File Title
1 Low-cost 'cancer probe' could spot deadly melanoma early
2 Women of childbearing age have staggeringly low rates of lipid screening
3 Better regulation of the immune system may minimize preeclampsia symptoms
4 CAMH study reveals a new target for developing treatments for depression
5 Hypertension-related changes may occur earlier in young women with family history
6 Surprise billing debate continues to transfix state and federal policy makers
7 Light from an exotic crystal semiconductor could lead to better solar cells
8 Diabetes' sworn enemy could ultimately be a valuable ally
9 Ion experiment aces quantum scrambling test
10 Engineers develop inexpensive, smart stop sign to improve driver safety
11 Researchers outline goals for collecting and studying samples from Mars
12 Study reveals disparities in osteoporosis treatment by sex and race/ethnicity
13 Resistance training may help prevent type 2 diabetes
14 Social anxiety disorder may increase risk of alcoholism
15 Does cognitive function affect oral health during aging?
16 Timing of Medicare loss may affect long-term success of kidney transplantation
17 Knee pain not linked with activity levels in adults with knee osteoarthritis
18 Many patients with atopic dermatitis experience symptoms of anxiety and depression
19 Statins linked to higher diabetes risk
20 Impact of urbanization on wild bees underestimated
21 MBL scientists identify gene partnerships that promote spinal cord regeneration
22 Eating the flu
23 Professor Mary Schooling analyzes the relationship between testosterone and serious heart conditions
24 Improved regulation needed as pesticides found to affect genes in bees
25 Two-thirds of pregnant women under 25 in London have a mental health problem
26 NYU Abu Dhabi study finds grasping motions led by visuo-haptic signals are most effective
27 High-intensity interval training helps trim belly fat in cardiac rehab
28 Opioid use associated with dramatic rise in dangerous heart infection
29 CT scans offer clues to preventing heart problems after cancer treatment
30 Remote blood pressure monitoring via smartphone app shows promise
31 NFL players show heart abnormalities decades after retiring from football
32 Want a healthy heart? Turn off the TV and eat a good breakfast
33 Higher fitness level can determine longer lifespan after age 70
34 Low-carb diet tied to common heart rhythm disorder
35 App uses smartphone camera, flashlight to detect diabetes
36 The Lancet Global Health: Restrictive migration policies contribute to poor migrant health in high-income countries
37 New hepatitis C cases down by almost 70 percent in HIV-positive men in London
38 Simple, cheap C-peptide helps patients get the right diabetes diagnosis and treatment
39 Chances for life expand when passing stars push binaries together
40 Dinosaurs were thriving before asteroid strike that wiped them out
41 Higher rates of mass shootings in US states with more relaxed gun control laws
42 High testosterone levels could play a role in serious heart conditions
43 Long-term use of hormone therapy linked to increased Alzheimer's risk
44 Bone fractures increasing as seniors walk dogs to stay active
45 Mass. General-led study provides new insights into the role of aging in heart failure
46 Small molecule inhibitors show treatment potential for EBV-associated cancers
47 Potential new therapy for Crohn's, colitis identified
48 As sea level rises, wetlands crank up their carbon storage
49 Can entangled qubits be used to probe black holes?
50 Houston, we're here to help the farmers
51 Cancer most frequently spreads to the liver; here's why
52 New insights into the geographical landscape of prehistoric central Tibet
53 Vast record of past climate fluctuations now available thanks to laser imaging of shells
54 Molecular connection between nutrient availability and embryonic growth identified
55 More than just memories: a new role for the hippocampus during learning
56 People track when talkers say 'uh' to predict what comes next
57 Old drugs bring new hope to a cancer that lacks precision therapy
58 UTSW researchers determine structures of elusive innate immunity protein
59 Fish diversity linked to Caribbean coral reef health
60 Longer shifts do not create chronic sleep loss in first-year doctors or reduce safety for patients
61 Migrating snowline plays outsized role in setting pace of Greenland ice melt
62 Reducing B cells with CAR T cells is effective treatment of experimental lupus
63 Healthier dairy products with bacterial films and nanofiber membranes
64 Bedtime protein for bigger gains? Here's the scoop
65 Over half of ED visits for nonmedical prescription drug use are patients under 35
66 Culturally sensitive conservation approaches needed to protect Ethiopian church forests
67 Hundreds of children and llamas sacrificed in a ritual event in 15th century Peru
68 Improving physical fitness strongly linked to lower absenteeism for New York City middle schoolers
69 Adding high-quality plant-based foods to diet decreases risk of deaths from heart disease
70 Good news! Europe's electric grid will still work even as the world crumbles
71 High number of depression symptoms linked to increased risk of stroke
72 Youngest palm fossil brings new insight to topography of Tibet
73 The science of knitting, unpicked
74 Improving solar cell efficiency with a bucket of water
75 New surprises from Jupiter and Saturn
76 The evolution of grain yield
77 Success of university programs to promote rural healthcare in Japan
78 Mount Sinai researchers lead trial showing aspiration is equally effective as, and significantly cheaper than, traditional stent retriever approach for clot removal
79 Thyroid hormone helped our ancestors survive but left us susceptible
80 How the global gag rule stifles free speech
81 Coral reef parks protecting only 40 percent of fish biomass potential
82 'Specialized' microbes within plant species promote diversity
83 Measurements yielded precise atomic masses for nuclear reactions in the stars
84 In developing nations, national parks could save endangered species
85 Researchers report high rate of viral suppression among people new to HIV care
86 The power of one country to influence treaty ratification
87 Germ-fighting catheter coating may help prevent infections
88 'Goldilocks' stars may be 'just right' for finding habitable worlds
89 Researchers find high blood pressure link
90 NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory catches lunar freeze frame
91 Does awe lead to greater interest in science?
92 Pediatric onset multiple sclerosis study examines baffling, often-overlooked disease
93 Purdue researchers develop innovative, more cost-effective method to make drugs
94 Breakthrough could enable cheaper infrared cameras
95 Opioid misuse sending more older adults to emergency departments, study finds
96 New graphene-based device is first step toward ultrasensitive biosensors
97 SHANK3: the good, the bad and the hopeful
98 Gay and lesbian spaces in the city becoming more diverse, not going away
99 Study finds nonprofit partnerships can help solve bureaucratic tangles
100 Study: Democracy fosters economic growth
101 When coral reefs change, researchers and local communities may not see eye to eye
102 How antifreeze proteins make ice crystals grow
103 Stressing and straining: Geochemists answer fundamental question of mineral reactions
104 'Meta-mirror' reflects sound waves in any direction
105 50 is the new 40 for safe childbirth, according to Ben-Gurion U. researchers
106 Less-invasive procedure helps surgeons pinpoint epilepsy surgical candidates
107 Using laser 'tweezers,' scientists grab and study tiny protein droplets
108 Changes are needed in teaching medical residents how to communicate patient handoffs
109 New research on the role of connectomics in brain development
110 What does the Milky Way weigh? Hubble and Gaia investigate