File Title
1 Can social connection aid heart health in African-American community?
2 Opioid crisis brings concerns about heart dangers
3 Complication rate after bariatric surgery higher for black patients
4 Raspberries may aid glucose control with prediabetes
5 How the microbiota controls neutrophil activity
6 Cytomegalovirus infection broadens spectrum of environmental allergens
7 Opioid misuse sending more older adults to emergency departments, study finds
8 Pediatric onset multiple sclerosis study examines baffling, often-overlooked disease
9 Monthly shots control HIV as well as pills in two big studies
10 Researchers find high blood pressure link
11 Does awe lead to greater interest in science?
12 US regulators outline oversight on meat grown in lab dishes
13 Yo-yo dieting may increase women's heart disease risk
14 Social support and a purpose in life may help preserve cognitive abilities with age in Hispanics/Latinos
15 Good news for women with MS: Disease may not worsen after pregnancy after all
16 Eating olive oil once a week may be associated with making blood less likely to clot in obese people
17 Secondhand smoke linked with higher kidney disease risk
18 Experimental drug lowers serum phosphate in phase 3 trial of hemodialysis patients
19 Study reveals elevated risk of cardiovascular disease in young
20 Researchers report high rate of viral suppression among people new to HIV care
21 Canadians' consumption of fruit and vegetables drops 13 percent in 11 years
22 Hookah smokers are inhaling toxic chemicals that may harm the heart
23 Thailand to start testing medical marijuana on patients
24 No need to worry about glyphosate in our beer and wine, according to peer review
25 Brain region plays key role in regulation of parenting behavior, study finds
26 Study: Serious dating can create serious challenges for teens
27 Scientists report new modeling of brain signaling
28 Sifting through signs of inflammation to analyze causes of Crohn's disease
29 Small molecule mimics broadly neutralizing antibodies to stop flu in mice
30 Pillar of HIV prevention (PrEP)--how to implement
31 New gene hunt reveals potential breast cancer treatment target
32 Younger adults with inflammatory disease at greater risk of anxiety and depression--new study
33 Intravenous antibiotics treatment for children at home as effective as hospital treatment, study finds
34 Could it be sepsis? New paper to raise awareness among dental professionals
35 Leukaemia drug gets initial 'no' for NHS in England
36 Engineer studies sleep apnea
37 Promising compound selectively kills brain cancer stem cells
38 Is prediabetes really a medical condition that needs attention?
39 ACC: Long-term outcomes for MI similar at < 40, 40 to 50
40 European police seize illicit medicines worth $185 million
41 Identification of potential target protein aggregates for treating Alzheimer's
42 Opium, rat hair, beaver anal secretions--and other surprising things you might find in food
43 Small changes can go far in preventing childhood obesity
44 Persistent, prolonged opioid use occurs after plastic surgery
45 Improvements in stratifying colorectal cancer patients for prognosis
46 CDC: GI, respiratory illnesses more likely in low-income children
47 Effective medical treatment of gestational diabetes could reduce long-term complications for the child
48 Widespread and possibly risky use of herbal medicines among pregnant women in Ethiopia
49 Why you lose hearing for a while after listening to loud sounds
50 How to help when your child is struggling in school
51 New link between childhood obesity and early infant feeding
52 Could a booster shot of truth help scientists fight the anti-vaccine crisis?
53 New study highlights 'alarmingly high' rate of visual problems in stroke survivors
54 Try this healthy makeover for a favorite fast food
55 How imaginary friends from our childhood can continue to affect us as adults
56 How does the brain change over the course of Alzheimer's?
57 Beware of drowsy driving as daylight saving time begins
58 Making sense of the recent blood pressure drug recalls
59 Patients experiment with prescription drugs to fight aging
60 Zinc could help as non-antibiotic treatment for UTIs
61 Thyroid hormone helped our ancestors survive but left us susceptible
62 What you need to know about polyps in your colon
63 Trading cryptocurrency is problematic for regular gamblers, study says
64 Vitamin D may protect against pollution-associated asthma symptoms in obese children
65 Study: Life-saving antibiotic receives new use guidelines from researchers around world
66 Researchers unveil progress and challenges in introducing typhoid conjugate vaccine in Africa/Asia
67 Aspiration equally effective as, and significantly cheaper than, traditional stent retriever approach for clot removal
68 Study: Urban African-Americans more likely to live in trauma deserts
69 Implantable 'tea bag' in development releases insulin for children with diabetes
70 Blood holds key to liver regeneration
71 Music captivates listeners and synchronizes their brainwaves
72 Number and timing of pregnancies influence breast cancer risk for women with BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation
73 Iowa court: Medicaid can cover sex reassignment surgery
74 Good grief: Victimized employees don't get a break
75 At what age do you feel 65?
76 After painful ordeal and $800K medical bill, unvaccinated boy survives tetanus
77 Did you wait until middle age to get fit? It could still boost your life span
78 Dry eye and migraines might be linked: study
79 Flu may have peaked, but experts eye jump in nastier strain
80 Irregular sleep could impact your heart health
81 Dasotraline promising for the treatment of ADHD in children
82 Photoplethysmography signal can detect diabetes
83 Only about half of elderly newly diagnosed with ALL receive Tx
84 Smoking doubles stroke risk among African-Americans
85 Precision drugs could unmask cancers to immune system and boost effects of immunotherapy
86 Madagascar battles killer measles outbreak
87 SpaceX Dragon demo capsule returns to Earth
88 International Women's Day: Trail-blazing women of Kew
89 Wildlife World Zoo: Jaguar attacks selfie-taker
90 Ash dieback: Deadly tree fungus spreading 'more quickly'
91 Hunterston B: Pictures show cracks in Ayrshire nuclear reactor
92 Climate change: Rain melting Greenland ice sheet 'even in winter'
93 US Civil War-era tunnels and buildings found under Alcatraz prison
94 Treasure trove of new insects discovered on island
95 CERN cuts ties with 'sexist' scientist Alessandro Strumia
96 Climate change: Government deal to boost offshore wind
97 Wetland mud is 'secret weapon' against climate change
98 Climate change: Satellite fix safeguards Antarctic data
99 The students with a food waste problem
100 SpaceX: Crew Dragon's test flight in graphics
101 Lords urge tougher rules for tech firms
102 Security holes found in big brand car alarms
103 Tech Tent: Facebook's Planned Privacy Pivot
104 Russia internet freedom: Thousands protest against cyber-security bill
105 Elizabeth Warren vows to break up tech giants if elected in 2020
106 Urgent warning over 'serious' Windows 7 bug
107 Facebook finds UK-based 'fake news' network
108 Vodafone: Huawei ban will set back 5G
109 Paris street to 'shut out Instagrammers'
110 Facebook: What's in Mark Zuckerberg's privacy plan?