File Title
1 Gene identified that increases risk of antibiotic reaction
2 Personalized pain management
3 Brits risk unhealthy lifestyle as half the population walk less than an hour a day
4 Toward a blood test for early-stage liver disease
5 Increased independence and integrity with an intelligent shower
6 Brain study shows coupled ripples in brain areas as part of memory recall
7 Study finds that in mice, lycopene in tomatoes reduced fatty liver disease, inflammation and liver cancer
8 How paid family leave is an investment in public health
9 Should we be screening future parents for genetic disorders?
10 How a new breast cancer biomarker could help patients identify best treatment options
11 New sanitation system halves healthcare associated infections and cuts costs by 75 percent
12 What do normal labia look like? Sometimes doctors are the wrong people to ask
13 High-fat diet causes thickening of arteries down to the cellular level
14 Researchers develop techniques to track the activity of a potent cancer gene
15 An inner ear protein speaks volumes about how sound is converted to a brain signal
16 New device mimics beating heart with tiny pieces of heart tissue
17 Protein content as a marker for response to therapy in brain cancer
18 Python hearts reveal mechanisms relevant to human heart health and disease
19 Sex and aggression in mice controlled by cold-sensor in brain
20 Dry eye disease and diabetes: New study reveals scale of issue and need for screening
21 Avoiding overuse wrist injuries
22 Vaccines work--for superbugs too
23 Want to fight heart disease? Stand up.
24 Technology could improve therapeutic strategies for fibrotic disorders
25 Quinn on Nutrition: Vitamins--what men and women need
26 Mother's dengue immunity worsens baby's response to Zika
27 Immigrant Asian American women may be at higher risk for breast cancer
28 Cancer's complications: Confusing bills, maddening errors and endless phone calls
29 University of Minnesota tests 'smart' pills to give cancer patients a nudge
30 Bad reaction from a new tattoo? Here's what to do
31 Coping with diabetes is a family affair
32 Miners, fearing retaliation, may skip black lung screenings
33 Polypharmacy decreases quality of life for palliative care patients
34 Flu vaccination during pregnancy does not cause miscarriage
35 Robotically assisted devices not approved for cancer surgery
36 Blood test developed to predict spontaneous preterm birth
37 We know lungs are necessary, but did you know they also are beautiful? An anatomy professor explains
38 Drinking in pregnancy could affect children's mental health
39 FDA: Pulmonary embolism risk up with tofacitinib 10 mg for RA
40 Mental health disorders up after head and neck cancer diagnosis
41 Is your hand pain arthritis, carpal tunnel or something else?
42 High-fat diet and age alter gut microbes and immune response, causing inflamed state in heart failure
43 An antiviral gel may prevent genital herpes in women
44 Lifestyle changes can lower your breast cancer risk
45 Breast milk microbiome contains yeast and fungi: Do these benefit the infant?
46 New app designed to 'hook' together users' digital lives
47 Frailty may be a new screening criterion for fitness for an operation
48 Research shows link between rise of European populism and vaccine hesitancy
49 Researchers search for solutions to 'invisible threat' that affects cancer care workers
50 The sneaky way estrogen drives brain metastasis in non-estrogen-dependent breast cancers
51 Major flooding can bring skin infection dangers
52 Is long-distance running good for the heart?
53 Long-term cardiomyopathy risk varies by chemo agent
54 AAD: isotretinoin exposure for acne not linked to depression risk
55 Automated insulin system improves glycemic control
56 Autoimmune disorders may up risk for carpal tunnel syndrome
57 Researchers discover clues to brain differences between males and females
58 Detailed new primate brain atlas could lead to disease insights
59 Liberal Hawaii decides again not to legalize marijuana
60 Don't Panic: How parents can deal with internet hoaxes
61 Don't ignore heart attack symptoms, especially while traveling
62 Study examines how sensitivity to emotions changes across the lifespan
63 Traumatic brain injury and kids: New treatment guidelines issued
64 Canada appeals court upholds landmark tobacco ruling
65 FDA warns Americans not to buy drugs from Canadian company
66 New York City measles outbreak cases reach 121
67 Age, race impact atherosclerotic risk with psoriasis
