File Title
1 Testosterone limits for female athletes based on flawed science
2 New research challenges medical consensus that adenoids and tonsils significantly shrink during teenage years
3 Could energy overload drive cancer risk?
4 Country-specific norms created for cancer-related quality of life
5 Even in best-case scenario, opioid overdose deaths will keep rising until 2022
6 New research insights hold promise for kids with DMD
7 Inexpensive supplement for women increases infant birth size
8 DNA puzzle uncovers rare chromosome defects
9 Happiness research: the long-term effects of life events are overestimated
10 Walgreens worst violator in tobacco sales to minors, FDA says
11 Why static stretching may not be as effective as you think
12 Survey: OB-GYNs remain conflicted about abortion, but pills may be changing attitudes
13 Getting the most benefit from ab exercises
14 How color can help you de-stress
15 Ebola vaccine is key in ongoing efforts to contain the DRC outbreak
16 Poor sleep plagues many kids with autism
17 Five ways to develop children's talents
18 Targeting epilepsy with cranial electrodes
19 At-home rehab comparable to clinic-based therapy to improve mobility
20 Our artificial cornea breakthrough could lead to self-assembling organs
21 Engineered miniature kidneys come of age
22 Immunotherapy can be effective in treating people with recurrent glioblastoma
23 Researchers home in on genes linked to age-related macular degeneration
24 Rats in augmented reality help show how the brain determines location
25 Spinal cord is 'smarter' than previously thought
26 New role for death molecule
27 Study shows benefits of delayed cord clamping in healthy babies
28 Study identifies brain cells that modulate behavioral response to threats
29 Grocery-store based nutrition education improves eating habits
30 Researchers identify early home and family factors that contribute to obesity
31 Access to federally qualified health centers does not translate into lower rates of ED use
32 Connection between home energy efficiency and respiratory health in low-income homes
33 Researchers 3-D bio-print a model that could lead to improved anticancer drugs and treatments
34 New therapeutic target found for aggressive pediatric cancers with few treatment options
35 Why children struggle with the 'cocktail party effect'
36 New tuberculosis drug may shorten treatment time for patients
37 Pitch perfect: Brain differences behind a rare musical ability
38 Learning a second alphabet for a first language
39 How your smartphone is affecting your relationship
40 Youth smoking decline stalls, and vaping may be to blame
41 Medical bills financially burden almost half of cardiovascular disease patients
42 Insulin signaling failures in the brain linked to Alzheimer's disease
43 Sophisticated blood analysis provides new clues about Ebola, treatment avenues
44 Geneticists identify molecular pathway for autism-related disorder
45 Smartphone-based mindfulness training reduces loneliness, increases social contact
46 Scientists to test light therapy as relief from painful side effect of cancer treatment
47 Changes in lung cells seen almost immediately after contact with low-molecular weight PAHs
48 Interaction between immune factors triggers cancer-promoting chronic inflammation
49 Human brain protein associated with autism confers abnormal behavior in fruit flies
50 New study shows HPV not likely transmittable through the hand
51 Western diet may increase risk of severe sepsis, death, study finds
52 Low-income boys' inattention in kindergarten associated with lower earnings 30 years later
53 Why Mr. Nice could be Mr. Right
54 What the FDA's actions mean for dietary supplements
55 New French study explores risks of ultra-processed food
56 Researchers identify novel molecular mechanism involved in Alzheimer's
57 He ate a 'pot lollipop'--and a heart attack soon followed
58 Half of U.S. kids with a mental health disorder don't get treatment
59 Poor whites bear the brunt of U.S. opioid crisis, studies find
60 Higher optimism tied to lower odds of pain after deployment
61 Masterswitch discovered in body's immune system
62 Scientists use machine learning to identify source of Salmonella outbreaks
63 Rates of diabetes screening high among adults age <45
64 Researchers closer to new Alzheimer's therapy with brain blood flow discovery
65 Study finds upsurge in 'active surveillance' for low-risk prostate cancer
66 PET imaging agent may allow early measurement of efficacy of breast cancer therapy
67 Researchers turn to newlywed couples to unravel questions about the chemistry of empathy and bonding
68 Protein released from fat after exercise improves glucose
69 Researchers identify brain protein crucial to recovery from stroke
70 AI system spots childhood disease like a doctor
71 Tracking HIV's ever-evolving genome in effort to prioritize public health resources
72 Diagnostic technique reveals protein biomarker that accurately differentiates bladder cancer from benign inflammation
73 Direct-acting antivirals reduce risk of premature mortality and liver cancer for people with chronic hepatitis C
74 Book provides a new framework for making sense of mental illness
75 What do we really know about e-cigarettes and vaping?
76 Prescription opioid overdose deaths falling in Iowa--synthetics and heroin spike new concern
77 Public health researchers recommend reevaluating approach amid declining US life expectancy
78 Bird flu shuffle probes viral compatibility
79 Five tips to help your kid succeed in sport--or maybe just enjoy it
80 Why visual illusions appear in everyday objects--from nature to architecture
81 Risk factors identified for infanticide in the 21st century
82 Tuberculosis--Inhibiting host cell death with immunotherapy
83 Study proves value of teaching open-water survival skills to children
84 Slower runners benefit most from high-tech shoes, other elite methods
85 Gene involved in colorectal cancer also causes breast cancer
86 More is better when coordinating with others, according to new study
87 Researchers develop technique to analyse cancer cells' life history
88 GPs and pharmacists don't have time to involve patients in medication reviews
89 What can early adulthood tell us about midlife identity?
90 Physical activity environment and obesity risk--new research
91 Is personality affected by appearance? (Or the way we think we look?)
92 Breaking the vicious cycles of age-related diseases
93 New research suggests a simple blood test could improve the early detection of lung cancer
94 Researchers discover how sleep can fight infection
95 Demonisation of smoking and drinking in pregnancy can prevent quitting
96 Searching for side effects
97 Novel technique accurately assesses cardiovascular risks
98 Congo Ebola outbreak claims nearly 100 children's lives
99 FDA warns 17 companies about illegal Alzheimer disease products
100 Strep A bacteria kill a half-million people a year. Why don't we have a vaccine?
101 Lung cancer treatment combo given initial NHS 'no' in England
102 Smart steps for healthy feet
103 Low fitness, obesity linked to later disability pension
104 Model for improving campylobacter management
105 Newly discovered disease opens for future diabetes treatment
106 Lactate triggers genes that modify brain activity
107 Cancer comparison across species highlights new drug targets
108 New diagnostic test for malaria uses spit, not blood
109 Setting preschoolers on an active path
110 Study reports survival benefit for black men on new prostate cancer drugs