File Title
1 Peeling back the data: NYS apple industry has larger economic impact
2 Hubble & Gaia accurately weigh the Milky Way
3 New photography approach gives traditional cameras ultra-high imaging speeds
4 Largest-ever study identifies gene regions associated with sleep duration
5 VA study evaluates quality indicators for hormone therapy in menopausal women
6 Three ways studying organic chemistry changes the brain
7 Be nice to your doctor--you may receive better care
8 Stars exploding as supernovae lose their mass to companion stars during their lives
9 How well do vaccines work? Research reveals measles vaccine efficacy
10 Design treatment of advanced metals producing better sculpting
11 At the limits of detectability
12 Antibiotics and PPIs linked to increased risk of infectious diarrhea in children
13 Deep brain stimulation sites for OCD target distinct symptoms
14 Embryos' signals take multiple paths
15 Scientists engineer mouse 'smart house' to study behavior
16 Chemical hydrogen storage system
17 Pioneering research to deliver person-centred care
18 Unlocking the untapped potential of light in optical communications
19 Increasingly complex mini-brains
20 New study informs debate on predator-prey relationships
21 Promising new drug shows potential to stop progression of sepsis
22 The role of intuition in music performance
23 Ocean life in 3D: Mapping phytoplankton with a smart AUV
24 The calypso caliphate: How Trinidad and Tobago became an ISIS recruiting hotspot
25 Women are more successful at crowdfunding than men, says ESMT Berlin study
26 Insects in decline: On farmland, latecomers lose out
27 When semiconductors stick together, materials go quantum
28 Child's elevated mental ill-health risk if mother treated for infection during pregnancy
29 Crucial milestone for critically endangered bird
30 Elucidating cellular responses to force
31 Australian study shows specialist clinics are cost-effective for chronic wound care
32 Probing water's skin
33 Tiny DNA reader to advance development of anticancer drugs
34 Researchers look to nature to unearth the secrets of cyclic imine cleavage
35 Two for the price of one: Mechanistic insights lead to drug repositioning
36 New target for chronic pain relief confirmed by scientists
37 'Undruggable' Parkinson's molecule spills its secrets
38 Zero-emission diesel combustion using a non-equilibrium-plasma-assisted MnO2 filter
39 Shifting away from coal is key to cutting greenhouse gas emissions, PSU study finds
40 Researchers aiming to cure spina bifida get a step closer to their goal
41 Forgotten fathers: New dads also at risk for postpartum depression
42 Using tiny organisms to unlock big environmental mysteries
43 Bullying bosses negatively impact employee performance and behavior
44 Ecologists find a 'landscape of fearlessness' in a war-torn savannah
45 Green spaces can help you trust strangers
46 Scientists find mystery killer whales off Cape Horn, Chile
47 A television in the bedroom?
48 New optical imaging system could be deployed to find tiny tumors
49 Scientists teach machines to predict recovery time from sports-related concussions
50 Cell study reveals key mechanism linked to healthy development
51 SGLT-2 inhibitors work by inducing a fasting state that triggers metabolic benefits
52 Proof of pimple: Mouse model validates how 'good' and 'bad' bacteria affect acne
53 Major mutation pattern in cancer occurs in bursts
54 BU researchers develop 'acoustic metamaterial' that cancels sound
55 Chatterpies, haggisters and ninuts could help children love conservation
56 Vitamin B3 analogue boosts production of blood cells
57 Potential new treatment for heart attack
58 E-cigarettes linked to heart attacks, coronary artery disease and depression
59 Getting a flu shot while hospitalized lowers the chance of a heart attack
60 A nap a day keeps high blood pressure at bay
61 Heart attacks increasingly common in young adults
62 Moderate alcohol consumption linked with high blood pressure
63 High-speed, 3D microscope captures stunning videos of fruit fly nerve cells in action
64 Do rural populations experience greater worry and fatalism about cancer?
65 Using precision medicine, researchers discover cause and treatment for specific lung disease
66 Longitudinal studies provide an excellent research learning environment for trainees
67 Chimpanzees lose their behavioral and cultural diversity
68 Study reveals elevated risk of cardiovascular disease in young
69 Computer-designed vaccine elicits potent antibodies against RSV
70 Fireflies, heart beats, and the science of sync
71 Human impacts erode behavioral diversity in chimpanzees
72 Exotic synchronization patterns emerge in a simple network
73 Crystal-clear view of a key neuronal receptor opens door for new, targeted drugs
74 It's raining on the Greenland ice--in the winter
75 Researchers discover a new mechanism used by bacteria to evade antibiotics
76 Potential treatment for cancer in butterfly disease
77 Waterpipe and cigarette smoking linked to heart attacks at younger age in Saudi Arabians
78 Experimental drug lowers serum phosphate in phase 3 trial of hemodialysis patients
79 Secondhand smoke linked with higher kidney disease risk
80 Star Wars and Asterix characters amongst 103 beetles new to science from Sulawesi, Indonesia
81 Cytomegalovirus infection broadens spectrum of environmental allergens
82 How the microbiota controls neutrophil activity
83 How does the body respond to diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis?
84 CD38 mutation and potential link to autism
85 Eating olive oil once a week may be associated with making blood less likely to clot in obese people
86 Social support and a purpose in life may help preserve cognitive abilities with age in Hispanics/Latinos
87 Yo-yo dieting may increase women's heart disease risk
88 Good news for women with MS: Disease may not worsen after pregnancy after all
89 New cell-sized micro robots might make incredible journeys
90 Mathematics of sea slug movement points to future robots
91 New report on industrial physics and its role in the US economy
92 Kepler Space Telescope's first exoplanet candidate confirmed
93 Fear of hospitalization keeps men from talking about suicide
94 Scientists discover a potential strategy to treat influenza A
95 Research suggests adoption assessment tool lags behind societal changes
96 Biologists have studied enzymes that help wheat to fight fungi
97 THOR wrangles complex microbiomes into a model for improving them
98 Study confirms horseshoe crabs are really relatives of spiders, scorpions
99 Potential way to improve cancer surgery outcomes by managing nontraditional risk factors
100 Study: Impact of food waste campaigns muted, but point toward right direction
101 At what age do you feel 65?
102 Good grief: Victimized employees don't get a break
103 Music captivates listeners and synchronizes their brainwaves
104 Gene identified that increases risk of antibiotic reaction
105 A Georgia State cybersecurity study of the dark web exposes vulnerability to machine identities
106 Blood holds key to liver regeneration
107 Study: Urban African-Americans more likely to live in trauma deserts
108 NASA's LRO sheds light on lunar water movement
109 New method of scoring protein interactions mines large data sets from a fresh angle
110 Vitamin D may protect against pollution-associated asthma symptoms in obese children