File Title
1 Visualizing the interconnections among climate risks
2 Researchers reveal unexpected genome-wide off-target mutations caused by cytosine base editing
3 WSU researcher discovers oldest tattoo tool in western North America
4 Congenital heart defects vastly increase risk of heart problems later in life
5 Could medical marijuana help grandma and grandpa with their ailments?
7 Natural climate solutions are not enough
8 Machinery used in basic cell division does double duty as builder of neurons
9 Atlas of acute myeloid leukemia cell types may lead to improved, targeted therapies
10 Psychiatry: Case notes indicate impending seclusion
11 Too-tight membrane keeps cells from splitting
12 Higher hospital readmission rates for cardiac patients in Northern vs. Southern Ontario: Importance
13 By blocking protein, researchers keep brain tumors from repairing themselves
14 Is alcohol consumption more helpful than harmful? It depends on your age
15 Researchers identify how metabolites target brain-homing immune cells to treat MS
16 Researchers move closer to practical photonic quantum computing
17 Reduced salinity of seawater wreaks havoc on coral chemistry
18 No wires, more cuddles: Sensors are first to monitor babies in the NICU without wires
19 Study shows economic burden of dengue fever
20 Climate change shrinks many fisheries globally, Rutgers-led study finds
21 Pan-filovirus T-cell vaccine protects mice from Ebola and Marburg
22 Intervention with at-risk infants increases children's compliance at age 3
23 Study of singing mice suggests how mammalian brain achieves conversation
24 Generic immunosuppressants have reduced costs after organ transplantation
25 Clues to Martian life found in Chilean desert
26 Nanotechnology makes it possible for mice to see in infrared
27 Does extra sleep on the weekends repay your sleep debt? No, researchers say
28 Nicotine may harm human embryos at the single-cell level
29 How prostate cancer becomes treatment resistant
30 Study examines how sensitivity to emotions changes across the lifespan
31 Traumatic brain injury and kids: New treatment guidelines issued
32 New chemical probes advance search for new antibiotics
33 Detailed new primate brain atlas could lead to disease insights
34 Researchers discover clues to brain differences between males and females
35 New research opens door to more efficient chemical processes across spectrum of industries
36 Research shows link between rise of European populism and vaccine hesitancy
37 New X-ray measurement approach could improve CT scanners
38 Tree rings tell climate stories that technology can't
39 The sneaky way estrogen drives brain metastasis in non-estrogen-dependent breast cancers
40 Frailty may be a new screening criterion for fitness for an operation
41 High-fat diet and age alter microflora and cause inflammation in heart failure
42 Tracking firefighters in burning buildings
43 Bioluminescence sensors make new approaches to drug discovery possible
44 Machine learning expands to help predict and characterize earthquakes
45 Researchers search for solutions to 'invisible threat' that affects cancer care workers
46 Bacteria in frog skin may help fight fungal infections in humans
47 Embryos' signaling proteins go with the flow
48 More humans always mean fewer African carnivores, right? Nope
49 Cells use sugars to communicate at the molecular level
50 Paleontology: Diversification after mass extinction
51 Towards a blood test for early-stage liver disease
52 Two genes explain variation in color and behavior in the wall lizard
53 A new technique allows researchers to focus the action of drugs via infrared light
54 New research from Arctic: Thawing permafrost peatlands may add to atmospheric CO2 burden
55 BFU scientists learned how to manage the properties of amorphous microwires
56 An abundance of beneficial mutations
57 Supercomputing enables sound prediction model for controlling noise
58 Koala-spotting drones proves a flying success
59 Tool reveals molecular causes of disease, including infant cancer
60 Scientists rejuvenate stem cells in the aging brain of mice
61 Major genetic study confirms that many genes contribute to risk for Tourette's syndrome
62 Scientists produce colorless reservoir of platinum metal-like single atoms in liquid
63 Blood test developed to predict spontaneous preterm birth
64 Cell editors correct genetic errors
65 Considerably reduced toxicant levels in heated tobacco prototype compared to cigarettes
66 How the humble marigold outsmarts a devastating tomato pest
67 Organic electronics: Scientists develop a high-performance unipolar n-type thin-film transistor
68 Balloons the No. 1 marine debris risk of mortality for seabirds
69 Spider silk could be used as robotic muscle
70 Breast milk microbiome contains yeast and fungi: Do these benefit the infant?
71 NYUAD researchers achieve solid state thermochemiluminescence with crystals
72 Gene transcription machinery constrains DNA movements, study suggests
73 Novel sleep index, wakefulness may predict if patients able to breathe on their own
74 What causes that peak? Answering a long-standing question for covalent liquids
75 New device mimics beating heart with tiny pieces of heart tissue
76 A highly sensitive new blood test can detect rare cancer proteins
77 An inner ear protein speaks volumes about how sound is converted to a brain signal
78 High-fat diet causes thickening of arteries down to the cellular level
79 Scientists discover how surfaces may have helped early life on Earth begin
80 New research area: How protein structures change due to normal forces
81 Ducks offer researchers a unique opportunity to study human touch
82 Python hearts reveal mechanisms relevant to human heart health and disease
83 Sex and aggression in mice controlled by cold-sensor in brain
84 Researchers develop techniques to track the activity of a potent cancer gene
85 Home births are three times more dangerous than hospital deliveries
86 Don't ignore heart attack symptoms, especially while traveling
87 Drying without dying: How resurrection plants survive without water
88 Light pulses provide a new route to enhance superconductivity
89 Truth telling about tobacco and nicotine
90 Mayo Clinic study: Sleep apnea may be tied to increased Alzheimer's biomarker in brain
91 Alien species are primary cause of recent global extinctions
92 Sleep apnea may be linked to higher levels of Alzheimer's biomarker in brain
93 Women call ambulance for husbands with heart attacks but not for themselves
94 Heart attack patients taken directly to heart centers have better long-term survival
95 Source of citrus' sour taste is identified
96 SDSU study looks to limit secondhand smoke in homes with children
97 Scientists use machine learning to identify high-performing solar materials
98 Nearly half of Americans have had a family member jailed, imprisoned
99 Do all networks obey the scale-free law? Maybe not
100 Should patients be considered consumers?
101 Bundle payment model analysis of emerging breast cancer screening
102 Forecasting mosquitoes' global spread
103 Are mosaic embryos the 'dark horse' of IVF?
104 Ultracold atoms could provide 2D window to exotic 1D physics
105 Step right up for bigger 2D sheets
106 A faster, more accurate way to monitor drought
107 The force is with us, always? Tuning quantum vacuum forces from attractive to repulsive
108 Study: Landlord disclosure of bedbugs cuts infestations, creates long-term savings
109 TIGER mouse debuts as model for neurological ailments
110 Magnonic devices can replace electronics without much noise