibodies to heightened risk of allergic diseases in children
36 It's time to rethink what the medical profession considers a 'rare disease'
37 How much exercise do you need? Not much if you're diligent, U of T researcher says
38 Researchers find blocking an inflammatory pathway protects tendons from injury
39 Interdisciplinary approach uncovers new clues to triggers of gut inflammation
40 Reducing risk of cardiovascular disease
41 When DNA science goes down an unethical path in China, who is responsible?
42 Trump plan to beat HIV hits rough road in rural America
43 Dementia carers reassured they can--and should--call police about wandering patients
44 Forecasting infectious diseases can help public health officials fight epidemics
45 Here's what music sounds like through an auditory implant
46 Ability to control stress reduces negative impacts
47 Unwanted unacceptable thoughts--most people have them and we should talk about them
48 Gene therapy with implanted LED device automatically corrects heart rhythm disorder
49 Listening in to brain communications, without surgery
50 Too much TV might dull the aging brain
51 Medtronic Mazor X robotic surgery system enters medical mainstream
52 Cooking with whole grains
53 Pesticide exposure contributes to faster ALS progression
54 New study indicates early-term infants can succeed at breastfeeding
55 Researchers identify how metabolites target brain-homing immune cells to treat MS
56 Mindfulness could promote positive body image
57 Shedding light--literally--on resistance to radiation therapy
58 Circadian misalignment and cardiovascular risk
59 A quarter of patients with bipolar disorder in Scotland are being prescribed medication that could make symptoms worse
60 Recent advances in spina bifida care extend life and improve quality of life
61 Obstructive sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease in women
62 Lymphadenectomy does not up survival in advanced ovarian cancer
63 For future offspring, docs save eggs from teen transitioning female-to-male
64 Challenges in cardiovascular risk prediction and stratification in women
65 Heart disease in pregnancy: A special look at peripartum cardiomyopathy
66 Gonorrhoea: Drug resistance compromises recommended treatment in Europe
67 Inflammation signals induce dormancy in aging brain stem cells
68 Nicotine may harm human embryos at the single-cell level
69 Data sharing uncovers five new risk genes for Alzheimer's disease
70 Unveiling disease-causing genetic changes in chromosome 17
71 Sleeping in on the weekend won't repay your sleep debt
72 An atlas of an aggressive leukemia
73 How prostate cancer becomes treatment resistant
74 By blocking protein, researchers keep brain tumors from repairing themselves
75 Open-source software tracks neural activity in real time
76 Large-scale initiative linked to reductions in maternal and newborn deaths in Indonesia
77 Study of singing mice suggests how mammalian brain achieves conversation
78 Study shows economic burden of dengue fever
79 Pan-filovirus T-cell vaccine protects mice from Ebola and Marburg
80 Happy in marriage? Genetics may play a role
81 Mobile bedside bioprinter can heal wounds
82 California parents are getting around vaccine law, fueling measles outbreaks
83 Performance improvement sustained after DBT adoption
84 Online reviews after 'tummy tuck'--Cosmetic results aren't the only factor affecting positive ratings
85 More women are training to be plastic surgeons, but racial/ethnic representation still lags behind
86 Researchers use health data tools to rapidly detect sepsis in newborns
87 Officials see no link between miscarriage risk and flu shots
88 Tracking food leads to losing pounds
89 New study links electronic cigarettes and wheezing in adults
90 Lipid-filled particle may work with immune system to keep fat healthy
91 Brain processes concrete and abstract words differently
92 Could medical marijuana help grandma and grandpa with their ailments?
93 Generic immunosuppressants have reduced costs after organ transplantation
94 Blood test could give two month warning of kidney transplant rejection
95 Tool reveals molecular causes of disease, including infant cancer
96 Researchers develop genetic test to detect antimicrobial resistance
97 Novel sleep index, wakefulness may predict if patients able to breathe on their own
98 Major genetic study confirms that many genes contribute to risk for Tourette's syndrome
99 Conceiving within a year of stillbirth does not increase risks for next pregnancy
100 Science Says: People tend to believe informants like Cohen
101 Measles cases soar worldwide, UN warns of 'complacency'
102 Philippines to charge Sanofi officials over dengue vaccination deaths
103 New research suggests earlier emergence of malaria in Africa
104 Researchers measure readiness potential outside a laboratory for the first time
105 Zika: Silent long-term circulation in Thailand
106 New study identifies factors that could promote resilience in children facing extreme adversity
107 Scientists are researching a new method for developing artificial ovaries
108 Pumping up red blood cell production
109 All exercise intensities benefit older brains
110 Investigators map genomic landscape of very rare cancer
111 Protein loss promotes cell migration