File Title
1 Study examines end-of-life care for people with kidney failure who undergo amputation
2 The monkey hunters: Humans colonize South Asian rainforest by hunting primates
3 Physically active women have significantly decreased risk of heart disease
4 Eating nuts may reduce cardiovascular disease risk for people with diabetes
5 A lack of antibody diversity may make the elderly more susceptible to the flu
6 Climate-friendly labriculture depends on an energy revolution, says Oxford study
7 Porous carbon fiber research one step closer to use in automotive industry
8 Marijuana dispensaries associated with rise, then decline in some neighborhood crime
9 New training statement defines Level III echocardiography competencies for first time
10 New study shows Transcendental Meditation reduces PTSD in South African college students
11 Lupus strongly linked to imbalances in gut microbiome
12 Research shows structural barriers are the biggest reason for low participation in clinical trials
13 Oral antifungal drug used to treat yeast infections linked to higher rates of miscarriage
14 Native California medicinal plant may hold promise for treating Alzheimer's
15 Putting data privacy in the hands of users
16 Thermally-painted metasurfaces yield perfect light absorbers for high-tech applications
17 EEG helps scientists predict epileptic seizures minutes in advance
18 Researchers discover a flipping crab feeding on methane seeps
19 Salt could be a key factor in allergic immune reactions
20 New insight on potent HIV antibody could improve vaccine design
21 Advances in naturopathy research reported in new special issue of JACM
22 Researchers find genetic clues to high rates of asthma in those of African ancestry
23 Vigorous exercise, fasting, hormones improve elimination of toxic, misfolded, unnecessary proteins in mouse and human cells
24 Ingredients for water could be made on surface of moon, a chemical factory
25 Mandarin Chinese could help us understand how infants learn English
26 Viruses that linger in the gut could trigger type 1 diabetes
27 Fossil fuel combustion is the main contributor to black carbon around Arctic
28 Nitisinone increases melanin in people with albinism
29 Russian researchers made gold nano-stars for intracellular delivery
30 A volcanic binge and its frosty hangover
31 New therapeutic approach to combat African sleeping sickness
32 Yea, team! Winning fans see self-esteem boost
33 Can a nerve injury trigger ALS?
34 Antibody therapy training phagocytes to destroy tumors now tested on patients
35 NIST physicists 'flash-freeze' crystal of 150 ions
36 Earth may be 140 years away from reaching carbon levels not seen in 56 million years
37 Teens need to text, talk with parents often to maintain youth resiliency after a divorce
38 New method to detect cancer cells faster, potentially improving outcomes
39 For patients with schizophrenia, some drug combinations may be more effective than others
40 Study finds melanoma brain metastases are immunosuppressive with treatment-resistant metabolism
41 Delhi's complicated air pollution problem
42 Health-related Google searches doubled in week before ER visits
43 The 'blue' in blueberries can help lower blood pressure
44 A scientific method for perfect fondue
45 New AI able to identify and predict the development of cancer symptom clusters
46 Complete world map of tree diversity
47 Women with a strong social support network may be at lower risk for heart disease
48 Bat influenza viruses could infect humans
49 Rice University researchers unveil Internet of Things security feature
50 Protecting small forests fails to protect bird biodiversity
51 Crocodile face off
52 New therapeutic strategy to treat Alzheimer's
53 Superconduction: Why does it have to be so cold?
54 Earliest example of animal nest sharing revealed by scientists
55 Water is more homogeneous than expected
56 Cocktail of common antibiotics can fight resistant E. coli
57 Plants: How cell walls are assembled
58 Did you get it? I can see it in your eyes
59 The smell of food controls cellular recycling and affects life expectancy
60 Life-changing magic of tidying up: Complex structures' organization studied in slime mold
61 Simulated ocean mesoscale structures induce air-sea interaction
62 'Butterfly-shaped' palladium subnano cluster built in 3-D
63 New insight into river flows and sediment transport under ice cover
64 The holy grail of nanowire production
65 Extinguishing fear memories relies on an unusual change to DNA
66 Steep rise in self-poisonings in children and adolescents
67 Foreign bees monopolize prize resources in biodiversity hotspot
68 Young bone marrow rejuvenates aging mouse brains, study finds
69 An intricate interaction: dietary fatty acid intake influences hypertension risk
70 Xeno/endobiotic metabolism potencies vary between strains and sex in rats
71 Peer support, healing hands may curb prescription opioid misuse
72 Keeping active in middle age may be tied to lower risk of dementia
73 CASSINI Trial publishes data on preventing blood clots in cancer patients
74 Scientists identify unique subtype of eczema linked to food allergy
75 A deeper look at the relationship between dermatitis and food allergy, in pediatric patients
76 Johns Hopkins researchers define cells used in bone repair
77 Scientists identify genetic mechanism involved in how females inherit traits
78 New method identifies which asthma patients respond to systemic corticosteroids
79 Despite America's protein craze, adults are still missing the mark according to new study
80 Research reveals why the zebra got its stripes
81 Massive database traces mammal organ development, cell by single cell
82 Cold-temperature variability important in evaluating climate change
83 Computer simulators show how to reduce damage to lungs of children in intensive care
84 As genetic data expand, researchers urge caution in how predictors of education outcomes are used
85 Drug 'librarian' discovers new compound that may thwart common surgery complication
86 Activating tooth regeneration in mice
87 Correlated nucleons may solve 35-year-old mystery
88 New compound could help treat ovarian cancer
89 The new exercise trend that's made for everyone
90 Lack of sleep is not necessarily fatal for flies
91 Genetic blueprint for extraordinary wood-munching fungus
92 Study finds way to potentially improve immunotherapy for cancer
93 Mega experiment shows species interact more towards tropics and lowlands
94 Establishing the molecular blueprint of early embryo development
95 Small benefit of inducing labor over 'wait and see' approach for late-term pregnancies
96 Risks of shoulder replacement surgery higher than previously thought
97 New tool for tracking cholera outbreaks could make it easier to detect deadly epidemics
98 Scientists solve mystery of a fish called Mary's 'virgin' birth
99 Report says health systems are key to improving cancer outcomes in the United States
100 Light at the end of the tunnel
101 Tracking cholera in a drop of blood
102 Researchers peer inside the mind of the worm for clues on how memories form
103 When does one of the central ideas in economics work?
104 Antibody-drug conjugate shows promise against metastatic triple-negative breast cancer
105 New 'smart drug' shows promise for metastatic triple-negative breast cancer
106 Combining morning exercise with short walking breaks helps control blood pressure in older overweight/obese adults, especially in women
107 Powering a pacemaker with a patient's heartbeat
108 Keeping heavy metals out of beer and wine
109 How zebra stripes disrupt flies' flight patterns
110 Interacting with more people is shown to keep older adults more active
111 The medium shapes the message: New communication technologies may bias historical record
112 Zebra stripes are not good landing strips