File Title
1 Dementia looks different in brains of Hispanics
2 IU School of Medicine researchers develop groundbreaking test for post-traumatic stress disorder
3 Autonomous vehicles could be an environmental boon or disaster, depending on public policy
4 Movie technology inspires wearable liquid unit that aims to harvest energy
5 New species of frog sheds light on major biodiversity hotspot in southern India
6 Lower costs associated with late-preterm steroid therapy, NIH-funded analysis finds
7 BAT's novel vaping product shows minimal toxicity in laboratory tests
8 Adolescents are more likely than adults to use fruit- and candy-flavored e-cigarettes
9 Most deaths in children aged 5 to 14 in India, China, Brazil, Mexico are preventable
10 Boston Children's Hospital announces results of Bridge-Enhanced ACL repair study
11 Scientists release global wildlife map of 'cool-spots' and 'hot-spots'
12 Parkinson's treatment delivers a power-up to brain cell 'batteries'
13 Meet India's starry dwarf frog, lone member of newly discovered ancient lineage
14 Secrets of early life revealed from less than half a teaspoon of blood
15 Immigration is beneficial to economies, even after 100 years
16 GE, Feinstein Institute demonstrate use of ultrasound to alter inflammatory and metabolic response
17 The Lancet: Disease, violence and inequality threaten more adolescents worldwide than ever before
18 Infertility is linked to small increased risk of cancer
19 Elucidation of structural property in Li-ion batteries that deliver ultra-fast charging
20 Coal power stations disrupt rainfall: global study
21 The world's adolescents--large unmet needs and growing inequalities
22 Unprecedented number of warm-water species moved northward during marine heatwave
23 Artificial intelligence cuts lung cancer screening false positives
24 These less common proteins may help fend off the flu
25 Researchers decode how cancer drug works in brains of Parkinson's disease patients
26 Gene behind long-recognized mitochondrial disease has highly varied effects
27 Two papers describe how a membrane protein can move both lipids and ions
28 Air pollution causes 800,000 extra deaths a year in Europe and 8.8 million worldwide
29 A new therapeutic target for blocking early atherosclerosis in progeria
30 Revamping science: Making room for more voices
31 Scientists discover key enzyme in breast cancer proliferation, treatment resistance
32 CU Anschutz study offers clues for why birth control may fail
33 Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest third leading cause of disease-related health loss
34 Scientists identify gene that keeps PTSD-like behavior at bay in female mice
35 New technique reveals big data from tiny babies
36 Small babies, big data
37 A lawn is better than fertilizer for growing healthy blueberries
38 Web tool aims to better inform and refine need for treatment in early prostate cancer
39 Individualized model could help guide treatment of non-metastatic prostate cancer
40 Amorous planthopper bugs shake abdomen 'snapping organ' to attract mates
41 Mapping the effects of guns, snares and bulldozers on biodiversity
42 Iron measurements with MRI reveal stroke's impact on brain
43 Non-contrast MRI is effective in monitoring MS patients
44 UK wild newt species free from flesh-eating fungus for now...
45 Targeting stem-like cells could prevent ovarian cancer recurrence
46 New study shows human impact erodes chimpanzee behavioral diversity
47 Breaking down bedbugs
48 Most countries in sub-Saharan Africa not on track for under-5 mortality reduction goal
49 New technology accelerates the science of deceleration
50 Researchers uncover new clues to surviving extinction
51 Critical materials: Researchers eye huge supply of rare-earth elements from mining waste
52 Study: Free fatty acids appear to rewire cells to promote obesity-related breast cancer
53 Early-life exposure to microbiota restricts colon cancer later in life, study finds
54 ZEB1 throttles therapeutic target, protecting KRAS-mutant lung cancer
55 Found: the missing ingredient to grow blood vessels
56 Later abortion increased in Texas after House Bill 2
57 Looking back and forward: A decade-long quest for a transformative transistor
58 Hungry moose more tolerant of wolves' presence
59 Researchers: Pesticides influence ground-nesting bee development and longevity
60 Infants' advances in speech processing play role in language-cognition link
61 Rice U. study highlights danger of vitamin B12 deficiency
62 Special effects: How a movie could reduce corruption
63 Like rats, your brain may contain 'time cells' that help form long-term memories
64 Therapy could improve and prolong sight in those suffering vision loss
65 The day the world burned
66 Big stats, human stories change attitudes about global issues
67 Measuring the success of East African protected areas
68 Preclinical data shows combination immunotherapy could stop liver cancer growth
69 New evidence proves the work of UN agencies is effective
70 Quasar jets confuse orbital telescope
71 Drug that prevents lung problems in older preemies also lowers costs
72 It's not your fault--Your brain is self-centered
73 Race, gender and age affect who writes majority opinions for state supreme courts
74 How the heart sends an SOS signal to bone marrow cells after a heart attack
75 The media shape public opinion about surrogacy and homosexuality
76 Defects help nanomaterial soak up more pollutant in less time
77 SPIE journal reports advances in use of 3D models in assessing coronary artery disease
78 Antibody-drug conjugate shows efficacy against cell surface protein in neuroblastoma
79 Research finds simple urine test allows for rapid diagnosis of preeclampsia
80 Climate change could devastate painted turtles, according to new study
81 Researchers explore link between metal exposure and Parkinson's symptoms
82 Largest carbon dioxide sink in renewable forests
83 Understanding global trauma systems--OTA International looks at current status, future needs
84 Inside a tumor: Purple bacteria visualize 'big eaters'
85 Understanding and controlling the molecule that made the universe
86 Mobilizing the lymphatic system may help combat obesity-induced metabolic syndrome
87 Changes in rat size reveal habitat of 'Hobbit' hominin
88 Discovery of how organs form helps researchers to develop future diabetes treatments
89 New cell subtypes classified in mouse brain
90 Families and schools may play key roles in promoting adolescent self-confidence
91 Determining what binds to mucus
92 Neural networks predict planet mass
93 Powering devices--with a desk lamp?
94 X-ray analysis of carbon nanostructures helps material design
95 Hepatitis B vaccination in preadolescents lowered the disease incidence rate in Catalonia
96 Avocado seed extract shows promise as anti-inflammatory compound
97 Stress hormones promote breast cancer metastasis
98 Physicists proposed fast method for printing nanolasers from perovskites
99 Report: Despite being skilled producers, Danish farmers face poorer conditions than their European counterparts
100 Machine learning tracks moving cells
101 Hematopoietic stem cells: Making blood thicker than water
102 How marine snow cools the planet
103 ALMA observes the formation sites of solar-system-like planets
104 On-the-spot genome analysis
105 Astronomers discover 83 supermassive black holes in the early universe
106 Democracy linked to global health gains in low-, middle-income countries
107 Trust more important than ecology to gain local support for conservation
108 The power of gratitude in the workplace
109 Could internet activity provide accurate in plant and animal conservation?
110 WVU researchers investigate the impact of the statewide opioid crisis on teachers