File Title
1 Children's race, not disability status, may predict more frequent suspension
2 Study reveals how brain tumors escape the effects of antiangiogenic drugs
3 NASA's NICER mission maps 'light echoes' of new black hole
4 Tulane study says seas may be rising faster than thought
5 Sea fireflies
6 Researchers call for big data infrastructure to support future of personalized medicine
7 Researchers develop new approach for vanquishing superbugs
8 75 science societies urge the education department to base Title IX sexual harassment regulations on evidence and science
9 Engineers program marine robots to take calculated risks
10 What causes aging of the upper lip? Loss of volume, not just 'sagging'
11 Novel autism mouse model based on an epigenetic gene developed
12 Cancer causes premature aging
13 A sustainable and recyclable thermoelectric paper
14 Good results with autologous breast reconstruction after failed implant reconstruction
15 Miscanthus with improved winter-hardiness could benefit northern growers
16 Expert-based clinical guidelines focus on behavioral symptoms in Huntington's disease
17 Measuring stress around cells
18 Want healthier eating habits? Start with a workout
19 ARS microscopy research helps unravel the workings of a major honey bee pest
20 Calorie restriction prevents asthma symptoms linked to inflammation in mice
21 First study to find digital ads work, on millennials
22 Researchers find antidepressants significantly raise risk of GI, intracranial bleeding
23 Obesity prevention interventions needed beyond preschool
24 Toppled train offers insight into ground motion, origin of 1906 earthquake
25 Research reveals new molecular player in heart enlargement due to cardiac disease
26 BU program successful in preparing minority students for dental school
27 Extremely high blood pressure in African-Americans is 5 times the national average
28 Two windows into the brain
29 Human milk is a 'life-saving intervention' for infants with congenital heart disease
30 Taking the bite out of snake venom
31 Structural colors, without the shimmer
32 Industrial chemicals pass from mother to fetus throughout pregnancy
33 FSU team breaks new ground in study of malignant pediatric brain tumor
34 A 'greener' way to take the bitterness out of olives
35 Mental health disorders common following mild head injury
36 We need to fine-tune our 'maps' of the visual cortex, study shows
37 A small fish provides insight into the genetic basis of evolution
38 New study shows how vegans, vegetarians and omnivores feel about eating insects
39 Combined SPECT and cardiac MR imaging can help guide ventricular tachycardia ablation
40 Unexpected link between air pollutants from plants and manmade emissions
41 Urban biodiversity: Remarkable diversity of small animals in Basel gardens
42 How does a quantum particle see the world?
43 Scientists use Nobel-prize winning chemistry for clean energy breakthrough
44 Green alternative to PET could be even greener
45 Artificial intelligence ARTIST instantly captures materials' properties
46 RCSI researchers develop new treatment for bone infection using copper-rich glass implant
47 A closed cage-like molecule that can be opened
48 The first spontaneous animal model of human hypophosphatasia uncovered
49 Baboons provide new insights into the evolution of the genome
50 South African-Scottish research team demonstrate fractal light from lasers
51 Graphene quantum dots sensitized C-ZnO nanotaper photoanodes for solar cells application
52 New study sheds light on illegal wildlife trade in Hong Kong
53 Discovered interaction between bacteria and immune cells protects the intestinal barrier
54 Maestro's techniques
55 Genetic causes of tumors in salivary glands
56 Discovery of blood vessel system in bones
57 Waterproof graphene electronic circuits
58 Modern humans replaced Neanderthals in southern Spain 44,000 years ago
59 The lamprey regenerates its spinal cord not just once--but twice
60 Your body image is impacted by those around you
61 Aging and chronic diseases share genetic factors, study reveals
62 Prairie strips transform farmland conservation
63 Professor from IKBFU develops new type of genomic screening in order to produce new medicine
64 New heart valve modeling technique enables customized medical care for patients
65 Puerto Rico's 'fear lab' mentors neuroscience rigor amid diversity
66 Rutgers researchers contribute to visual guide to identify invasive self-cloning tick
67 Engineers build a soft robotics perception system inspired by humans
68 Many women get unnecessary mammograms before breast reduction surgery
69 Ancient Mongolian skull is the earliest modern human yet found in the region
70 Babies who hear two languages at home develop advantages in attention
71 New studies reveal deep history of archaic humans in southern Siberia
72 Vitamin D could lower the risk of developing diabetes
73 How transcription factors explore the genome
74 New strategy expands the benefits of Internet-delivered CBT
75 E-cigarettes more effective than nicotine replacement therapies, finds major trial
76 Eyes are faster than hands
77 University of Konstanz develops first genetic switch for C. elegans
78 Harnessing light for a solar-powered chemical industry
79 Key sea star predator wiped out by disease and abnormally warm waters
80 Intestinal immune cells play key role in metabolic regulation, cardiovascular health
81 HIV hidden in patients' cells can now be accurately measured
82 Are e-cigarettes safer and more effective than other treatments for quitting smoking?
83 A step closer to self-aware machines
84 Kidney transplantation to minority patients with a different blood types is safe
85 Ingestible, expanding pill monitors the stomach for up to a month
86 MIT robot combines vision and touch to learn the game of Jenga
87 International team of physicists continues search for new physics
88 Climate change may increase congenital heart defects
89 Should we stop using electroconvulsive therapy?
90 Medical scribes could help doctors care for more patients
91 Eating breakfast may not be a good strategy for weight loss
92 New 3D imaging technique reveals how pancreatic cancers start
93 Some gut cells slow down metabolism, accelerate cardiovascular disease
94 Exercise may improve thinking skills in people as young as 20
95 Extreme rainfall events are connected across the world
96 Going for an MRI scan with tattoos?
97 Fish fertilize eggs in their male relatives' nests
98 The 'Batman' in hydrogen fuel cells
99 Once-abundant sea stars imperiled by disease along West Coast
100 Stroke survivors' beliefs seem to reduce blood pressure
101 Clot removal beyond normal treatment time, still improved quality of life after stroke
102 Women less likely to receive specialized medical evaluations after stroke
103 'Bugs' in the gut might predict dementia in the brain
104 Treating shingles after it appears doesn't reduce increased stroke risk
105 Draining blood from bleeding stroke may prevent death
106 Clot buster use differs between black and white stroke patients
107 Stroke risk factors increase among breast cancer survivors
108 E-cigarettes linked to higher risk of stroke, heart attack, diseased arteries
109 Flu, flu-like illnesses linked to increased risk of stroke, neck artery tears
110 Stroke risk factors on the rise in Native-Americans
111 Counties with dirtier air have more stroke deaths
112 Infection during delivery linked to greater risk of stroke after delivery
113 Opioid epidemic fueling a rise in infection-related stroke
114 Pregnancy-related stroke more common among black women
115 Genes behind lager yeast's cold- and sugar-loving success revealed
116 Layered cocktails inspire new form of male birth control
117 BIDMC researchers ID, treat faulty brain circuitry underlying symptoms of schizophrenia
118 Big cities feed on their hinterlands to sustain growth
119 Sexing ancient cremated human remains is possible through skeletal measurements
120 Aerobic exercise improves cognition, even in young adults