File Title
1 Engineered 'suicide genes' may advance cell-replacement therapies for type 1 diabetes
2 International medical graduates care for Medicare patients with greater health care needs
3 Incoherent testimony from sexually abused children with PTSD can indicate credibility
4 New open-source bioinformatics tool identifies factors responsible for diseases
5 Possible pathway to new therapy for Alzheimer's disease
6 More cancer survivors, fewer cancer specialists point to challenge in meeting care needs
7 Acupuncture may ease troublesome menopausal symptoms
8 Rapid scale-up of HPV vaccine and screening could prevent up to 13 million cases of cervical cancer by 2050
9 Fluorescing urine signals organ transplant rejection, could replace needle biopsies
10 New method identifies which asthma patients respond to systemic corticosteroids
11 Computer simulators show how to reduce damage to lungs of children in intensive care
12 Cervical microbiome may promote high-grade precancerous lesions
13 Exercise in morning or afternoon to shift your body clock forward
14 T-cell receptor diversity may be key to treatment of follicular lymphoma, study finds
15 American women have better control of high blood pressure but are more obese than men
16 Young children may see nationality as biological, new study suggests
17 Interacting with more people is shown to keep older adults more active
18 Research shows human trafficking screening tool effective in identifying victims
19 Ruthless meth networks get ill-prepared Myanmar hooked
20 Scientists create new map of brain's immune system
21 Untangling the where and when of walking in the brain
22 The key to increased lifespan? Rubicon alters autophagy in animals during aging
23 Inflammation: Study explains loss of protective abilities of T cells
24 Gene therapy durably reverses congenital deafness in mice
25 Neuroscientist probes sleep's role in learning and memory
26 How to talk about STIs
27 Mitigating the effects of childhood trauma
28 Potential link between vitamin D deficiency and loss of brain plasticity
29 Exploring the relationship between sexual orientation components and health risk behaviors
30 Is the keto diet safe? USC experts have some serious concerns
31 Monthly buprenorphine injections effective for opioid use disorders
32 Seven myths and truths about healthy skin
33 Everyone can be an effective advocate for vaccination: Here's how
34 End-of-life care should focus on quality of life, not prolonging it
35 Wearable sensor may cut costs and improve access to biofeedback for people with incomplete paraplegia
36 Micro-control of liver metabolism
37 Ebola outbreak 'under control' in part of eastern DR Congo
38 Bringing delivery forward to collect the 'baby cheque' posed a risk to babies
39 Planes, trains and viruses: How transit air might predict the next outbreak
40 A sociable personality attenuates neuropathic pain and anxiety intensifies it
41 Pregnant women facing weight stigma see decreased physical and mental health, study finds
42 We don't yet fully understand what mindfulness is, but this is what it's not
43 Early intensive therapy for multiple sclerosis leads to better long-term outcomes, despite being perceived as high risk
44 Researchers suggest schoolchildren should dance more in schools
45 Researchers define cells used in bone repair
46 CDC: Salmonella cases tied to raw turkey products now at 279
47 Young bone marrow rejuvenates aging mouse brains, study finds
48 Teenage depression linked with inability to recall specific memories
49 Chronic wasting disease found in deer in 24 states
50 Roasted root veggies make a hearty winter soup
51 Steep rise in self-poisonings in children and adolescents
52 FDA warns about 'miracle' young blood infusion treatments
53 Head off the blues when your teen heads to college
54 Why US cities are becoming more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians
55 New AI able to identify and predict the development of cancer symptom clusters
56 Four habits that may be raising your blood pressure
57 Abnormal cellular process implicated in gut inflammation and onset of inflammatory bowel disease
58 Teens need frequent communication with parents to maintain youth resiliency after a divorce, study says
59 New therapeutic strategy to treat Alzheimer's
60 Hundreds of genes linked to blindness could lead to new therapies
61 What role should genetics research play in education?
62 Stories of African-American women aging with HIV: 'My life wasn't what I hoped it to be'
63 African-American women with HIV often overlooked, under-supported
64 Child's risk of obesity influenced by changes in genes
65 Miscarriage--why no one wants to talk about it in the workplace
66 Health-related Google searches doubled in week before ER visits
67 Women with a strong social support network may be at lower risk for heart disease
68 New method to detect cancer cells faster, potentially improving outcomes
69 Can a nerve injury trigger ALS?
70 The 'blue' in blueberries can help lower blood pressure
71 Yea, team! Winning fans see self-esteem boost
72 Report says health systems are key to improving cancer outcomes in the US
73 Study finds melanoma brain metastases are immunosuppressive with treatment-resistant metabolism
74 For patients with schizophrenia, some drug combinations may be more effective than others
75 Mandarin Chinese could help us understand how infants learn English
76 Research team develops new AI platform for ALS care
77 Researchers find genetic clues to high rates of asthma in those of African ancestry
78 Nitisinone increases melanin in people with albinism
79 Vigorous exercise, fasting, hormones improve elimination of toxic, misfolded, unnecessary proteins in mouse, human cells
80 Viruses that linger in the gut could trigger type 1 diabetes
81 New insight on potent HIV antibody could improve vaccine design
82 Study finds way to potentially improve immunotherapy for cancer
83 Scientists identify unique subtype of eczema linked to food allergy
84 New tool for tracking cholera outbreaks could make it easier to detect deadly epidemics
85 EEG helps scientists predict epileptic seizures minutes in advance
86 Peer support, healing hands may curb prescription opioid misuse
87 Weight-loss surgery may bring a bedroom bonus
88 Why are black women at higher risk of dying from pregnancy complications?
89 Diabetes remains dangerous despite modern medicine
90 Keeping active in middle age may be tied to lower risk of dementia
91 High-fat diets do no favors for your gut bacteria
92 Altered gut microbiome seen in patients with active lupus
93 Deep learning-enhanced device detects diabetic retinopathy
94 New 'smart drug' shows promise for metastatic triple-negative breast cancer
95 CASSINI Trial publishes data on preventing blood clots in cancer patients
96 Risks of shoulder replacement surgery higher than previously thought
97 Small benefit of inducing labor over 'wait and see' approach for late-term pregnancies
98 Lesbian and bi women at increased risk of being overweight
99 Evening exercise will not ruin sleep and might even reduce appetite: study
100 Researchers review modern cases of leprosy
101 Study finds increase in calls to US Poison Control Centers for kratom exposure
102 Native California medicinal plant may hold promise for treating Alzheimer's
103 American drug overdose death rates the highest among wealthy nations
104 The new exercise trend that's made for everyone
105 Two types of HPV linked to cervical cancer have declined since the advent of the HPV vaccine
106 Super-recognisers accurately pick out a face in a crowd--but can this skill be taught?
107 Playground study shows how recess can include all children
108 How genes affect tobacco and alcohol use
109 Convenience and control--online sexually transmitted infection testing offers many benefits
110 New algorithm calculates drug synergy: Initial tests involve melanoma, lung cancer