File Title
1 Awareness campaigns not enough to stop superbug crisis in developing countries
2 Wilson disease: Genetic mutation "protects" against fatty liver and ensures better prognosis
3 A gene involved in ADHD could be related to addictive substance use
4 Fetal growth inhibited by cocktail of chemicals in the mother
5 Oxygen-tracking method could improve diabetes treatment
6 Poor mental health linked to rising rates of chronic disease
7 Researchers discover why people with Laron dwarfism don't get diabetes
8 Surgery for uncomplicated appendicitis in adults is effective and safe
9 An educational program designed to lessen the risk of falls in children
10 Heatwave misperceptions lead to danger
11 Study suggests Pavlovian response might be more complicated than thought
12 Origin of resistance to lung-cancer drug discovered
13 Israeli company plans to make insulin injections obsolete
14 Robust and specific gene regulation tool developed for primary brain neurons
15 Maternal smoking during pregnancy increases risk of ADHD among offspring up to three-fold
16 Cancer survivors urgently need funded rehabilitation care
17 THC more important for therapeutic effects in cannabis than previously believed
18 Family members could play key role in identifying dementia warning signs before diagnosis, new study finds
19 People who watch beheading videos are motivated by fear of terrorism, study finds
20 Brain response to mom's voice differs in kids with autism
21 Researchers block two cancer cell signaling pathways and slow tumor growth
22 How do professional football players perform under immense pressure?
23 Medications--As many as needed, as few as possible
24 Test can predict how people with leukaemia will respond to chemotherapy
25 The power of language: We translate our thoughts into words, but words also affect the way we think
26 Hospital-to-home transition care may not help patients with heart failure
27 New gene variation which causes motor neurone disease discovered in novel biological pathway
28 New genetic test improves safety of inflammatory bowel disease treatments
29 Review suggests a reciprocal relationship between obesity and self-control
30 Face it. Our faces don't always reveal our true emotions
31 Inherited mutations may play a role in pancreatic cancer development
32 Injectable drug aims to accelerate bone healing
33 Cancer survivors see mostly positives in how they have changed
34 Study sheds more light on genes' 'on/off' switches
35 Scientists provide new insight on how the nose adapts to smells
36 Artificial intelligence could predict spread of melanoma
37 Lowering lactose and carbs in milk does not help severely malnourished children
38 Steroid treatment for premature babies linked to low birth weight
39 Young sisters share battle with different types of heart disease
40 Stereotactic radiation feasible for oligometastatic cancer
41 Machine learning could eliminate unnecessary treatments for children with arthritis
42 Excessive gestational weight gain tied to maternal morbidity
43 Should you really forgive and forget?
44 New method uses AI to screen for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
45 Stopwatch set for milestone marathon in 2032
46 What happens when a patient treated with radioactive drugs is cremated?
47 Pioneering trial offers hope for restoring brain cells damaged in Parkinson's
48 China drafts rules on biotech after gene-editing scandal
49 How listening to music 'significantly impairs' creativity
50 Study suggests novel biomarker for predicting AFib progression
51 How young adults experience pain affects self-injury, study finds
52 Worldwide estimates suggest that nearly 1 in 2 children with cancer are left undiagnosed and untreated
53 Mini miracle: 'Record-breaking' preemie leaves Tokyo hospital
54 Custom-made proteins may help create antibodies to fight HIV
55 A better understanding of how ALS spreads
56 Resistance training even as little as once per week benefits older individuals
57 First common risk genes discovered for autism
58 Cellular alterations increase vulnerability of obese and diabetic individuals to infection
59 Converting naloxone to OTC expected to increase sales
60 Neuroscientists discover neural mechanisms of developmental dyslexia
61 Is kidney failure a man's disease?
62 Up to 400,000 WA patients could be seen by GPs instead of hospitals
63 Contributors to delay of multiple sclerosis diagnosis ID'd
64 How the immune system maintains a healthy gut microbiota
65 Patient-reported symptoms offer insight for clinical trials
66 Crohn's disease study reveals huge potential for personalised treatment to help more patients
67 Research changes GP guidelines on frailty in diabetes
68 Elite runners achieve speed through 'bouncing'
69 A cell atlas of the aging lung
70 Using machine learning to eradicate the tsetse fly in sub-Saharan Africa
71 New mothers reduce their alcohol intake, but this change is short-lived
72 Q&A: Do opioids actually help with chronic pain? The FDA wants to know
73 Easy recipes for your food processor
74 Theories underpinning psychological practice 'wrong'
75 Painless ways to limit your kids' screen time
76 A parent-to-parent campaign to get vaccine rates up
77 Long work weeks may be depressing, especially for women
78 Get the dirt on germs
79 This Ebola drug is heading to the Congo. Can it be tested during civil war?
80 A gentle method for unlocking the mysteries of the deep brain
81 Why a common antibiotic treating diarrhea is failing
82 New York State health insurers now required to cover PSA blood test
83 The happiest mode of transportation? That would be cycling.
84 Researchers 'bait' pathological proteins underlying many neurodegenerative disorders
85 Researchers develop model to predict suicide risk in at-risk young adults
86 Beta blockers: Do they cause weight gain?
87 New mechanism of bone growth discovered
88 Infectious diseases could be diagnosed with smartphones in sub-Saharan Africa
89 Scientists devise strategies to counteract T cell exhaustion in CAR T cancer therapies
90 Applying antimalarial drugs to bed nets could lead to drop in malaria transmission
91 Scientists discover predictors that determine toxic fats in the liver
92 Plant-based meals improve insulin and incretin secretion in those with type 2 diabetes
93 Research suggests that medications for kidney transplants increase risk of skin cancer
94 Researchers uncover why environmental cues make drug addiction extra hard to beat
95 Health insurance is not assurance of healthcare
96 Muscle gene mutations implicated in human nasal/sinus cancer
97 Latest anti-retroviral drug regimens provide 'Lazarus Effect' for HIV patients
98 Researchers determine how nerve fibers enter spinal cord during early development
99 Team improves emergency care for patients with chest pain
100 New tech taking telemedicine to the next level
101 Mother's behavioral corrections tune infant's brain to angry tone
102 Typhoid vaccine may protect against other infections
103 Not all sleep is equal when it comes to cleaning the brain
104 Smoking and alcohol: Double trouble for the brain?
105 Complex medication regimens create challenges for home health care
106 Thirty years of fast food: Greater variety, but more salt, larger portions, and added calories
107 Infant sleep duration associated with mother's level of education and prenatal depression
108 Weeks after 2030 HIV pledge, report shows US headway stalled
109 5,000 cases of tropical parasite in Libya: ministry
110 US debates exemptions for child vaccination rules
111 Opioid use in the family may influence adolescents' opioid risk after surgery
112 US health experts say measles resurgence 'unacceptable'
113 Prenatal vitamins might lower risk of second child with autism