File Title
1 Push-up capacity linked with lower incidence of cardiovascular disease events among men
2 First customizable insulin pump approved
3 Sports medicine society updates concussion guidelines
4 Study suggests Chilean food regulations are changing food perceptions, norms, behaviors
5 Why some brain tumors respond to immunotherapy
6 Researchers find genetic vulnerability to menthol cigarette use
7 Germany seeks ban on gay conversion therapies
8 Children carry evidence of toxins from home flooring and furniture
9 Drinking contexts associated with early onset of alcohol intoxication among adolescents
10 Drug combination may become new standard treatment for advanced kidney cancer
11 Sepsis common in terminal hospitalizations, discharges
12 Parents: Keep medical marijuana dispensaries away from children
13 Smoking may limit body's ability to fight dangerous form of skin cancer
14 Depression reversed in male mice by activating gene that helps excite neurons
15 Preclinical research finds new approach to treating aggressive cancer
16 Heavy smoking can damage vision, Rutgers researcher finds
17 Japan trial to treat spinal cord injuries with stem cells
18 Chinese food producer says swine fever found in dumplings
19 Desperate measures: Pakistani women seek abortions as birth control
20 The Lypla1 gene impacts obesity in a sex-specific manner
21 Live better with attainable goals
22 Probing H. pylori cancer protein
23 Colorectal cancer cells killed by assassin antibody, team finds
24 Health check: will eating nuts make you gain weight?
25 Researchers identify protein that contributes to racial disparities in prostate cancer
26 Study shows that glioblastoma patients survive significantly longer with combination chemotherapy
27 Influenza and the common cold--two different diseases
28 Hormone therapy may increase cardiovascular risk during gender transition
29 Social media can improve lives post-disaster, according to research
30 Modulating stress circuits
31 When to see someone for your neck or back pain
32 Philippines says 136 people have died in measles outbreak
33 Will sugar substitutes help you lose weight?
34 Single CRISPR treatment provides long-term benefits in mice
35 Advancing therapy by measuring the 'games' cancer cells play
36 A 9-year-old's brain tumor left her paralyzed. After a Hopkins trial, doctors are using the word 'cure.'
37 CRISPR gene editing makes stem cells 'invisible' to immune system
38 Researchers discover DNA variants significantly influence body fat distribution
39 Researchers find trigger that turns strep infections into flesh-eating disease
40 Researchers find febrile infants may not need painful tests, antibiotics, hospitalizations
41 More primary care physicians leads to longer life spans, Stanford researcher says
42 'Killer' cells raise hope of universal flu vaccine
43 New protocol could ease diagnosis of bacterial infections in infants
44 'Apple-shaped' body? 'Pear-shaped'? Your genes may tell
45 Bacteria keep us healthy--but could they keep us young?
46 Mapping brain circuits in newborns may aid early detection of autism
47 A shared past for East Africa's hunter-gatherers
48 Brain represents optical illusion as delayed reality
49 So close, rats can almost taste it
50 Evers wants to decriminalize marijuana, legalize medical use
51 Despite rising prevalence of heart disease in China, primary preventive treatment rates remain low
52 Zoster recombinant vaccine provides better value and better protection against shingles
53 Oral antifungal drug used to treat yeast infections linked to higher rates of miscarriage
54 Young Russians seek health, highs in ice swimming
55 Researchers identify a very early marker of cardiac damage triggered by cancer treatment
56 Study shows why high-protein diets are unhealthy
57 PCSK9 inhibitors to lower cholesterol in patients with statin-associated autoimmune myopathy
58 Extinguishing fear memories relies on an unusual change to DNA
59 Low-income undocumented adults are largely locked out of health care in California, study finds
60 Engineers develop placenta-on-a-chip to study caffeine transport from mother to fetus
61 Patients taking diuretics may see more benefit by upping potassium
62 Visualising mental valuation processes
63 Catch me if you can: Study reveals disguises are surprisingly effective
64 What we risk as humans if we allow gene-edited babies
65 Altered brain activity patterns of Parkinson's captured in mice
66 Mayo Clinic Q&A: What is cat scratch fever?
67 Are teens getting high on social media? The surprising study seeking the pot-Instagram link
68 Mouse study reveals how chronic stress promotes breast cancer stem cells, identifies vitamin C as effective therapy
69 Antimicrobial reusable coffee cups prove safer to use than standard plastic cups
70 In the age of smart devices, young children spending more time in front of TV screens
71 Brain imaging indicates how well depression will respond to treatment
72 A ratiometric fluorescent probe for cisplatin
73 Using crystals to unpack how viruses work
74 How domestic violence affects women's mental health
75 Tiny worm mimics key genetic risk for Alzheimer's
76 Slow start, but it's not over yet: 5 things to know about this year's flu season
77 World's first gene therapy operation for common cause of sight loss
78 Exercises to build your upper body strength
79 Lupus strongly linked to imbalances in gut microbiome
80 How the 'Iron Man' of immune cells helps T cells fight infection
81 Optimum amount of dopamine improves cognitive ability
82 Codeine: an opioid threat to kids
83 A new CRISPR/Cas9 therapy can suppress aging
84 High court to consider case about reach of clean water law
85 Research finds ethnoracial differences in Alzheimer's disease
86 Using anti-cancer immunotherapy to fight HIV
87 No evidence tougher policies deter adolescent cannabis use
88 Insight into tumor-suppressive and tumor-promoting effects of cellular senescence
89 Prevention, treatment efforts reduce HIV infection among transgender women
90 A lack of antibody diversity may make the elderly more susceptible to the flu
91 Study finds low statin use among some high-risk kidney disease patients
92 Study finds acetaminophen significantly reduced in-hospital delirium
93 Research shows structural barriers are the biggest reason for low participation in clinical trials
94 Screen time for the very young has doubled in 20 years: study
95 Study finds inadequate FDA oversight of prescribing of fentanyl products
96 Should you get tested for the 'Breast cancer genes'?
97 Living near convenience stores could raise risk of artery-clogging condition
98 Researchers develop new one-two punch against melanoma in mouse model
99 Darolutamide slows spread of castration-resistant prostate cancer
100 Misunderstanding food date labels linked with higher food discards
101 New nurses work overtime, long shifts, and sometimes a second job
102 How to make the push-up work for you
103 Eating nuts may reduce cardiovascular disease risk for people with diabetes
104 Researchers develop new therapeutic approach to treating osteoarthritis
105 Common acid reflux medications linked to increased kidney disease risk
106 Research demonstrates that the brain's primitive sensory region also participates in sophisticated learning
107 Food allergies and multiple sclerosis: study reveals a new link
108 Physically active women have significantly decreased risk of heart disease
109 Report reveals more than a million Australian heart patients not given a second chance
110 Increasing frailty may lead to death