File Title
1 Artificial intelligence can identify microscopic marine organisms
2 Interactive websites may cause antismoking messages to backfire
3 Forecast suggests Earth's warmest period on record
4 Scientists to create new 'chemical noses' to rid the environment of industrial pollutants
5 New welfare tool to help improve the lives of elephants in human care
6 Diffusing the methane bomb: We can still make a difference
7 Touch biographies reveal transgenerational nature of touch
8 Side-effects not fully reported in more than 30 percent of healthcare reviews
9 Competent chimpanzee nutcrackers
10 Massive collision in the planetary system Kepler 107
11 The black storks in Estonia are suffering from loneliness
12 Fewer deaths seen among young adults who got extra adult support as suicidal teens
13 A hidden route for fatty acids can make cancers resistant to therapy
14 Vitamin D helps treat lethal drug-resistant TB
15 Smart lighting control systems can mean a saving of 400 euros a year in the electricity bill
16 Cracks herald the calving of a large iceberg from Petermann Glacier
17 Children with diabetes perform well in school
18 Symmetry, a resource that children spontaneously use to draw the plant world
19 New physical effect demonstrated by University of Bath scientists after 40 year search
20 Shedding light on zebrafish daily rhythms: Clock gene functions revealed
21 New music styles: How the challenger calls the tune
22 Solving a mystery: A new model for understanding how certain nuclei split
23 More physical than chemical: Researchers show what really gets cells going
24 Voluntary control of brainwaves in deep brain of patients with Parkinson's disease
25 New VaxArray publication on influenza neuraminidase quantification
26 'Twilight Zone' could help preserve shallow water reefs
27 Excessive weight gain in early childhood affects teenage heart health
28 Diabetes drug impacts gut microbiome
29 Citizen science projects have a surprising new partner--the computer
30 'Doing science,' rather than 'being scientists,' more encouraging to girls
31 Gypsum as an agricultural product
32 Melting ice sheets may cause 'climate chaos' according to new modelling
33 Researchers find new treatment for Chlamydia
34 Study shows that Vikings enjoyed a warmer Greenland
35 Mega docking library poised to speed drug discovery
36 Six new species of hideously adorable tentacle-nosed catfish discovered in Amazon
37 Nullifying protein YTHDF1 enhances anti-tumor response
38 Morals versus money: How we make social decisions
39 Major tobacco companies pay almost no corporation tax despite massive profits
40 Being kind to yourself has mental and physical benefits, research shows
41 Stock market shows greater reaction to forecasts by analysts with favorable surnames
42 Combination treatment, diabetes drug and immunotherapy, may help to fight breast cancer
43 'Virtual pharmacology' advance tackles universe of unknown drugs
44 Tree loss from bark-beetle infestation impacts elk habitat
45 Workplace sexism's effects on women's mental health and job satisfaction
46 Maternal depression and natural disaster-related stress may affect infants' temperament
47 Are most patients with fibromyalgia misdiagnosed?
48 Controllable electron flow in quantum wires
49 Number of suicide deaths have risen globally to over 800,000 in 2016
50 The BMJ launches campaign for adequate rest breaks for doctors
51 Expert panel strongly recommends against surgery for the most common shoulder pain
52 Study 'strongly supports' extending cervical screening intervals
53 Simpler parts make for a more efficient system
54 Absentmindedness points to earlier warning signs of silent strokes among people at risk
55 Bubbles of brand new stars
56 When a generation loves a previous musical era: Millennials' recognition of 1960s-1990s songs is notable
57 Escort service: The role of immune cells in the formation of metastases
58 Providers' concerns about behavior change don't justify withholding HIV PrEP
