File Title
1 Amazon reconsidering move to New York: report
2 Reports: Russian authorities make deal with Google
3 Common sense in robots isn't so common, but this Pictionary-like game could help change that
4 What is the value of a robot life?
5 Emoji are becoming more inclusive, but not necessarily more representative
6 Grab a soda and go: Convenience stores get more convenient
7 In the fight against human trafficking, industrial engineers can help
8 Robbie the Robot becomes soap fan after watching Emmerdale to learn about dementia
9 Core technology for ultra-small 3-D image sensor
10 Perceptions play big role in how residents feel about wind energy
11 Australia streaks ahead to be renewables world champion
12 Canada partners with Lockheed Martin on next-gen warships
13 Addressing cooling needs and energy poverty targets in the Global South
14 Cladding fire risks have been known for years. Lives depend on acting now, with no more delays
15 Why are Australians still using Facebook?
16 Australian parliamentary network hacked; no sign data stolen
17 Tata Motors shares plunge 30% on Jaguar woes
18 Australia using new decryption powers even before planned review
19 New Horizons' evocative farewell glance at Ultima Thule
20 Chang'e 4 Rover comes into view
21 360 Video: Curiosity rover departs Vera Rubin Ridge
22 The composition of ancient meteorites
23 From supergiant to solar-mass star: Study finds HD 179821 less massive than previously thought
24 Richard Branson says he'll fly to space by July
25 Gaia clocks new speeds for Milky Way-Andromeda collision
26 Liberal sprinkling of salt discovered around a young star
27 Hubble reveals dynamic atmospheres of Uranus, Neptune
28 Researchers find evidence for a new fundamental constant of the Sun
29 NASA, SpaceX aim for March test of first new astronaut capsule
30 Bubbles of brand new stars
31 Cleaning up the clutter: How proto-biology arose from the prebiotic clutter
32 Japan's Hayabusa2 probe to land on asteroid on February 22
33 Scientists study organization of life on a planetary scale
34 Beyond Mars, the mini MarCO spacecraft fall silent
35 Highly collimated jet spotted from the Red Square Nebula
36 Giant impacts caused by interplanetary collisions
37 Retreating snow line reveals organic molecules around young star
38 InSight's seismometer now has a cozy shelter on Mars
39 The Milky Way is warped
40 Astronomers study star formation and gas flows in the galaxy NGC 1365
41 The 'stuff' of the universe keeps changing
42 Mars rover Curiosity makes first gravity-measuring traverse on the Red Planet
43 Sodium, not heat, reveals volcanic activity on Jupiter's moon Io
44 Astronomers unlikely victims of Mexico's violence, crime
45 To save the Earth someday, team builds spacecraft to crash into an asteroid and shove it off course
46 Ex-Marine pilot dreams of ferrying folks into space
47 Asteroid from 'rare species' sighted in the cosmic wild
48 Scientists scour the cosmos to find the origins of the periodic table's 118 elements
49 Central Africa's first ever research-class astronomical observatory moves a step closer
50 Decision making in space
51 Video: Flying under Aeolus
52 Video: Planetary scientist talks about her work with NASA studying asteroid Bennu
53 Zwicky Transient Facility nabs several supernovae a night
54 ESA's Mars rover has a name--Rosalind Franklin
55 Image: X-ray eye of Athena
56 Keeping a crew of 500 alive for the journey to another star
57 Team puts forth ideas on the nature of dark matter
58 First look: Chang'e lunar landing site
59 Ariane rocket puts telecoms satellites into orbit for India
60 Tour alien worlds with new multimedia treats
61 New method improves infrared imaging performance
62 Scientists image conducting edges in a promising 2-D material
63 Life on the edge in the quantum world
64 Lightning's electromagnetic fields may have protective properties
65 A laser system built on principles of supersymmetry
66 New phenomenon discovered that fixes a common problem in lasers: Wavelength splitting
67 New measurements of exotic form of magnesium suggest surprising shape-shift
68 Discovering new particles using black holes
69 Scientists simulate a black hole in a water tank
70 A circuit platform made of strongly interacting microwave photons
71 Single molecules show promise to optically detect single electrons
72 Physicists take big step in nanolaser design
73 Scientists discover new type of magnet
74 Decentralized systems are more efficient at reaching a target when its components are not overly capable
75 Controllable electron flow in quantum wires
76 New physical effect demonstrated after 40 year search
77 Solving a mystery: A new model for understanding how certain nuclei split
78 Programmable transparent organic luminescent tags-writing with light
79 Theoretical model may help solve molecular mystery
80 Novel experiment validates widely speculated mechanism behind the formation of stars
81 Visualization of regions of electromagnetic wave-plasma interactions surrounding the Earth
82 Researchers develop new method to reduce quantum noise
83 New progress toward chip-based ghost imaging
84 Physicists create exotic electron liquid
85 Optical coherence tomography (OCT)--longer wavelengths can improve imaging depths
86 Sound and light trapped by disorder
87 Researchers pinpoint promising approach for analyzing atmospheric particles from space
88 A long-sighted laser beam
89 A step closer to conducting top-level research in physics
90 A dishwasher that keeps itself clean: how lasers are changing everyday items
91 New technology helps address big problems for small satellites
92 Electron-gun simulations explain the mechanisms of high-energy cosmic rays
93 Attosecond photoelectron spectroscopy accelerated
94 When cold atoms meet nano: A wired quantum node
95 Breakthrough in photonics--data-transmitting light signal gets power boost from nanosized amplifier
96 Extreme light
97 Explaining a universe composed of matter
98 Physicists uncover the topological origin of surface electromagnetic waves
99 Invisible tags: Physicists write, read and erase using light
100 Glass fibers and light offer new control over atomic fluorescence
101 Researchers determine the performance of multi-dimensional bits
102 Breaching the horizons: Universal spreading laws confirmed
103 Ceramic holds promise for greener optical devices
104 Gummy-like robots that could help prevent disease
105 Nanomachines taught to fight cancer
106 First transport measurements reveal intriguing properties of germanene
107 Scientists develop first fabric to automatically cool or insulate depending on conditions
108 Research details sticky situations at the nanoscale
109 Micromotors deliver oral vaccines
110 Nano-infused ceramic could report on its own health