File Title
1 Researchers develop mathematical solver for analog computers
2 The empire strikes back: Microsoft returns to the top of the world
3 Super-computer brings 'cloud' to astronauts in space
4 Molecular memory can be used to increase the memory capacity of hard disks
5 Google drops out of bidding for massive Pentagon cloud contract
6 The first walking robot that moves without GPS
7 Russia mulls offering US upgraded space vehicle for lunar orbit station supplies
8 Astronaut photography benefiting the planet
9 Five future astronauts and a teacher you need to know
10 The case for leaving Earth
11 To divinity and beyond: questions over Ukraine space church's future
12 Raptor engine beats Russian RD-180 record in combustion chamber pressure says Musk
13 New photos show Russia's first hypersonic space drone
14 NASA Completes Booster Motor Segments for First Space Launch System Flight
15 China plans first seaborne rocket launch in mid-2019
16 Russia's New Hypersonic Nuclear Weapon
17 New study suggests possibility of recent underground volcanism on Mars
18 China improves Long March-6 rocket for growing commercial launches
19 Nanotechnology enables engineers to weld previously un-weldable aluminum alloy
20 Lefty or righty molecules lend a hand to material structures
21 A better way to make acrylics
22 New fabric automatically cools or insulates depending on conditions
23 Green alternative to PET could be even greener
24 Fluid-inspired material self-heals before your eyes
25 Use a microscope as a shovel? UConn researchers dig it
26 What atoms do when liquids and gases meet
27 A new method developed to produce precursors for high-strength carbon fibers processing
28 Proposed engineering method could help make buildings and bridges safer
29 Engineers detail bird feather properties that could lead to better adhesives
30 Kiel physicists discover new effect in the interaction of plasmas with solids
31 Making ammonia 'greener'
32 A high-performance material at extremely low temperatures
33 Give it the plasma treatment: strong adhesion without adhesives
34 Sustainable 'plastics' are on the horizon
35 New megalibrary approach proves useful for the rapid discovery of new materials
36 NYU researchers pioneer machine learning to speed chemical discoveries, reduce waste
37 Nanoglue can make composites several times tougher during dynamic loading
38 Are amorphous solids elastic or plastic?
39 SUTD researchers discover new black silver nanomaterial
40 Borophene advances as 2D materials platform
41 What happens when materials take tiny hits
42 New technique to make objects invisible proposed
43 Researchers create new 'smart' material with potential biomedical, environmental uses
44 New NASA research consortium to tackle life's origins
45 Scientists discover oldest evidence of mobility on Earth
46 Study shows unusual microbes hold clues to early life
47 ASU scientists study organization of life on a planetary scale
48 Astronomers find star material could be building block of life
49 Potential for life on planet around Barnard's Star
50 Ultima Thule is more pancake than snowman, NASA scientists discover
51 New Horizons' evocative farewell glance at Ultima Thule
52 New Horizons' Newest and Best-Yet View of Ultima Thule
53 Outer Solar System Orbits Not Likely Caused by "Planet Nine"
54 Scientist Anticipated "Snowman" Asteroid Appearance
55 New Ultima Thule Discoveries from NASA's New Horizons
56 Carbonaceous chondrites provide clues about the delivery of water to Earth
57 Angry Norway says Russia jamming GPS signals again
58 exactEarth's real-time maritime tracking system now fully-deployed
59 Tidal tails mark the beginning of the end of an open star cluster
60 Breakthrough Could Lead to New Insights About Cancer Development
61 Scientists Detect X-Ray Pulse Near Event Horizon
62 Astronomers Discover Companion Star that Made a White Dwarf Explode
63 Enjoy a Stellar Walk Through the Universe--Chile Chill 12 Fire in the Heavens
64 GAIA Reveals for the First Time Crystallization in White Dwarfs
65 New Drug Combo Shows Promise for Treatment of Depression and Addiction
66 Hubble Image of the Week--Messier Monday
67 Chandra Views Never Before Seen Behavior from Giant Black Hole
68 Astronomers Discover Double Star System that Flipped Planet-Forming Disk
69 Astronomers Reveal New Way Supermassive Black Holes Are "Fed"
70 Scientists Reveal Orderly Chaos of Black Holes
71 New Technique Identifies Electricity-Producing Bacteria
72 New Movie Shows the Propeller-Like Rotation of Ultima Thule
73 Hypernova Observations Reveal the Death of the Massive Stars
74 Moon Data Reveal Large Increase in Asteroid Impact History
75 Saturn's Rings Relatively New, Formed Much Later than the Planet
76 Researchers Discover Human-Specific Gene for Building a Bigger Brain
77 Scientists Solve Long Standing Mystery: The Length of a Day on Saturn
78 NASA's Juno Reveals Two Massive Storms in Latest Flyby of Jupiter
79 MUSE Hubble Ultra Deep Field Survey Confirms Puzzling Result
80 Hubble Image of the Week--Peering into the Past
81 Astronomers Explain Mystery Orbits in Outermost Reaches of Solar System
82 Breakthrough Allows Astronomers to See What Makes Sagittarius A* Glow
83 Scientists Reveal How an Immune System Protein Helps Suppress HIV
84 New Process Allows Scientists to Mold Metal at the Nanoscale
85 ESO's Very Large Telescope Captures a Fleeting Moment in Time
86 Astronomers Discover a Dusty Primordial Star Forming Galaxy
87 Spectacular Hubble Image Shows a Galaxy that Lost Its Spiral Arms
88 Chandra Reveals Valuable Insight About the Environment of Neutron Stars
89 New Simulations Provide Clues on How to Escape a Black Hole
90 Hubble Image of the Day--Wading Through Water
91 New Research Solves Key Mystery in the Birth of Massive Black Holes
92 Astronomers Release Newest and Best-Yet Image of Ultima Thule
93 SOFIA Lifts the Veil on Star Formation in the Orion Nebula
94 New Results Show Dark Energy May Vary Over Time
95 Scientists Chart Environment Surrounding a Stellar-Mass Black Hole
96 New Discovery Signals Rapid Decay in Antarctic Glacier
97 Newly Developed Cryptocurrency is Faster and More Efficient
98 Physicists Uncover Quantum Structure of Buckyballs
99 Juno Spacecraft Views 5,000 Mile Wide Storm in Jupiter's Southern Hemisphere
100 NASA's Atmospheric Infrared Sounder Captures Movement of Polar Vortex
101 Imbalance Between Matter and Antimatter Helps Explain Our Existence
102 New Approach Allows Deeper Understanding of Biological Signaling Systems
103 Scientists Realize Optical Version of Schrodinger's Thought Experiment
104 Hubble Image of the Week--The Darkness Within?
105 Astronomers Reveal a Warped and Twisted Milky Way
106 Physicists Create First "Electron Liquid" at Room Temperature
107 ALMA Reveals Complex Organic Molecules Around a Young Star
108 NASA Confirms 2018 Fourth Warmest Year in Continued Warming Trend
109 Explore Alien Exoplanets with New Multimedia Treats
110 Scientists Reveal How a Fatty Diet Helped Develop Bigger Brains