File Title
1 A silver lining like no other
2 Study looks to limit secondhand smoke in homes with children
3 How much coffee is OK?
4 An outdoor plan for walking and running
5 Creating more potent cancer therapy using 'theranostics'
6 Study examines how consumers respond to surprise medical bills
7 Vulnerable narcissists more susceptible to eating disorders
8 Research investigates impact of herbal medicine product on bedwetting in children
9 A fungus usually found on skin might play a role in Crohn's disease
10 Tissue model reveals how RNA will act on the liver
11 Sleep increases chromosome dynamics that clear out DNA damage accumulated during waking hours
12 Women scientists get less federal funding than men, new study finds
13 Fasting-mimicking diet holds promise for treating people with inflammatory bowel disease
14 Nutritional supplements cannot prevent depression, research shows
15 Study finds robots can detect breast cancer as well as radiologists
16 Menstrual cycle phase influences cocaine craving
17 Training beyond exhaustion can prevent learning
18 Advice on salt, hidden in an array of foods, gets specific
19 What the 'London patient' means for HIV/AIDS research
20 Attitudes about health affect how older adults engage with negative health news
21 Kids with cochlear implants since infancy more likely to speak, not sign
22 Study shows success of measles vaccine campaigns in India
23 Study to investigate how sexual trauma increases HIV susceptibility in women
24 Heroin users aware of fentanyl, but at high risk of overdosing
25 Integrated therapy treating obesity and depression is effective
26 Nuclear medicine imaging monitors effectiveness of therapy for melanoma patients
27 Study confirms and quantifies Zika-microcephaly link in Brazil
28 Michigan's first patient treated with thalamic deep brain stimulation for epilepsy
29 Staph infections drop, but levels still worry U.S. health officials
30 Niger busts fake medicines lab
31 Top CEOs offer strategies to improve workplace mental health
32 Children with atopic dermatitis have worse sleep quality
33 FDA poised to approve ketamine-like drug to ease depression
34 U.S. deaths from suicide, substance abuse reach record high
35 Recommendations developed for ulcerative colitis management
36 Our ability to detect patterns might stem from the brain's desire to represent things in the simplest way possible
37 Niger launches campaign to protect 6 mn children from meningitis
38 Methanol toxicity can result from occupational exposure
39 One in three students with ADHD receive no school interventions, study finds
40 More immediate concerns beat heart health in the priorities and behaviors of young women
41 Gaining a little weight after quitting tobacco is offset by the benefits for people with diabetes
42 Soda, sugar-sweetened beverages linked to more severe symptoms for people with multiple sclerosis
43 Alzheimer's treatment holds promise for primary progressive aphasia patients
44 Genetic 'usual suspects' identified in researchers' new list
45 FDA chief Scott Gottlieb steps down after nearly 2 years
46 Mom-to-mom phone calls lift breastfeeding rate
47 Infection control technique may reduce infections in patients with catheters, drains
48 Common chest infection puts babies at risk of hospitalization for asthma in preschool years
49 Over half of ED visits for nonmedical prescription drug use are patients under 35
50 FDA allows treatment of depression with club drug's cousin
51 Hawaii opens medical marijuana registration to visitors
52 Resistance training may help prevent type 2 diabetes
53 Study examines which schoolchildren are most likely to skip breakfast
54 Knee pain not linked with activity levels in adults with knee osteoarthritis
55 New findings may help guide treatment of patients with asthma
56 Diabetes' sworn enemy could ultimately be a valuable ally
57 Study reveals disparities in osteoporosis treatment by sex and race/ethnicity
58 Statins linked to higher diabetes risk
59 Many patients with atopic dermatitis experience symptoms of anxiety and depression
60 Does cognitive function affect oral health during aging?
61 The grassroots revolution making it normal for children to 'play out' again
62 Social anxiety disorder may increase risk of alcoholism
63 Bedtime protein for bigger gains? Here's the scoop
64 Study finds grasping motions lead by visuo-haptic signals are most effective
65 More than just memories--a new role for the hippocampus during learning
66 Preparing for the outbreak: helping research swing into action in central Africa
67 Old age care crisis: Are migrant care workers a suitable solution for state and families?
68 Our brains reveal our choices before we're even aware of them, study finds
69 Trends in women's reproductive events reflect major social and lifestyle changes
70 Study finds a lack of adequate hydration among the elderly
71 Proper use of wearable technology is considered the 'wild, wild west'
72 Single gene linked to host of abnormalities during neurodevelopment
73 Molecular clock influences immune cell responses
74 New research finds flaws in veterans' claims system
75 Metabolic remodeling during regeneration
76 Diagnostic uncertainty in children with fever impacts NHS resources
77 The climate change within--missing microbes and the evolution of the microbiome
78 Staying awake during spine surgery is cutting recovery time in half
79 Do we really need to take 10,000 steps a day?
80 Australian tradies exposed to excess noise levels at work, study finds
81 Why your tourist brain may try to drown you
82 Tips for a heart-healthy sandwich
83 Blue-enriched white light to wake you up in the morning
84 Remote blood pressure monitoring via smartphone app shows promise
85 Opioid use associated with dramatic rise in dangerous heart infection
86 High-intensity interval training helps trim belly fat in cardiac rehab
87 App uses smartphone camera, flashlight to detect diabetes
88 CT scans offer clues to preventing heart problems after cancer treatment
89 Want a healthy heart? Turn off the TV and eat a good breakfast
90 Higher fitness level can determine longer lifespan after age 70
91 Hypertension-related changes may occur earlier in young women with family history
92 Better regulation of the immune system may minimize preeclampsia symptoms
93 NFL players' enlarged hearts may harm health for decades
94 Heat alerts may come too late in northern states
95 AAP: Social media companies must curb spread of vaccine myths
96 Low-carb diets linked to higher odds for A-fib
97 Camel antibodies provide surprising hope for seasonal allergy sufferers
98 3-D simulation of bone densitometry better predicts the risk of fracture due to osteoporosis
99 The shutdown brought people who rely on SNAP an extra helping of economic hardship
100 AI study of risk factors in type 1 diabetes
101 Researchers discover mechanism by which bacteria attack white blood cells
102 Overcoming cardiovascular disease with a magnetically-steerable guidewire microrobot
103 People track when talkers say 'uh' to predict what comes next
104 Cancer death rate higher for patients with mental health history
105 Women of childbearing age have staggeringly low rates of lipid screening
106 Weight loss can put type 2 diabetes into remission for at least two years
107 Inflammation in the brain enhances the side-effects of hypnotic medication
108 Low-cost 'cancer probe' could spot deadly melanoma early
109 Preliminary estimation of undesired substances in diapers
110 The right way to cook high-antioxidant veggies
111 How to stay close as a couple now that baby is here
112 Electrifying wound care: Better bandages to destroy bacteria
113 Menopause symptoms nearly double the risk of chronic pain