File Title
1 Expression of stop bands in forward volume spin waves
2 Drug shows promise to treat diet-induced osteoarthritis
3 UBC research examines living well while dying
4 Collective nostalgia makes people prefer domestic products
5 Care following opioid overdoses in West Virginia falls short
6 Antireflection coating makes plastic invisible
7 OU and Smithsonian address challenges of curating ancient biomolecules
8 How black holes power plasma jets
9 Oversized meals have been shown to be a factor in obesity
10 Earth's continental nurseries discovered beneath mountains
11 Giving high school students the tools to question classic literature
12 Research Resource Identifiers improve proper use of cell lines in biomedical studies
13 Large molecules from dietary fiber can change gut environment through physical forces
14 The GRE fails to identify students that will graduate and hurts diversity, new study finds
15 Lower obesity rates linked with public transportation use, study shows
16 Vegan diets are best for gut hormones and satiety, according to new study
17 Smart, self-powered knee implants could reduce number of knee replacement surgeries
18 MaNGA data release includes detailed maps of thousands of nearby galaxies
19 NIH scientists explore tick salivary glands as tool to study virus transmission, infection
20 Researchers at TU Dresden decipher electrical conductivity in doped organic semiconductors
21 Study: Faster weight loss no better than slow weight loss for health benefits
22 Streaming chill vibes? Spotify data says the season is the reason
23 Study finds alcohol, space, and time influence young people's sexual encounters
24 Does the 'buddy system' approach to weight loss work?
25 Emerging evidence of an impending Parkinson's disease pandemic identified
26 Laser-fabricated crystals in glass are ferroelectric
27 Weather at key growth stages predicts Midwest corn yield and grain quality, study says
28 River levels tracked from space
29 Anemones are friends to fish
30 Study identifies biomedical potential of bivalves
31 Huge step forward in decoding genomes of small species
32 Searching for human remains: Study suggests methodology to improve results
33 'Small meets smaller': Dietary nanoparticulates impact gut microbiome
34 Research into outdoor and protective clothing seeks to shake off fluorochemicals
35 Sleep, mood affect how 'in control' older adults feel
36 Investigators study effect of switching insulin medications
37 New findings about anti-malaria drug
38 Newborn babies have inbuilt ability to pick out words, study finds
39 Listeners get an idea of the personality of the speaker through his voice
40 Plastic pollution causes mussels to lose grip
41 Long-necked dinosaurs rotated their forefeet to the side
42 Movable microstructures from the printer
43 Cardiff University researchers shed light on development of gastric cancer
44 Meet the quantum fridge--at 3 atoms in size, it's much smaller than a minibar
45 Researchers wild about zigzags
46 Children looking at screens in darkness before bedtime are at risk of poor sleep
47 Female graduates who wear 'sexy clothes' seen as less capable than counterparts
48 Could artificial intelligence improve patient care in the NHS?
49 Newborn babies have inbuilt ability to pick out words, finds study
50 Administering higher doses of oxytocin does not reduce the use of cesarean sections
51 Earthquake in super slo-mo
52 Cells that destroy the intestine
53 Engineering a cancer-fighting virus
54 Alzheimer's in a dish
55 Many suffering children in Somaliland need surgery, but most of those needs go unmet
56 Heavy drinking may change DNA--Leading to increased craving for alcohol
57 Doctors are prescribing opioids for shorter duration, lower doses in children
58 R-E-S-P-E-C-T? LGBT views on police legitimacy and authority
59 Study: Collaborative video games could increase office productivity
60 New research framework may help better understand, predict infectious disease risks
61 Why do beaked whales return to a Navy sonar range despite frequent disturbance?
62 Why large forest fires may not be a big threat to some endangered animals
63 China not 'walking the walk' on methane emissions
64 New quantum system could help design better spintronics
65 Researchers wing it in mimicking evolution to discover best shape for flight
66 Exploring the connection between hearing loss and cognitive decline
67 Superconductors: Resistance is futile
68 Train harder, for less time
69 Hospital patients are leaving their plates half full and it's putting their lives at risk, study shows
70 Fluid dynamics simulation reveals the underlying physics of liquid jet cleaning
71 'More unites us than divides us' say researchers
72 Scientists identify a new 'watchdog' that controls intestinal bacteria
73 Scientists discover an immune 'clock' that controls infections and cardiovascular disease
74 How to send a finch extinct
75 Study shows dangerous bee virus might be innocent bystander
76 Cattle urine's planet-warming power can be curtailed with land restoration
77 Long-term unemployment linked to increase in neonatal abstinence syndrome
78 Columbia engineers translate brain signals directly into speech
79 Study examines barriers to exercise experienced by dialysis patients
80 Research sheds light on body clock and links to mental health and disease
81 China's regulations unsuccessful in curbing methane emissions
82 Do women with breast cancer have a higher risk of atrial fibrillation?
83 Road proximity may boost songbird nest success in tropics
84 Use of synthetic drug Flakka rare among high school seniors, but most users take numerous drugs
85 Set of genes predicts severity of dengue, Stanford study reports
86 OCTN: A transporter with relevance to human pathophysiology, drug discovery & diagnostics
87 Highly sensitive method to detect potential cancer biomarker
88 Risk aversion rises with violent crime
89 New research: The Aussie plants facing extinction
90 Succeeded in finding intermediates synthesized in oxidation
91 Carbon dioxide emissions from global fisheries larger than previously thought
92 Fasting ramps up human metabolism, study shows
93 South Asians at risk for tuberculosis often are not tested
94 A first: Cornell researchers quantify photocurrent loss in particle interface
95 ANU researchers solve the riddle of our most unique fish
96 UAlberta scientists first to pinpoint a cause of pigmentary glaucoma
97 Vaccination with Streptococcus mitis could protect against virulent sibling, Streptococcus pneumonia
98 Superinsulators to become scientists' quark playgrounds
99 Females find social interactions to be more rewarding than males, study reveals
100 Athletes can rest easy: Extreme exercise does not raise heart disease risk or mortality
101 UCLA-led team uncovers critical new clues about what goes awry in autistic brains
102 Researchers link overexpression of MDMX protein to metastasis of 3X negative breast cancer
103 How a one-hour 'planting party' lifts spirits, builds skills among women in prison
104 Researchers identify high-risk areas for infant deaths in Harris County
105 Difference in brain connectivity may explain autism spectrum disorder
106 To solve pollinator health crisis, state governments are key, MU study finds
107 Analyzing metagenome helps understand the role of bacterial species in Crohn's disease
108 Data show no evidence that teens' social media use predicts depression over time
109 The 210-million-year-old Smok was crushing bones like a hyena
110 Most people overlook artificial intelligence despite flawless advice