File Title
1 Hundreds of children and llamas sacrificed in a ritual event in 15th century Peru
2 Dinosaurs were thriving before asteroid strike that wiped them out
3 Scientists put ichthyosaurs in virtual water tanks
4 Research on the wisdom of crowds: Making the bandwagon better
5 Politically polarized teams produce better work, analysis of Wikipedia finds
6 Do all networks obey the scale-free law? Maybe not
7 Ancient mammal remains digested by crocodiles reveal new species
8 Disclosing bed bug infestation to potential tenants can save landlords money
9 Better to include your better half in social posts, study finds
10 How megalodon's teeth evolved into the 'ultimate cutting tools'
11 University of California terminates subscriptions to Elsevier
12 New findings shed light on origin of upright walking in human ancestors
13 Prehistoric humans loved their dogs to death
14 Researchers discover oldest tattoo tool in western North America
15 3,500 years of shellfish farming by indigenous peoples on the Northwest coast
16 Ancient extinct sloth tooth in Belize tells story of creature's last year
17 Paleontologists identify small fossils as that of oldest frog relative found in North America
18 Migrants face a trade-off between status and fertility
19 Neanderthals walked upright just like the humans of today
20 Giant animals lived in Amazonian mega-wetland
21 'Star Wars' characters' costumes reflect shift from power to romance
22 New research casts doubt on cause of Angkor's collapse
23 Bristol undergraduate reconstructs the skulls of two species of ancient reptile
24 A bad rap: New study finds pop lyrics contain just as many references to violence as hip-hop music
25 Dinosaur tracks make fresh impression at Valley Forge park
26 Why the meat industry could win big from the switch to veggie lifestyles
27 Why the 'perfect' office temperature is a myth
28 Full-day kindergarten--the best of what we imagined is happening in classrooms
29 Less-educated men face declining labor prospects
30 How human networks drive inequality, social immobility
31 With insights from Hollywood luminaries, report examines why social impact entertainment works
32 Researchers investigate the variability of gas prices in Santa Barbara County
33 Democrats who won 2018 midterms were more negative than Republicans on Twitter, research finds
34 Financial illiteracy and irrational thinking are causing a dangerous shortfall in retirement savings
35 Luxuriating in aspiration
36 Forced sterilizations of Indigenous women: One more act of genocide
37 Looks matter when it comes to success in STEM, study shows
38 Distracted drivers 29 times more likely to wreck in a highway work zone
39 New research shows quality early childhood education reduces need for later special ed
40 World's oldest tattooist's toolkit found in Tonga contains implements made of human bone
41 Why is customer service so bad? Because it's profitable
42 Scientists find method to boost CRISPR efficiency
43 Most microbes in hummingbird feeders do not pose health hazard
44 Molecular connection between nutrient availability and embryonic growth identified
45 Scientists find worms that recently evolved the ability to regrow a complete head
46 Dust affects tooth wear and chewing efficiency in chimpanzees
47 Project reveals genome of celebrity cat Lil BUB
48 Impact of urbanization on wild bees underestimated
49 Molecular puzzle reveals unknown stages of fetal development
50 The secret behind maximum plant height--water
51 How do insects feel the heat?
52 Study shows that many who experience trauma of war become increasingly religious
53 The secret of a squid's ability to change colors may lie in an unexpected sparkle on its skin
54 Scientists identify gene partnerships that promote spinal cord regeneration
55 Climate change forces Arctic animals to shift feeding habits: study
56 Mighty mites give scrawny beetles the edge over bigger rivals
57 Modern beer yeast emerged from mix of European grape wine, Asian rice wine yeast
58 Global analysis of billions of Wikipedia searches reveals biodiversity secrets
59 Electrical signals kick off flatworm regeneration
60 How new species arise in the sea
61 The expanding universe of methane metabolisms in archaea
62 Harnessing synthetic biology to co-produce high-value terpenoid biomaterials and biofuel in plants
63 Small brains, big picture: Study unveils C. elegans' microscopic mysteries
64 Tricks to reduce DNA base editor's mistakes
65 Biologists experimentally trigger adaptive radiation
66 Luminescent bacteria in squid light organ drive systemic changes in host
67 US plans end to wolf protections, critics say it's premature
68 Translocation of bighorn sheep in Arizona has positive genetic outcomes
69 Mexico says only 22 vaquita porpoises remain (Update)
70 Disrupting wolf movement may be more effective at protecting caribou
71 Getting more mileage from microsatellites
72 The evolution of grain yield
73 Are viruses the best weapon for fighting superbugs?
74 Swifts are born to eat and sleep in the air
75 Biological diversity stabilizes species interactions
76 New technologies could help conservationists keep better track of Serengeti wildebeest herds
77 Mercury exposure found to alter the migration behavior of birds
78 Diet may be an important factor for Influenza A virus exposure in wild African mammals
79 Gabon seizes haul of 'sacred' wood: NGO
80 Adders are facing near extinction in Britain according to study of national adder population trends
81 Owls against owls in a challenge for survival
82 Dingoes should remain a distinct species in Australia
83 Male dolphins swim in family bachelor groups
84 Large and branched root systems can speed up growth of spruces
85 Light from an exotic crystal semiconductor could lead to better solar cells
86 Discovering the next generation of catalysts
87 New reactor-liner alloy material offers strength, resilience
88 Team discovers protein, lipid connection that could aid new influenza therapies
89 Scientists use machine learning to identify high-performing solar materials
90 Protein chains that self-form into helical braids
91 Bacteria-killing glass offers hope in fight against hospital infections
92 When changing one atom makes molecules better
93 Conversion of renewable raw materials on platinum shows unexpected behaviour
94 Scientists develop printable water sensor
95 Conducting research: Exploring charge flow through proteins
96 Gotcha! Scientists fingerprint proteins using their vibrations
97 Right electrolyte doubles novel two-dimensional material's ability to store energy
98 Researchers find potential new source of rare earth elements
99 Plasma protein may hold promise for wound scaffolds
100 Spider silk could be used as robotic muscle
101 What causes that peak? Answering a long-standing question for covalent liquids
102 Technique allows researchers to focus the action of drugs via infrared light
103 Scientists discover how surfaces may have helped early life on Earth begin
104 Ducks offer researchers a unique opportunity to study human touch
105 Scientists produce colorless reservoir of platinum metal-like single atoms in liquid
106 Structural insights into tiny bacterial harpoons
107 Hybrid material may outperform graphene in several applications
108 Researchers achieve solid state thermochemiluminescence with crystals
109 Researchers observe the reaction of silicate glass with aqueous solutions in real time
110 Seawater bacteria provides leads to fight melanoma