File Title
1 Electrically-heated silicate glass appears to defy Joule's first law
2 Pioneering trial offers hope for restoring brain cells damaged in Parkinson's
3 Study traces the origins of Chikungunya in Brazil
4 Inherited mutations may play a role in pancreatic cancer development
5 Exposing flaws in metrics for user login systems
6 Steroid treatment for premature babies linked to low birth weight
7 Understanding the rich social lives of animals benefits international conservation efforts
8 How do professional football players perform under immense pressure?
9 Hospital-to-home transition care may not help patients with heart failure
10 'Silent-type' cells play greater role in brain behavior than previously thought
11 The paper mulberry coevolved with soil microbes to humanity's benefit
12 The Lancet Oncology: Worldwide estimates suggest that nearly 1 in 2 children with cancer are left undiagnosed and untreated
13 Maasai farmers only kill lions when they attack livestock
14 FASEB Journal: Study suggests novel biomarker for predicting AFib progression
15 CRISPR reveals the secret life of antimicrobial peptides
16 Nematode odors offer possible advantage in the battle against insect pests
17 New genetic test improves safety of inflammatory bowel disease treatments
18 Climate rewind: Scientists turn carbon dioxide back into coal
19 Stopwatch set for milestone marathon in 2032
20 Infants exposed to corticosteroids in utero are smaller at birth, study finds
21 Lowering lactose and carbs in milk does not help severely malnourished children
22 Safety of overlapping surgeries
23 Brain response to mom's voice differs in kids with autism, Stanford study finds
24 Review suggests a reciprocal relationship between obesity and self-control
25 New gene variation which causes MND discovered in novel biological pathway
26 UK prejudice against immigrants amongst lowest in Europe
27 Code used to reduce quantum error in logic gates for first time
28 New study indicates early-term infants can succeed at breastfeeding
29 Study: Pesticide exposure contributes to faster ALS progression
30 Researchers safeguard hardware from cyberattack
31 Newly identified drug targets could open door for esophageal cancer therapeutics
32 Improving ecosystems with aquatic plants
33 The trials of turfgrass breeders
34 Don't panic: Lessons learned from Hawaii false alarm
35 Chelated calcium benefits poinsettias
36 Facial recognition software to identify Civil War soldiers
37 Aiming for gold: improving reproducibility in hydrology studies
38 Northwest Coast clam gardens nearly 2,000 years older than previously thought--study
39 Light wakes up freshwater bacteria
40 Federal same-sex marriage ruling improved life satisfaction for individuals, study shows
41 Opioid use in the family may influence adolescents' opioid risk after surgery
42 Study reveals the structure of the 2nd human cannabinoid receptor
43 Return of the wolves: How deer escape tactics help save their lives
44 Jumping spider mimics two kinds of ants as it grows
45 Iridescent color from clear droplets
46 Complex medication regimens create challenges for home health care
47 Infant sleep duration associated with mother's level of education and prenatal depression
48 Thirty years of fast food: Greater variety, but more salt, larger portions, and added calories
49 A new method for precision drug delivery: Painting
50 Montana State team discovers 'incredibly' diverse microbial community high in Yellowstone
51 Toxic byproducts of Agent Orange continue to pollute Vietnam environment, study says
52 Researchers determine how nerve fibers enter spinal cord during early development
53 More support for Planet Nine
54 What controls the tips of our chromosomes?
55 Comparing antioxidants levels in tomatoes of different color
56 How fungi influence global plant colonization
57 University of Guelph researchers uncover why environmental cues make drug addiction extra hard to beat
58 Latest anti-retroviral drug regimens provide 'Lazarus Effect' for HIV patients
59 Health insurance is not assurance of healthcare
60 Ice-free Arctic summers could happen on earlier side of predictions
61 Human settlements and rainfall affect giraffe home ranges
62 Sandia spiking tool improves artificially intelligent devices
63 New buzz around insect DNA analysis and biodiversity estimates
64 New research gives insight into warding off insect pests by way of nematode odors
65 Flipping the view: New microscope offers options for drug discovery, safety
66 Plant-based meals improve insulin and incretin secretion in those with type 2 diabetes
67 A water-splitting catalyst unlike any other
68 Capturing carbon from the air
69 Smoking and alcohol: Double trouble for the brain?
70 Muscle gene mutations implicated in human nasal/sinus cancer
71 Using histones as bait: How do cells decide how to repair their DNA?
72 Scientists identify alterations of neuronal connectivity in the cortex in OCD patients
73 Now you see heat, now you don't
74 Detecting cyanide exposure
75 Directed evolution builds nanoparticles
76 Research suggests that medications for kidney transplants increase risk of skin cancer
77 Reprogramming the wonder drug rapamycin allows creation of new small-molecule drugs
78 Immunizing quantum computers against errors
79 A gentle method for unlocking the mysteries of the deep brain
80 Raindrop size distributions vary across seasons and rain types
81 Over 40 percent of GPs intend to quit within five years: New survey
82 Crop residue burning is a major contributor to air pollution in South Asia
83 Lab study: Parkinson's researchers test a new approach against motor disorders
84 New continuity of care tracking method for GPs
85 A real turn on: Evolutionary rotation of fly genitalia tied to mating success
86 Resistance training even as little as once per week benefits older individuals
87 Researchers discover cell mechanism that delays and repairs DNA damage that can lead to cancer
88 Predictive modeling could help fight neighborhood crime
89 Dark matter may be hitting the right note in small galaxies
90 Scientists discover predictors that determine toxic fats in the liver
91 Custom-made proteins may help create antibodies to fight HIV
92 Do soccer players have an increased risk of ALS?
93 How young adults experience pain affects self-injury, Rutgers study finds
94 Achieving Paris climate target could net additional billions in fisheries revenue
95 Researchers develop model to predict suicide risk in at-risk young adults
96 Getting to the core of underwater soil
97 Biologists find the long and short of it when it comes to chromosomes
98 Liquid biopsy as effective as tissue biopsy for non-small cell lung cancer according to MD Anderson study
99 New treatment offers potentially promising results for the possibility of slowing, stopping, or even reversing Parkinson's disease
100 Yale researchers create a 'universal entangler' for new quantum tech
101 New mechanism of bone growth discovered
102 Oldest frog relative found in North America
103 How listening to music 'significantly impairs' creativity
104 Family businesses should prepare for the unexpected if next generation to succeed
105 Early use of antibiotics in elderly patients with UTIs associated with reduced risk of sepsis
106 Infectious diseases could be diagnosed with smartphones in sub-Saharan Africa
107 Many antibiotic courses for common infections not in line with guidelines
108 Delaying or withholding antibiotics for over-65s with urinary infection linked to sepsis
109 Colon cancer growth reduced by exercise
110 First semi-identical twins identified in pregnancy