File Title
1 Good news for future tech: Exotic 'topological' materials are surprisingly common
2 Study identifies predictors of psychiatric events during drug-assisted smoking cessation
3 Scientists devise strategies to counteract T cell exhaustion in CAR T cancer therapies
4 Not all sleep is equal when it comes to cleaning the brain
5 Engineers make clear droplets produce iridescent colors
6 Put eggs all in one basket, or spread them around? Birds know best
7 Kaiser Permanente improves emergency care for patients with chest pain
8 Typhoid vaccine may protect against other infections
9 Ancient extinct sloth tooth in Belize tells story of creature's last year
10 Batmobile with cruise control
11 Child anxiety could be factor in school absences, research concludes
12 New species of 'golden death' bacterium digests parasitic worms from the inside out
13 Yeast produce low-cost, high-quality cannabinoids
14 Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol may not improve thinking and memory
15 Fast, flexible ionic transistors for bioelectronic devices
16 Medicating mosquitoes to fight malaria
17 High-tech laser scans uncover hidden military traverse at Alcatraz Island
18 In the game of love, local salmon have a home-ground advantage
19 3,500 years of shellfish farming by indigenous peoples on the Northwest coast
20 A rare assemblage of sharks and rays from nearshore environments of Eocene Madagascar
21 Mother's behavioral corrections tune infant's brain to angry tone
22 'Upcycling' plastic bottles could give them a more useful second life
23 Researchers 'bait' pathological proteins underlying many neurodegenerative disorders
24 Transcendental Meditation reduces compassion fatigue and improves resilience for nurses
25 Risk remains low despite rise in global shark attacks
26 Mother's dengue immunity worsens baby's response to Zika
27 China-led research collaboration develops new way to test gene-editing safety
28 Scientists develop bubble diameter prediction model for industrial use
29 Endangered eel located using DNA from one liter of water
30 A clearer view of past climate from tree rings
31 Immigrant Asian American women may be at higher risk for breast cancer
32 AU researchers develop genetic test to detect antimicrobial resistance
33 Using stardust grains, ASU scientists build new model for nova eruptions
34 Hybrid material may outperform graphene in several applications
35 Brain processes concrete and abstract words differently
36 Tracking food leads to losing pounds
37 New study links electronic cigarettes and wheezing in adults
38 Lipid-filled particle may work with immune system to keep fat healthy
39 Warm seas scatter fish
40 Online reviews after 'tummy tuck'--Cosmetic results aren't the only factor affecting positive ratings
41 Researchers use health data tools to rapidly detect sepsis in newborns
42 More women are training to be plastic surgeons, but racial/ethnic representation still lags behind
43 Research identifies mechanism that helps plants fight bacterial infection
44 Study first to show processes determining fate of new RNA pesticide in soils
45 New lipid shape atlas holds key to early disease detection
46 2015-2016 El Nino triggered disease outbreaks across globe
47 PE, PP and PS: The most abundant type of microplastics in Mediterranean coastal waters
48 Junk food purchases increase after recreational marijuana legalization
49 In singing mice, scientists find clue to our own rapid conversations
50 New study uses big data to analyze the international food trade
51 UMMS scientists develop technology to give night vision to mammals
52 Mobile bedside bioprinter can heal wounds
53 500-million-year old worm 'superhighway' discovered in Canada
54 Large-scale initiative linked to reductions in maternal and newborn deaths in Indonesia
55 UCF researchers develop first sypersymmetric laser array
56 Integrated silicon photonic switch has lowest signal loss in high-speed data transmission
57 New research suggests earlier emergence of malaria in Africa
58 Protein content as a marker for response to therapy in brain cancer
59 Population increases and climate change point to future US water shortages
60 New findings shed light on origin of upright walking in human ancestors
61 Open-source software tracks neural activity in real time
62 2018's biggest volcanic eruption of sulfur dioxide
63 Gonorrhoea: Drug resistance compromises recommended treatment in Europe
64 SwRI-led New Horizons research indicates small Kuiper Belt objects are surprisingly rare
65 Exchanging information securely using quantum communication in future fiber-optic networks
66 New machine learning approach could give a big boost to the efficiency of optical networks
67 Researchers break efficiency record for data transfer in ultra-fast transatlantic cable
68 Ability to control stress reduces negative impact
69 Home insurance buyers lack access to public flood data
70 'Mutation hotspot' allows common fungus to adapt to different host environments
71 Challenges in cardiovascular risk prediction and stratification in women
72 Heart disease in pregnancy: A special look at peripartum cardiomyopathy
73 Recent advances in spina bifida care extend life and improve quality of life
74 Psychosocial stress, the unpredictability schema, and cardiovascular disease in women
75 Obstructive sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease in women
76 Scientists at FAU are researching a new method for developing artificial ovaries
77 Thermodynamic properties of hevein investigated by Lobachevsky University scientists
78 Zips on the nanoscale
79 Asian elephants may lose up to 42 percent of suitable habitats in India and Nepal
80 Ant societies' arms race: Gene activity in defenders depends on invading slavemaking ants
81 Turning them on, turning them off--how to control stem cells
82 Zika: Silent long-term circulation in Thailand
83 Drilling results reveal global climate influence on basin waters in young rifts
84 In-depth insights into glass corrosion
85 A trap for positrons
86 Bungee jumping for science
87 Mindfulness could promote positive body image
88 New sanitation system halves healthcare associated infections and cuts costs by 75 percent
89 Cell atlas of the aging lung
90 'Amazing snapshots' plumb volcanic depths
91 Exiled planet linked to stellar flyby 3 million years ago
92 Living together: How legume roots accommodate two distinct microbial partners
93 Interactive surfaces enter a whole new dimension of flexibility
94 Layering titanium oxide's different mineral forms for better solar cells
95 Hiding black hole found
96 Despite export bans global seahorse trade continues
97 New blueprint for understanding, predicting and optimizing complex nanoparticles
98 Shedding light--literally--on resistance to radiation therapy
99 Sleeping in on the weekend won't repay your sleep debt
100 Amoebae diversified at least 750 million years ago, far earlier than expected
101 India's child nutrition program sees higher utilization, but fewer gains in high-burden states
102 Happy in marriage? Genetics may play a role
103 Blood test could give two month warning of kidney transplant rejection
104 An atlas of an aggressive leukemia
105 Data sharing uncovers five new risk genes for Alzheimer's disease
106 U-M biologists capture super-creepy photos of Amazon spiders making meals of frogs, lizards
107 The Lancet: Conceiving within a year of stillbirth does not increase risks for next pregnancy
108 Inflammation signals induce dormancy in aging brain stem cells
109 Hall effect becomes viscous in graphene
110 How Capsella followed its lonely heart