File Title
1 US patient advocacy groups received majority of pharma donations in multi-country study
2 3-D printer helps surgeons rebuild deformed jaws in Haiti
3 Google combats opioid epidemic through providing disposal locations on Google Maps
4 Medicaid expansion led to increase in screening for colorectal cancer patients in Kentucky
5 App that alerts CPR-trained bystanders could make lifesaving connection
6 Odds of receiving tx for CAD up with medicare advantage
7 For the best health, does the intensity of your workout matter?
8 The fix for foot pain could be a surgery you didn't know about
9 Mom's prenatal fish oil might help kids' blood pressure later
10 Many shades of meaning behind 'Medicare-for-all'
11 New 2019 guidelines for patients with atrial fibrillation
12 Peanut allergy patch shows middling results in trial
13 Disability progression in multiple sclerosis linked to income, education
14 Food allergies: A research update
15 Likelihood of tick bite to cause red meat allergy could be higher than previously thought
16 New Ebola case in eastern DR Congo, first in 23 days
17 Immunotherapy for egg allergy may allow patients to eat egg safely long after treatment
18 Exclusive breastfeeding lowers odds of some schoolchildren having eczema
19 Eating small amounts of peanut after immunotherapy may extend allergy treatment benefits
20 Estrogen made by neurons important to making memories
21 Patients' HIV status should not impact their cancer care
22 Mothers with children taken into out-of-home care at risk of poor prenatal care in next pregnancies
23 Better options needed for children at higher risk of premature heart disease
24 Fat cells work different 'shifts' throughout the day
25 Rare cancers: A growing focus of early-stage clinical trials
26 Our culture of overtime is costing us dearly
27 Exploring the relationship between sleep duration and diabetes risk
28 Did you look forward to last night's bottle of wine a bit too much? Ladies, you're not alone
29 Researchers discover a new form of hereditary osteoporosis
30 What is a cardiac stress test?
31 Lipids may predict which gestational diabetes patients will develop type 2 diabetes
32 Ebola subunit vaccine can withstand high heat
33 Toughen up snowflake! Sports coaches can be emotionally abusive--here's how to recognise it
34 Telemedicine and data science can improve patient care
35 Five myths about mental health you might still believe
36 National health spending set to increase 5.5 percent annually
37 How often do people have sex?
38 Cancer society: Cancer death rate for blacks dropping faster than for whites
39 Scientists tackle rare retinal disease in unique research project
40 New breakthrough in understanding a severe child speech impediment
41 FDA: Gout drug uloric increases risk of death
42 Study finds trend towards unusual and abnormal prescribing patterns in aged-care homes
43 Is the most effective weight-loss strategy really that hard?
44 Triangular relationship in the epileptic brain
45 Opinion: Why an FDA overhaul of dietary supplement industry is critical
46 Brain scans reveal how people understand objects in our world
47 Researchers may have discovered why some tumors grow back aggressively after radiation, chemotherapy
48 Life's transitions easier with a sense of a well-rounded ending, new study shows
49 Smart bone plates can monitor fracture healing
50 Lack of diversity in cell lines prevents minorities from accessing 'precision medicine'
51 International team of scientists detect cause of rare pediatric brain disorder
52 Research team eradicates Hepatitis C in patients after heart transplants from infected donors
53 Study finds ultrasound can assess bone health, increase early screening for osteoporosis
54 Team discovers secret to making immune cells better cancer killers
55 Be yourself at work--It's healthier and more productive
56 Documenting and decoding the dynamics between work and pain
57 A single dose of a PD-1 inhibitor before surgery predicts outcomes in melanoma patients
58 Money-savers focus attention--and eyes--on the prize
59 Insomnia-associated gene regions suggest underlying mechanisms, treatment targets
60 Memories of movement are replayed randomly during sleep
61 New clues about why non-smokers, as well as smokers, develop chronic lung disease revealed
62 Discovery improves understanding of Lou Gehrig's disease
63 Google translates doctor's orders into Spanish and Chinese with few significant errors
64 Brain cells involved in insomnia identified
65 New brain implants disguise as neurons, offering a potentially safer way to study and treat the brain
66 People with chronic pain are coping with the help of Pinterest, new study reveals
67 Being surrounded by green space in childhood may improve mental health of adults
68 Discovery of colon cancer pathway could lead to new targeted treatments
69 Over half of home health care clinicians say they lack adequate information from hospitals
70 New study shows red raspberries may help with glucose control in people with pre-diabetes
71 Researchers ID gene that may predict pancreatic cancer in people with type 2 diabetes
72 Regaining independence after hip fracture--age is the most important predictor
73 Some personal beliefs and morals may stem from genetics
74 Mini tumors could help identify personalized treatments for people with rare cancers
75 You probably don't have a penicillin allergy
76 Fewer hospital programs address opioid abuse, study finds
77 Urban parks could make you happier
78 Study outlines targeted treatment option for aggressive breast cancer
79 The importance of sex-specific strategies for prevention, treatment of heart failure in women
80 New protein 'switch' could be key to controlling blood-poisoning and preventing death
81 A disconnect between migrants' stories and their health
82 Common virus is 'less prone to mutation' giving hope for vaccine development
83 Don't be fooled: thermography no substitute for mammograms, FDA says
84 Adding breakfast to classrooms may have a health downside
85 New study shows annual noninvasive stool test effective for colon cancer screening
86 Cancers of the heart are rare--and here's why
87 Two treatments help dialysis patients with depression, study finds
88 Too often, opioid abuse runs in the family, study shows
89 Supermarket smarts: how to save money and eat better
90 Taking a bite out of food ads targeted to kids
91 Nonmedical Rx opioid use in teens linked to parental use
92 Preoperative phone visits for cataract patients safe, efficient
93 Poor food intake common in hospitalized patients
94 Long working hours linked to heightened depression risk in women
95 Stop recruiting children, UK Armed Forces urged
96 Few kids' multivitamin products supply recommended daily vitamin D dose
97 New parents face six years of disrupted sleep
98 New study shows use of medication abortion rebounded in Texas after FDA label change
99 'Silent-type' cells play greater role in brain behavior than previously thought
100 CRISPR reveals the secret life of antimicrobial peptides
101 Brexit will cause significant harm to the NHS, but No-Deal Brexit presents by far the worst option
102 Using one germ to fight another when today's antibiotics fail
103 Diabetics stock up on insulin over Brexit fears
104 Study traces the origins of Chikungunya in Brazil
105 Novel 5-minute workout improves blood pressure, may boost your brain
106 World's first skin atlas to see the light of day
107 New targets for ischemic drugs
108 Why your face looks the way it does
109 Researchers develop modular approach to engineering immune cells
110 New skeletal disease found and explained
111 Reaching for objects while driving may raise teen crash risk nearly sevenfold
112 A reward now or later? Exploring impulsivity in Parkinson's disease patients
113 Researchers identify possible role of Foxp1 protein in control of autoimmune diseases