File Title
1 Cigarette smoking associated with increased risk of peripheral artery disease in African-Americans
2 Identifying factors that influence mercury levels in tuna
3 Cortexyme announces publication of foundational data for groundbreaking approach to treating Alzheimer's disease in Science Advances
4 Childhood lead exposure linked to poor adult mental health
5 Short-term hospital readmissions for gun injuries cost $86 million a year
6 Suicide deaths among incarcerated youth
7 Humpback whales' songs at subarctic feeding areas are complex, progressive
8 Scientists of the Samara Polytech have developed a new method for wells designing
9 Advances in 3D and organoid cell culture
10 NUS engineers develop novel strategy for designing tiny semiconductor particles for wide-ranging applications
11 Scientists identify toxic antipredator defense mechanism in locusts
12 Yes please to yogurt and cheese: The new improved Mediterranean diet
13 UCI-led study reveals that when it comes to brain connectivity, cell location matters most
14 Untangling tau: researchers find a 'druggable target' for treating Alzheimer's disease
15 Identifying artificial intelligence 'blind spots'
16 IUPUI researchers re-create retinal microenvironment in a dish with human stem cells
17 West Virginia study details promising method for estimating rural intravenous drug use
18 Self-assembling nanomaterial offers pathway to more efficient, affordable harnessing of solar power
19 Smoking cessation strategies targeting stress reduction may be more successful in women
20 Fast action: Novel device may rapidly control plasma disruptions in a fusion facility
21 Envisioned 'octopus farms' would have far-reaching and detrimental environmental impact
22 Drought in Lesotho heightened HIV risk in girls
23 Greenland's southwest ice sheet particularly sensitive to warming
24 Discovery could advance blood pressure treatments
25 Crocodiles have complex past
26 Cystic fibrosis drug combo found safe and effective for 2- to 5-year-olds
27 Stellar winds, the source material for the universe, are clumpy
28 Researchers create algorithm to predict PEDV outbreaks
29 In life and death, Alzheimer's disease looks different among Hispanic patients
30 Effective method for reducing hospital stay after 'whipple' operation
31 Silicones obtained at low temperatures with the help of air
32 Investigational monoclonal antibody to treat Ebola is safe in adults
33 How to escape a black hole: simulations provide new clues about powerful plasma jets
34 Study reveals alarming numbers of violent injuries among schoolchildren
35 Computer analysis shows that popular music lyrics become angrier and sadder over time
36 HBOT showed improvement in Alzheimer's Disease
37 Kidney-resident macrophages--a role for healing during acute kidney injury?
38 Computer program aids food safety experts with pathogen testing
39 New theory unlocks the secret behind protein-membrane interactions
40 Multiple sclerosis: Perilous ruptures
41 White math teachers treat students differently in predominantly black schools
42 Semiconductors combine forces in photocatalysis
43 Inspiring people to make better lifestyle choices--through isotopes
44 Major northeastern snowstorms expected to continue with climate change
45 Sleep deprivation may affect our genes
46 Scientists tackle breeding challenges of land mine-finding rats
47 Study: Keloids linked to early onset and late stage breast cancer
48 Common policy premise on link between soil and crop yield is valid--to a point
49 Breakthrough reported in fabricating nanochips
50 Brain condition related to long-term spaceflights needs more attention, data
51 LGB and other sexual minorities face significant health disparities
52 New insights into why we crave fatty foods when dieting
53 Scientists explain formation of lunar dust clouds
54 Dopamine modulates reward experiences elicited by music
55 Insufficient evidence' that antidepressants affect fertility or infertility-treatment outcomes
56 Environmental protection in outer space
57 Study of archaeal cells could teach us more about ourselves
58 Your personality could put you at greater risk for developing diabetes
59 Copy number variants contribute to risk of 'schizophrenia-like' bipolar disorder subtype
60 First confirmed cases of rabbit virus found in UK hares
61 Graphene can hear your brain whisper
62 Using artificial intelligence for error correction in single cell analyses
63 Low-cost changes in hospital canteens could 'nudge' customers to healthier diets
64 The first tendril-like soft robot able to climb
65 Research shows what it takes to be a giant shark
66 Innovative technique could pave way for new generation of flexible electronic components
67 Newcomers play cryptic
68 Lubricant for oil tankers
69 Noisy gene atlas to help reveal how plants 'hedge their bets' in race for survival
70 What atoms do when liquids and gases meet
71 New treatment approach for leukemia
72 Genetic risk for ADHD manifest in brain structure in childhood
73 Simulating clouds over the Tibetan Plateau to improve weather forecasts
74 Identical twins light the way for new genetic cause of arthritis
75 Enzyme that breaks down amino acids may promote aging
76 Children shape their learning environment
77 Therapeutic and diagnostic functions of one antibody for pancreatic cancer
78 Keeping chromosomes in check: a new role for heterochromatin
79 3D human epidermal equivalent created using math
80 Information theory holds surprises for machine learning
81 Identifying the origin of macroscopic friction between clay mineral surfaces
82 The builder and the regulator
83 Scientists at Kanazawa University have unravelled a link between inflammation and cancer
84 Important signaling pathway in breast cancer revealed
85 It's a bird-eat-bird world
86 The helix, of DNA fame, may have arisen with startling ease
87 More fish consumption and omega-3 supplementation needed to push the omega-3 index to 8 percent
88 Teaching human cells to clean house to delay aging and fight neurodegeneration
89 'Cascade of Care' framework aims to reduce opioid deaths
90 How bacteria build hyper-efficient photosynthesis machines
91 Why liver transplant waitlists might misclassify high-risk patients
92 Zinc deficiency may play a role in high blood pressure
93 United Nations, World Economic Forum and partners unite to address e-waste
94 People think and behave differently in virtual reality than they do in real life
95 Making the Hubble's deepest images even deeper
96 Study reveals bias in children even before they reach kindergarten
97 Do economic conditions affect pregnancy outcomes?
98 Overprescribing of antidepressant medications may be common in elderly patients
99 Analysis examines migraine's link to higher stroke risk
100 Study uncovers ethnic differences in cognition and age in people diagnosed with dementia
101 Follow-up phone calls by pharmacists help patients after hospital discharge
102 Positive well-being may protect against depression in people with autism
103 Stowaway fungi hitch a ride with birds to be with their plant partners
104 Unlocking graphene's superconducting powers with a twist and a squeeze
105 Scientists discover Ebola virus in West African bat
106 Are tattoos linked with individuals' health and risky behaviors?
107 Positive self belief key to recovery from shoulder pain
108 Scientists drill to record depths in West Antarctica
109 New global task force report questions effectiveness of spinal fusion procedures, provides recommendations
110 New kidney research sheds light on harms of certain drugs