File Title
1 Better red than dread: Barrier keeps batteries safe
2 Effective self-control strategies involve much more than willpower, research shows
3 Lipoproteins behave 'almost like a tiny Velcro ball'
4 Hop to it: Researchers evaluate rabbits' evolved resistance to myxoma virus
5 Dog burial as common ritual in Neolithic populations of north-eastern Iberian Peninsula
6 Statins could protect against motor neurone disease
7 New study shows more protein and fewer calories help older people lose weight safely
8 Antidepressant could stop deadly sepsis, study suggests
9 Philosophy: What exactly is a black hole?
10 Suspicious spots on the lungs do not behave like metastases of rhabdomyosarcoma
11 Decolonization protocol can prevent dangerous infections among discharged hospital patients
12 Combo T cell and targeted therapy strategy for resistant melanoma with BRAF mutation
13 Brain pathways of aversion identified
14 Moffitt researchers characterize mechanism of action of CAR T cells
15 Animal venoms are sources in the search for new medicines
16 Artificial intelligence to boost Earth system science
17 Molecular Lego blocks
18 The smallest skeletons in the marine world observed in 3D by synchrotron techniques
19 Diet could help runners beat stomach issues
20 Aloe sanguinalis, a new red Aloe from Somaliland
21 Neural processing with trauma and adversity interact to increase core symptom of PTSD
22 Social threat learning influences our decisions
23 'Lack of cleaning' in brain cells is central to Alzheimer's disease
24 Personal and social factors impact return to work after ill-health
25 NRL, AFRL develop direct-write quantum calligraphy in monolayer semiconductors
26 Carbonaceous chondrites provide clues about the delivery of water to Earth
27 Cell study sheds light on damage linked to aging
28 Immunological scarring from coeliac disease
29 To tool or not to tool?
30 The language of conversation impacts on the 'synchronization' of our brains
31 Controlling and visualizing receptor signals in neural cells with light
32 Sea worms and jellyfish treat cancer and kill insects
33 Immersive virtual reality therapy shows lasting effect of treatment for autism phobias
34 Tracking pollen with quantum dots
35 Companies with more financial analysts produce more and better-quality patents
36 In zebrafish eggs, most rapidly growing cell inhibits neighbors through mechanical signals
37 How proteins become embedded in a cell membrane
38 Human cells can change job to fight diabetes
39 Platinum nanoparticles for selective treatment of liver cancer cells
40 Biocolonizer species are putting the conservation of the granite at Machu Picchu at risk
41 What happens to magnetic nanoparticles once in cells?
42 High-speed surveillance in solar cells catches recombination red-handed
43 UBC researchers develop diagnostic tool for detecting cryptosporidium
44 Massive Bolivian earthquake reveals mountains 660 kilometers below our feet
45 Genetic variations in a fourth gene linked to elevated leukemia risk in Hispanic children
46 Making better embryos
47 Study affirms self-reported sleep duration as a useful health measure in children
48 New molecules reverse memory loss linked to depression, aging
49 Gravitational waves will settle cosmic conundrum
50 Spacecraft measurements reveal mechanism of solar wind heating
51 The Lancet: General anesthesia is unlikely to have lasting effects on the developing brains of young children
52 Simple bile acid blood test could tell risk of stillbirth
53 Hip, hip, hooray! Global study finds high success rate for hip and knee replacements
54 Neuroendocrine tumors: Choosing the best treatment
55 C-sections by trained health officers a safe alternative
56 US older women three times as likely to be treated for osteoporosis as men
57 Interval training may shed more pounds than continuous moderate intensity workout
58 Researchers reveal brain connections that disadvantage night owls
59 What's age got to do with it?
60 Merging neutron stars
61 Get fit for a fit gut
62 Gravitational waves will settle cosmic conundrum
63 UTSA study: Stress in crops points to surprising benefits
64 Most triggers for irregular heartbeat can be easily modified
65 Use of clinical apps significantly improves quality of cardiovascular care
66 Providing follow-up care after heart attack helps reduce readmissions, deaths
67 Research forms complex picture of mercury pollution in a period of global change
68 Oldest Americans most focused on reducing food waste
69 'Old' sperm produces healthier offspring
70 Diet drinks may be associated with strokes among post-menopausal women
71 Darwin's rabbit helps to explain the fightback against myxomatosis
72 Electronic tool has potential to improve asthma care, study finds
73 Breaks in the blood-brain barrier can cause brains to get old before their time
74 Satellite images reveal interconnected plumbing system that caused Bali volcano to erupt
75 Novel software offers possible reduction in arrhythmic heart disease
76 Blindfolded training could help doctors save young lives
77 The more the merrier? Children with multiple siblings more susceptible to bullying
78 Finding suggests ways to promote adult heart tissue regeneration
79 Uncovering a 'smoking gun' of biological aging clocks
80 Black-white cancer mortality gap nearly eliminated in some age groups
81 Teens living in US states allowing medical marijuana smoke less cannabis
82 Blockchain can strengthen the credibility of meta-analyses
83 New live-imaging technique reveals cellular repair crew plugging leaky biological barrier
84 On the origin of B1 cells
85 Kidney failure patients face higher risk of cancer death
86 The ways of wisdom in schizophrenia
87 Delays in banning wildlife trade put hundreds of species at risk
88 From vibrations alone, acacia ants can tell nibbles from the wind
89 The FASEB Journal: Magnetic fields enhance bone remodeling
90 EarthScope announces top 10 discoveries list
91 Penis development needs more than just testes and testosterone
92 PET/CT imaging agent shows promise for better diagnosis of acute venous thromboembolism
93 First evidence discovered of a gigantic remnant around an exploding star
94 The prospects of American strawberries
95 Study shows hope for fighting disease known as Ebola of frogs
96 UTMB develops drug to rejuvenate muscle cells
97 Study: No race or gender bias seen in initial NIH grant reviews
98 Brain-computer interface, promise of restoring communication discussed at AAAS presentation
99 Researchers find genetic vulnerability to menthol cigarette use
100 Lithium-air batteries can store energy for cars, houses and industry
101 Biologists identify honeybee 'clean' genes known for improving survival
102 Study suggests Chilean food regulations are changing food perceptions, norms, behaviors
103 Elk avoid beetle-killed forest areas
104 A new study looks at ways to cut roadkill numbers for small and medium-sized mammals
105 Why some brain tumors respond to immunotherapy
106 Hypofractionated RT should be considered new practice standard for men with low risk prostate cancer
107 Brain discovery explains a great mystery of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's
108 Study finds children with autism more likely to face maltreatment
109 3D protein structure reveals a new mechanism for future anti-cancer drugs
110 Solid-state catalysis: Fluctuations clear the way