59 Gastric bypass surgery causes type 2 diabetes to go into remission in most patients
60 Sand fiddler crabs have home advantage in competition for breeding burrows
61 Fate of the subducted oceanic crust revealed by laboratory experiments
62 Bees have brains for basic math: Study
63 Study reveals patterns of drug intoxication deaths, organ donors across the US
64 Why your kid's strep throat keeps coming back
65 Micromotors deliver oral vaccines
66 Education may not protect against dementia as previously thought
67 Discovery may bolster chemotherapy potency while protecting the heart from side-effects
68 Common opioids less effective for patients on SSRI antidepressants, Stanford study finds
69 Species 'hotspots' created by immigrant influx or evolutionary speed depending on climate
70 Unfamiliar words, not blue text, slows reading of hyperlinks
71 New oviraptorosaur species discovered in Mongolia
72 Effects of teenage motherhood may last multiple generations
73 Humans' meat consumption pushing Earth's biggest fauna toward extinction
74 Ohio State first to identify hearing and deaf infants process information differently
75 HIV drug could treat Alzheimer's, age-associated disorders
76 Female manakins use male mating call when implanted with male hormones
77 A Rover that Will Look for Life on Mars Named for DNA Pioneer Rosalind Franklin
78 No, Drinking 'Beer Before Wine' Won't Prevent a Hangover, Study Finds
79 European Slaughter of Indigenous Americans May Have Cooled the Planet
80 Weird, Bumpy Landscape in African Desert Explained by Ancient Ice Stream
81 Something Is Not Quite Right in the Universe, Ultraprecise New Measurement Reveals
82 The Best Photos of the Sony's 2019 Wildlife Photography Competition
83 This Adorable Cat Was Frozen by the Polar Vortex. But Vets Defrosted Her and Now She's Fine.
84 Mighty Warrior's Medieval Sword Pulled Triumphantly...from Denmark Sewer
85 This One Number Shows Why Measles Spreads like Wildfire
86 Measles Outbreak Spurs Vaccination Surge in Anti-Vaxxer Hotspot
87 Physicists Found a Brand-New Kind of Magnet Hiding in a Uranium Compound
88 Do You Really Need to Buy Aluminum-Free Deodorant?
89 Your Dog Can Get Sick from Marijuana. Here's How to Prevent Pot Poisoning.
90 Why Do Babies Cry on Airplanes?
91 Underwater Archaeologists Find Surprising Artifacts from Major Roman Naval Battle
92 Can the Pill Affect How Women Recognize Emotions in Others?
93 Marijuana Lollipop May Have Triggered Man's Heart Attack
94 Why Archaeologists Used a 'Ray Gun' to Blast this Ancient Shipwreck Pottery
95 Watch a Giant Spider Crab Bust Out of Its Own Shell in Wild Time-Lapse Video
96 We Finally Know When Our Milky Way Will Crash into the Andromeda Galaxy
97 Geologists Figured Out Where the Most Remote Part of the Ocean Came From
98 Reference: What Is the Coral Triangle?
99 Ultima Thule Beyond Pluto Is Flat like a Pancake (and Not a Space Snowman After All)
100 Bat on the Loose at NBA Game May Have Exposed Fans to Rabies
101 52 Polar Bears 'Invade' a Russian Town to Eat Garbage Instead of Starve to Death
102 With the US-Russian Nuclear Treaty in Tatters, Is 'Doomsday' Ticking Closer?
103 This 2.1-Billion-Year-Old Fossil May Be Evidence of Earliest Moving Life-Form
104 A Computer Spotted a Turtle Hiding Out in a Cloud of 'Quantum Fireworks'
105 Skeleton of Teen Girl Found Buried Next to Mysterious Pyramid in Egypt
106 Prehistoric Sailors May Be Responsible for Stonehenge, Other Megaliths
107 Earth's Magnetic Field Booms like a Drum, but No One Can Hear It
108 3 Reasons You Might Hate Valentine's Day
109 Eating 'Ultraprocessed' Foods Linked with Early Death
110 US Navy's 'Aquanauts' Tested the Boundaries of Deep Diving. It Ended in Tragedy.
111 Reference: Seasonal Affective Disorder: SAD Symptoms and Therapy
112 Reference: What's So Special About the Atacama Desert?
113 Huge Meteor Left Crater Hidden Beneath Greenland Ice
114 Gorgeous Fractal Patterns, Normally Found Only in Nature, Re-Created Using Laser Light