File Title
1 To sleep well, let yourself be rocked!
2 Sleep deprivation accelerates Alzheimer's brain damage
3 Worms can process rice straw, scientists discover
4 Anticancer immunity through tumor antigen identification & conversion to DNA vaccines
5 With less sleep, tau release in the brain goes up
6 Twitter fake news engagement during 2016 election was highly concentrated and conservative-leaning
7 Study: Lower-carbon diets aren't just good for the planet, they're also healthier
8 A reptile platypus from the early Triassic
9 Kids prefer friends who talk like they do
10 US children show clear evidence of bias at the intersection of race and gender
11 Free lung cancer screening program builds valuable relationships with patients
12 New drug targets for BRCA-driven cancer uncovered
13 'Training gym' for lab-grown heart cells: Engineering researchers design new platform
14 Slim people have a genetic advantage when it comes to maintaining their weight
15 Large volcanic eruption in Scotland may have contributed to prehistoric global warming
16 An entire botanical garden of genomes
17 Single-atom catalyst based on homogeneous catalysis prototype for CO2 transformation developed
18 Lower-carbon diets aren't just good for the planet, they're also healthier
19 How do children draw themselves? It depends who's looking
20 Materials that open in the heat of the moment
21 Seasonal influenza plays a role in the deaths of many kidney failure patients
22 Sci-fi to reality: Superpowered salamander may hold the key to human regeneration
23 Multicolor holography technology could enable extremely compact 3D displays
24 Protein promotes small artery growth to damaged heart tissue in mice, study finds
25 Frail kidney transplant recipients face higher risk of cognitive impairment
26 Study: Natural disaster affects children's schooling years later
27 Teens' same-gender friendships key to later satisfaction in romantic relationships
28 Study may explain why once-promising cancer drugs failed
29 Zika vaccines should induce responses by CD4+ T cells
30 Lessons learned from the adult neurogenesis debate
31 Rocking improves sleep and memory, studies in mice and people show
32 Biosecurity strategy needed for China's Belt and Road Initiative, researchers say
33 PopPUNK advances speed of bacterial pathogen surveillance
34 DeCODE publishes the first full resolution genetic map of the human genome
35 NIFLA v. Becerra: A case of abortion rights or deceptive speech?
36 The FASEB Journal: Insulin deprivation leads to decreased ATP production in animal study
37 Increasing murder rate is erasing gains in life expectancy among Mexican men
38 Use a microscope as a shovel? UConn researchers dig it
39 Drier mountains pose a double whammy for cold-adapted amphibians, says SFU study
40 Researchers discover record-breaking salamander
41 MD Anderson study shows FGL2 protein may be an effective target for glioblastoma
42 Yale psychologists find that adults take girls' pain less seriously
43 New technology gives unprecedented look inside capillaries
44 'GO dough' makes graphene easy to shape and mold
45 New method yields higher transition temperature in superconducting materials
46 Autism and theory of mind
47 Women gain weight when job demands are high
48 Do microbes control the formation of giant copper deposits?
49 Putting understudied terrorists under a microscope
50 LSTM and Imperial College Researchers design new anti-influenza drugs
51 Asthma Controller Step Down Yardstick--treatment guidance for when asthma improves
52 Harvard researchers report positive trial results with artificial pancreas smartphone app
53 Giving children the skills they need to tackle life's toughest challenges
54 New therapeutic target for graft-vs-host disease could make bone marrow transplant safer
55 A landscape unseen in over 40,000 years
56 An integrative approach to studying lipid biology
57 Tobacco use in adolescence is tied to paranoia, largely due to shared genetic influences
58 New research will improve diagnosis of antenatal anxiety
59 Helmholtz scientists identify the causes of cortisone-induced side effects
60 Microplastic contamination found in common source of groundwater, researchers report
61 Understanding the emergence of leukemia
62 Language used on credit card websites the hardest to understand
63 How sponges undermine coral reefs from within
64 Inequality promotes deforestation in Latin America
65 Listeria in the feed: A dangerous hygiene problem in fattening pigs
66 ESC press release: Loss of muscle and weight associated with disability after stroke
67 Researchers discover key protein in the production of insulin
68 New insight into unique sugar transport in plants
69 An improved method for estimating the probability of extreme events was developed at VTT
70 Scientists successfully obtain synthetic growth factor compatible to the native protein
71 Fighting cancer: Scientists developed a theory of 'collective behavior' of nanoparticles
72 Flounders in the Gulf of Finland: Decline caused by the near disappearance of one species
73 Why some mites are mightier than others: The evolution of lethal fighting in a spider mite
74 Researchers uncover brain pathway linked to impulsive behaviors
75 Penn's 'enhanced recovery' protocol reduces opioid use in spinal surgery patients
76 UMN researchers refine the ability to predict atrial fibrillation-related stroke
77 The hitchhiker's guide to defeating glioblastoma
78 Cancer patients can quit smoking through lengthened medication time, counseling support
79 In myasthenia gravis, surgery to remove thymus gland provides benefits even years later
80 Medications could fill treatment gap for adolescents with obesity
81 UH researchers report new class of polyethylene catalyst
82 A powerful catalyst for electrolysis of water that could help harness renewable energy
83 Fault lines are no barrier to safe storage of CO2 below ground
84 Platinum forms nano-bubbles
85 Static electricity could charge our electronics
86 Genetically modified virus injection into tumor can treat metastatic melanoma
87 Common pain reliever can improve survival in head and neck cancer
88 Cellular stress at the movies
89 Tachycardia in cancer patients may signal increased mortality risk
90 Neanderthal hunting spears could kill at a distance
91 Anti-flu antibodies can inhibit two different viral proteins, NIH study reveals
92 Fish oil does not appear to improve asthma control in teens, young adults
93 Study suggests aspirin may help some patients survive head and neck cancer
94 Interferon regulatory factor 6 mutations implicated in neural tube defects, including spina bifida
95 Muscle memory discovery ends 'use it or lose it' dogma
96 Scientists observe a new form of strange matter
97 Shiftless: Novel host antiviral factor that inhibits programmed -1 ribosomal frameshifting
98 Otago bioethicists call for more robust system of ethical governance in human gene-editing
99 'Bug bombs' are ineffective killing roaches indoors
100 Hens that lay human proteins in eggs offer future therapy hope
101 Putting that free energy around you to good use with minuscule energy harvesters
102 'Superbug gene' found in one of the most remote places on Earth
103 NBA players who shine early stay skilled for longer
104 Parents worried about risks, still think opioids are best for kids' pain relief
105 New therapeutic targets for kidney fibrosis emerge
106 Study: Predicting gentrification in order to prevent it
107 Fiber sensors may leave the jacket on
108 Scientists use microorganism to fabricate functional bacterial cellulose in situ
109 UBC researcher adopts play-by-play method to understand how counsellors can promote health
110 Advanced Photonics, a new SPIE-CLP open-access journal, publishes its first issue