File Title
1 Bioluminescence sensors make new approaches to drug discovery possible
2 Mathematicians develop model of spatial distribution of HIV and other viruses in the body for the first time
3 We talk about artistic inspiration all the time--but scientific inspiration is a thing too
4 Sensory stimuli improves brain damage in mouse models of preterm birth
5 Cleaning up tuberculosis and salmonella infections
6 New hope for treating reduced exercise capacity caused by heart failure
7 Benefits of informal health expertise
8 Clinical trial test new treatment for Parkinson's disease dementia
9 Dementia's gender differences revealed
10 Physical combination multiplies melanoma risk
11 Stress management: Virtual support by "human" avatars works just as well as face-to-face support
12 Children conceived through assisted reproduction face no greater risks of emotional or behavioural problems
13 Smartphones could help detect heart conditions
14 Linking bacterial populations with health
15 Young people at risk of addiction show differences in key brain region
16 Fitness trackers keep cancer survivors on the move
17 Lilly to sell cheaper version of top-selling insulin Humalog
18 Gene study shows couples have similar lifespan
19 Researchers pursue blood test for colorectal cancer
20 Positivity can transform the healthcare workplace
21 Doctors may be prescribing antibotics for longer than needed
22 Easy ways to rev up your metabolism and burn calories
23 Get in shape for tennis and other racquet sports
24 Chicago has one female, African-American organ transplant surgeon. She fights disease and distrust of doctors
25 Why home cooking isn't possible for everyone--and what we can do about it
26 Exercise can improve non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease
27 Addiction counselor creates smartphone app to thwart overdoses
28 Researcher develops advanced lung cancer prediction model
29 Truth telling about tobacco and nicotine
30 Home births are three times more dangerous than hospital deliveries: study
31 Exercising helps seniors stay independent after discharge from hospital
32 Teen who defied parents to get vaccinated heads to US Congress
33 How to train like Captain Marvel, physically and mentally
34 Well-being and the rise of psychotherapy in Uganda
35 Exposure to trauma impacts ability to squash bad memories
36 How do we follow the rhythm of language? The answer depends on our brain's path
37 Researchers systematically track protein interactions in defense against viruses
38 Gut immune cells play by their own rules
39 Chandelier neuron requires 'Velcro-like' molecule to form connections
40 Forecasting mosquitoes' global spread
41 Novel treatments offer new hope for patients with autoimmune disease
42 When it comes to hearing words, it's a division of labor between our brain's two hemispheres
43 Potential treatment strategy uncovered for pancreatic cancer
44 Scientists expose hidden risks of diarrhoeal disease
45 U-M researchers, students take sexual assault prevention program to Ghana
46 Using sleep disorder to predict Parkinson's disease
47 Study aims to reduce sexually transmitted infections in men
48 Experts tackle major cardiovascular issues in treating patients with HIV
49 New study calls for supervision orders to have 'more teeth'
50 Promising new pancreatic cancer treatment moves forward
51 Genomic testing of a single patient reveals a gene commonly mutated in pediatric melanoma
52 Neurodegenerative diseases identified using artificial intelligence
53 Putting the brake on our immune system's response
54 Radiation after surgery triples survival for a type of pediatric brain tumor
55 Survivor antibody clears path for new Ebola vaccine
56 Genetic factors influence human brain expansion
57 Patients who stay in hospital less than three days after TAVR fare better
58 Researchers uncover new facets of HIV's 'arms race' with human defense system
59 Big US chains called out for selling tobacco to kids
60 New material could mean fewer trips to the dentist's office
61 Scientists developing new vaccine strategy for tuberculosis
62 Being overweight may be linked to better survival from stroke
63 Paying patients to use lower-priced health providers can reduce health spending
64 Tech tips: Four top health systems share novel approaches to improve patient engagement
65 How celastrol sensitizes brains to leptin, curbing hunger and obesity
66 More than one-third of patients risk major bleeding by doubling up on blood thinners
67 Are mosaic embryos the 'dark horse' of IVF?
68 Should patients be considered consumers?
69 High deductibles may threaten breast cancer patients' survival
70 Are thrill-seekers with heart conditions courting danger?
71 Daily aspirin might ease COPD flare-ups
72 Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy tied to stroke risk
73 COPD, ILD patients may not benefit from bilateral lung transplant listing
74 Higher intake of whole grains may lower risk for liver cancer
75 Readmission for patients with sepsis common and costly
76 Cocoa may help curb fatigue typically associated with multiple sclerosis
77 Sportiness and bisexuality linked to more lifetime sexual partners for older women
78 'Broken heart' syndrome may originate in the brain
79 Pregnancy protein could treat geriatric diseases
80 Second HIV remission patient rekindles cure hope
81 Cause of vascular disease in kidney failure reversed in animal model
82 TIGER mouse debuts as model for neurological ailments
83 HIV prevention study finds universal 'test and treat' approach can reduce new infections
84 Why the brain can be blamed for children unknowingly being left to die in a hot car
85 No link found between MMR vaccine and autism, even among children with other risk factors for autism
86 Could genetic breakthrough finally help take the sting out of mouth ulcers?
87 AIDS in key dates
88 New studies aim to improve melanoma diagnosis
89 Researchers discover an unexpected organization of antimicrobial molecules that amplifies immune response
90 Ending HIV transmission by 2030
91 What makes people willing to sacrifice their own self-interest for another?
92 A quick path to antimalarial resistance
93 A common genetic signature has been discovered among three cancer prone rare skin diseases
94 Study: To protect a good mood, people play it safe
95 Personalised online environments lead us to judge others more harshly
96 Breast cancer cells rely on pyruvate to expand in new tissues
97 Discovery of the genetic 'conductor' of brain stem cells
98 Researchers find window of opportunity for treatment of early cystic fibrosis lung infections
99 Want to quit a bad habit? Here's one way to compare treatments
100 Shock wave device revamps treatment for painful kidney deposits
101 'Deep learning' software automatically detects diseases
102 Peptide derived from fungi kills TB bacteria
103 Irritable bowel syndrome sufferers have a distinctive signature of gut bacteria
104 Good boy! New Zealand researchers using dogs to sniff out prostate cancer
105 How much sleep do teenagers really need?
106 Researchers develop mini kidneys from urine cells
107 Skoltech scientists unveil a new cardiac monitoring gadget
108 New strategy to tackle 'don't eat me' signal on cancer cells
109 Low-dose aspirin does not cut death from prostate cancer
110 Shortages of essential medicines for pediatric cancer patients threaten outcomes
111 Mindful parenting shapes emotional health of youth, study shows
112 Life after death at a metabolic level--and it's the heart that goes on
113 Life-threatening birth complication rate increasing across US racial, ethnic groups
114 Too few seniors are getting their memory tested