File Title
1 Astrophysicists Predict Milky Way is Headed for Catastrophic Collision
2 Scientists Find Evidence that Dark Matter Can Be Heated Up and Moved
3 Hubble Image of the Week--The Heart of the Lion
4 Stellar Wind is Preventing More Stars from Forming in the Orion Nebula
5 Hubble Captures Sharpest View Ever of the Triangulum Galaxy
6 TESS Discovers Its Third Small Planet Outside Our Solar System
7 Learn More About the New Worlds TESS Has Discovered
8 Yale Scientists Open Up New World for Biologics
9 New Technique Reveals 'Missing' Galactic Mergers
10 ESO Image of the Week--a Portrait of a Beauty
11 CHIME Detects Repeating Fast Radio Burst from Another Galaxy
12 Astronomers Discover the Brightest Quasar to Date in the Early Universe
13 Astronomers Study Mysterious Blast with NASA Telescopes
14 Illinois researchers first to show hinge morphology of click beetle's latch mechanism
15 Researchers find febrile infants may not need painful tests, antibiotics, hospitalizations
16 AASM publishes clinical practice guideline on use of PAP therapy for sleep apnea
17 Researchers discover DNA variants significantly influence body fat distribution
18 Heavy smoking can damage vision, Rutgers researcher finds
19 CRISPR gene editing makes stem cells 'invisible' to immune system
20 Small cell lung cancer may respond to combination of immunotherapy and DNA damage repair inhibitors
21 Advancing therapy by measuring the 'games' cancer cells play
22 Depression reversed in male mice by activating gene that helps excite neurons
23 More primary care physicians leads to longer life spans, Stanford researcher says
24 Helping patients breathe during dangerous procedure prevents complications
25 Light-based production of drug-discovery molecules
26 Gearing up for 5G: A miniature, low-cost transceiver for fast, reliable communications
27 CNIC researchers identify a very early marker of cardiac damage triggered by cancer treatment
28 Diversity on land is not higher today than in the past, study shows
29 Researchers find trigger that turns strep infections into flesh-eating disease
30 New protocol could ease diagnosis of bacterial infections in infants
31 Physicists pinpoint a simple mechanism that makes bacteria resistant to antibiotics
32 Single CRISPR treatment provides long-term benefits in mice
33 Scientists reveal how 3D arrangement of DNA helps perpetuate the species
34 Tuberculosis: Commandeering a bacterial 'suicide' mechanism
35 Hormone therapy may increase cardiovascular risk during gender transition
36 Brain represents optical illusion as delayed reality
37 So close, rats can almost taste it
38 Parents: Keep medical marijuana dispensaries away from children
39 Suicide system in tuberculosis bacteria might hold key to treatment
40 Offensive War in Space
41 U.S. intel report: Russia, China pose challenge to U.S. space superiority
42 Why a Department of the Space Force?
43 Missile Defense Chief: US Completes Hypersonic, Directed Energy Weapons Analysis
44 US X-37B space plane flies past mission's 500-day mark
45 Chinese, Russian Anti-Satellite Tech Puts US 'Space Assets at Risk'
46 China 'compressing' technology gains: US intel official
47 Renewed space rivalry between nations ignores a tradition of cooperation
48 Soyuz spacecraft assembly to be fully monitored by video cameras
49 U.S. moves to speed military space upgrades under pressure from China, Russia
50 In space, the US sees a rival in China
51 US Aims for Space Supremacy Pose Potential Threats to Russia, China--Ambassador
52 Mission Success of Falcon 9 GPS 3 SVO1 Launch
53 No measures exist to counter Russian, Chinese hypersonic weapons
54 Tiny satellites reveal water dynamics in thousands of northern lakes
55 NanoRacks completes sixth cubesat deployment from Cygnus spacecraft
56 Launch of rocket from high-altitude balloon makes space more accessible to microsats
57 New technology helps address big problems for small satellites
58 The Arch Mission Foundation and SpaceChain Create Orbital Library
59 India launches pint-sized satellite designed by students
60 Japan launches Epsilon-4 rocket carrying private-sector satellites
61 World-first chameleon satellite leaving native British shores
62 CubeSats joining Hera mission to asteroid system
63 South Africa announces successful launch of Africa's most advanced nanosatellite
64 Mission accomplished for ESA's butane-propelled CubeSat
65 Where is the Universe Hiding its Missing Mass?
66 How does a quantum particle see the world
67 Active galaxies point to new physics of cosmic expansion
68 Seeing double could help resolve dispute about how fast the universe is expanding
69 New quantum structures in super-chilled helium may mirror early days of universe
70 Trillions of starts light up the dawn of the universe
71 Big Bang query: Mapping how a mysterious liquid became all matter
72 Astronomers uncover brightest quasar in early universe
73 Cosmologists claim universe is riding on an expanding bubble in an extra dimension
74 Researchers create tiny droplets of early universe matter
75 Bizarre 'dark fluid' with negative mass could dominate the universe--what my research suggests
76 Galileo satellites prove Einstein's Relativity Theory to highest accuracy yet
77 Clemson scientists measure all of the starlight ever produced by the observable universe
78 The quest for galactic relics from the primordial universe
79 A new way to measure nearly nothing
80 The state of the early universe: The beginning was fluid
81 Journey to the Beginning of Time
82 Observations challenge cosmological theories
83 A universe aglow: lyman-alpha emission across the entire sky
84 Prime numbers, crystals share similar structural patterns
85 What actually is nothing
86 Light from ancient quasars helps confirm quantum entanglement
87 Astronomers identify some of the oldest galaxies in the universe
88 Early opaque universe linked to galaxy scarcity
89 Possible death of the Universe scenario proposed
90 From an almost perfect Universe to the best of both worlds
91 Centenary of cosmological constant lambda
92 Taiwan Announces New Phase of Space Program, Hopes for Moon Mission
93 Dissidents trapped inside Taiwan airport allowed in after 125 days
94 Wife of jailed Taiwan activist condemns China visitation ban
95 'At any cost': China warns US Navy over Taiwan
96 Chinese general issues 'war criminal' warning to Taiwan
97 Democratic allies should rally to protect Taiwan from China: Tsai
98 China taking advantage of Taiwan's openness, warns Tsai
99 Taiwan rebuffs China tourist snub with record 2018 arrivals
100 HK says Taiwan metal band leader denied visa lacks 'special skills'
101 Meteorite source in asteroid belt not a single debris field
102 Insulating crust kept cryomagma liquid for millions of years on nearby dwarf planet
103 Asteroid from 'Rare Species' Sighted in the Cosmic Wild
104 Japan's Hayabusa2 probe to land on asteroid on February 22
105 ESA plans mission to smallest asteroid ever visited
106 Locations on the surface of Ryugu have been named
107 Luxembourg and Belgium join forces to develop space resources
108 Lucy has 1000 days to launch day
109 Large asteroid skims past Earth
110 Steam-powered asteroid hoppers developed through UCF collaboration
111 NASA's Osiris-Rex probe takes flyby video of asteroid Bennu
112 Osiris-REX enters close orbit around asteroid Bennu