68 Topological defects could be key to future nano-electronics
69 UCI, UCR scientists eavesdrop on DNA synthesizer to steal genetic blueprint
70 Machines whisper our secrets
71 Study: With Twitter, race of the messenger matters
72 Did volcanoes kill the dinosaurs? New evidence points to 'maybe.'
73 Illinois researchers are first to count growth factors in single cells
74 Antarctic flies protect fragile eggs with 'antifreeze'
75 New dynamic dependency framework may lead to better neural social and tech systems models
76 New 2019 guidelines for patients with atrial fibrillation
77 Captured carbon dioxide converts into oxalic acid to process rare earth elements
78 Study: ACA Medicaid expansion shows impact on colon cancer screenings, survival in Kentucky
79 CCNY's Nir Krakauer in monsoon research breakthrough
80 Disability progression in multiple sclerosis linked to income, education
81 A quantum magnet with a topological twist
82 Are the French lousy at languages? Not if there's noise!
83 Medicaid expansion led to increase in screening for colorectal cancer patients in Kentucky
84 New research identifies causes for defects in 3D printing and paves way for better results
85 US patient advocacy groups received majority of pharma donations in multi-country study
86 Physician well-being improving, but burnout risk remains
87 HIV infections in US could be reduced by up to 67 percent by 2030, study finds
88 Older biologic age linked to elevated breast cancer risk
89 Scientists sharpen their molecular scissors and expand the gene editing toolbox
90 UCF study finds high IQs won't be enough to prevent ecological disasters
92 Extinct weasel relative with confounding skull likely ate meat with a side of veggies
93 Why a blow to the chest can kill or save you
94 UTSA researchers examine patterns of prescription opioid misuse and other substance use
95 A 'joint' problem: Investigating marijuana and tobacco co-use
96 Honeybees' waggle dance no longer useful in some cultivated landscapes
97 Trinity and St. James's Hospital report successful measurement of vitamin D in human hair
98 Studying species interactions using remote camera traps
99 Political corruption scars young voters forever, new research finds
100 Stopping inflammation from becoming chronic
101 The ancient people in the high-latitude Arctic had well-developed trade
102 Scientists unravel genetic basis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in Finns
103 Diving into Earth's interior helps scientists unravel secrets of diamond formation
104 Understanding high efficiency of deep ultraviolet LEDs
105 Fungus from the intestinal mucosa can affect lung health
106 Scientists reveal impacts of anthropogenic nitrogen discharge on nitrogen transport in global rivers
107 More water resources over the Sahel region of Africa in the 21st century under global warming
108 Scientists find routine allomaternal nursing in an Old World monkey
109 Magnetization reversal achieved at room temperature using only an electric field
110 How diabetes causes muscle loss
111 New World Health Organization strategy aims to halve the global impact of snakebite
112 Split and continuous sleep in teens impact cognition and glucose levels differently
113 A tasty Florida butterfly turns sour
114 Potential of strategic partnerships to form a Health Equity Network of the Americas (HENA)
115 A peek at living room decor suggests how decorations vary around the world
116 Surprise rheumatoid arthritis discovery points to new treatment
117 Finding keyholes in metals 3D printing
118 Good dog? Bad dog? Their personalities can change
119 Setting the stage for cassava disease monitoring: A baseline for Vietnam and Cambodia
120 Proximity to land determines how coral reef communities respond to climate change events
121 Researchers engineer a tougher fiber
122 Exploring the global landscape of quantum technology research
123 Revealing the role of the mysterious small proteins
124 Could blockchain ensure integrity of clinical trial data?
125 New MRI sensor can image activity deep within the brain
126 Outfitting T cell receptors to combat a widespread and sometimes deadly virus
127 Correct antibiotic dosing could preserve lung microbial diversity in cystic fibrosis
128 Treatment to a T? Taking a 'BiTE' out of lung cancer
129 Less burnout seen among US physicians, Stanford researcher says
130 Food allergies: A research update
131 Pharmaceutical residues in fresh water pose a growing environmental risk