File Title
1 Skin repair eliminates 'inflamm-aging' linked to chronic disease
2 FDA restrictions don't go far enough to address the E-cigarette epidemic
3 An impaired sense of smell can signal cognitive decline, but 'smell training' could help
4 Osteoarthritis assessment to go hi-tech
5 Research team discovers link between sodium and migraines before pain occurs
6 A peek into lymph nodes
7 New method makes the experience of sleeplessness more visible
8 Experts call for halt to CRISPR editing that allows gene changes to pass on to children
9 Bronchi-on-a-chip technology reveals why it is difficult for asthma patients to find relief
10 Analyzing data from more than 1 million teenagers sheds new light on how teens learn to drive
11 Antimicrobial film could revolutionize common dental procedures
12 Shorter treatment for Chagas disease could be just as effective, and significantly safer
13 Attacks could reverse gains in Congo's Ebola fight, WHO says
14 For an energizing workout, take it outside
15 New approach to stroke treatment could minimize brain damage
16 When is best time to get flu shot? Analysis compares scenarios
17 Blood diseases cured with bone marrow transplant
18 Spring ahead with spring vegetables
19 Researchers find breathing-in before doing a task might make you better at doing it
20 Rate of U.S. deaths tied to dementia has more than doubled
21 How much difference will Eli Lilly's half-price insulin make?
22 More vitamin D may improve memory but too much may slow reaction time
23 Mental health issues increased significantly in young adults over last decade
24 Doctors need to talk through treatment options better for black men with prostate cancer
25 The facts about driving after marijuana use
26 What can we learn from the ways people use metaphor to talk about pregnancy loss?
27 'Highly significant' results of HIV transmission study released
28 CAR T cell immunotherapy for lymphoma rejected in Scotland
29 Oral bacteria in pancreas linked to more aggressive tumours
30 Tobacco control policies linked to reduced smoking
31 Study finds no link between midlife diet and dementia risk
32 Family history linked to increased Alzheimer's risk
33 Antibiotics: we've found faster, better way to identify the right one to use
34 A genetic component in some women breaks down contraceptive hormones
35 People are happier in more beautiful surroundings--evidence from first large-scale study
36 IVF birth weights increased over 25 years
37 Study shows vision is not always the cause for learning disorders
38 Surgery for herniated discs in neck can be safely performed in outpatient setting
39 Baby boomers are increasingly more likely to risk drink-driving than millennials
40 Brain wave stimulation may improve Alzheimer's symptoms
41 Traffic accidents involving moose are 13 times more likely to result in human death
42 S. Africa medics use 3-D printer for middle ear transplant
43 Engineering treatments for the opioid epidemic
44 AGS releases new action steps to guide care for older adults with multiple chronic illnesses
45 Research demonstrates how immunotherapy may be effective for fighting TB
46 Cell therapy could replace need for kidney transplants
47 New study underscores significant benefit of conversations between clinicians and patients
48 Antiviral therapy improves survival rates for kidney transplant recipients with hepatitis B or C
49 Simple directions from parents can guide children's discovery
50 College drinking intervention strategies need a refresh
51 Guardians of the synapse: Scientists identify a new role for nerve-supporting cells
52 Vaccine study confirms sensitivity of cholera test
53 Using an anti-smoking drug to control neurons
54 Thanking and apologizing: Talk that isn't cheap
55 The sweet spot: Scientists discover taste center of human brain
56 WHO urges enforcement of tobacco ad bans at sporting events
57 Poor pitch singing could be a matter of the tune in your head
58 Central American kidney disease epidemic linked to occupational heat exposure
59 'Home' is where success--or failure--rests: Personal context directly affects CPAP use
60 Black woman in their 50s face especially high stroke risk
61 New drug could help those with tough-to-treat cholesterol
62 Fewer boys are suffering head injuries, but rate rises for girls
63 Poor kidney function linked to higher cancer risk
64 Study provides new insights on common post-transplant condition
65 Soft drink companies copy tobacco playbook to lure young users
66 Bristol provides first long-term look at predictors of suicide attempts
67 Alcohol marketing awareness linked to 'higher risk' drinking among UK teens
68 UK failing to provide universal health coverage by charging undocumented migrant kids
69 Extremist sympathies more likely in white British and UK-born people
70 For older adults, sense of control tied to feeling younger
71 Early menopause in smokers linked to bladder cancer
72 Maternal deaths following C-section 50 times higher in Africa compared to high-income countries
73 Discovery of atrial fibrillation subtypes paves way for precision medicine
74 Enzyme USP15 may have potential role in future treatment of various cancers
75 Negative emotions can reduce our capacity to trust
76 Rejection of transplanted organs: Long-awaited structure offers new insights
77 Bullying evolves with age and proves difficult to escape from
78 Finally, people with disabilities will have a chance to tell their stories--and be believed
79 Cancer pain can be eased by palliative radiation therapy
80 Taking the reins on multiple sclerosis
81 Wake up call on pre-teen mobile phone use at night
82 New plant-based vaccine at the forefront of more affordable HPV prevention
83 Novel YSPH framework helps identify genes associated with disease
84 Canola oil gets undeserved bad rap
85 Stopping cholera in its tracks with bacteriophages
86 The effect of climate change on disease
87 AAP: Nasal spray vaccine against flu acceptable in 2019 to 2020
88 One-month regimen noninferior for preventing HIV-related TB
89 With single gene insertion, blind mice regain sight
90 Prenatal high-dose vitamin D not linked to asthma at age 6
91 DNA of sperm taken directly from testicles of infertile men is as good as sperm from fertile men
92 'Brain vital signs' detect concussion-related changes
93 What do we mean by meaning? Science can help with that
94 Marijuana is a lot more than just THC--a pharmacologist looks at the untapped healing compounds
95 AI and MRIs at birth can predict cognitive development at age two, study finds
96 Are enhanced waters better for your health?
97 Dementia rates fall in Australia ahead of expected surge
98 Researchers find epigenetic loss that changes how cells obtain energy from cancer
99 How to catch ovarian cancer earlier
100 Why some people can't stop running, according to sport psychology
101 Few treatment guidelines for heart disease are based on rigorous study
102 Study shows most Catholic hospitals don't advertise religious restrictions on health care
103 Heart attacks fall by one-third among older Americans
104 Light physical activity linked to lower risk of heart disease in older women
105 Heart procedure for AFib better than drug therapy for reducing episodes
106 Higher egg and cholesterol consumption hikes heart disease and death risk: study
107 Big data adds clarity, certainty to clinical trial outcomes for AFib
108 What is the real link between bacterial vaginosis and HIV risk in women?
109 Current training of physicians to care for LGBTQ individuals is falling short
110 A new battle: Veterans more likely to have heart disease
111 Periodontitis may raise the risk for developing dementia
112 Niger sounds alarm over 'fake' meningitis vaccine
113 Overweight kids at higher risk for blood clots as adults
114 Testosterone therapy in hypogonadism can prevent progression to T2DM
115 Nursing work environment shapes relationship between EHR and quality of care
116 Components in carrots, green tea could reverse Alzheimer's symptoms, study says