File Title
1 Insecticide resistance genes affect vector competence for West Nile virus
2 Citizen scientists discover pinhead-sized beetle in Borneo
3 Ancient asteroid impacts played a role in creation of Earth's future continents
4 When the structure of tunneling nanotubes (TNTs) challenges the very concept of cell
5 Effectively collecting tiny droplets for biomedical analysis and beyond
6 Scientists shed light on processes behind age-related decline in brain structures
7 Short anti-rejection therapy protects transplants in diabetic animals
8 New knowledge could help predict and prevent depression
9 Rainfall extremes are connected across continents: Nature study
10 Genetic testing gives answers on developmental disorders during pregnancy
11 What causes rats without a Y chromosome to become male?
12 Children exposed to air pollution at school may be at greater risk of overweight and obesity
13 Treatment for obesity and fatty liver disease may be in reach
14 BDNF-VEGF interplay key to rapid antidepressant actions
15 Computational algorithm to reduce electromagnetic noise in electronic circuits developed
16 Scientists develop new recycling technology
17 Crossbreeding threatens conservation of endangered milky storks: NUS study
18 Blood runs deep: Lab blood vessel model sheds light on angiogenesis
19 Researchers breathe new life into COPD research using mouse models
20 Achieving a balance: Animal welfare and conservation
21 Sleep apnea creates gaps in life memories: Study
22 Estimation of technology level required for low-cost renewable hydrogen production
23 Atari master: New AI smashes Google DeepMind in video game challenge
24 A new approach to peripheral nerve injury?
25 Opposite effect: Protein widely known to fight tumors also boosts cancer growth
26 Cultural practices improve health care for Indigenous women living with violence
27 An unexpected mode of action for an antibody
28 Exercise may fight depression in older adults, study suggests
29 Mars rover Curiosity makes first gravity-measuring traverse on the Red Planet
30 Hybrid electricity system would reduce rates, improve service
31 In prenatal testing, 'genomics' sometimes sees what genetic tests can't
32 Chronic kidney disease: Everyone's concern
33 The Lancet: Statin therapy reduces risk of major cardiovascular events irrespective of age
34 Cooking chemistry minus heat equals new non-toxic adhesive
35 'More work needed' for new IVF technique
36 How new species emerge
37 Solving the mystery of Serengeti's vanishing wild dogs
38 More die after surgery than from HIV, TB, and malaria combined--study
39 Tweaking of hormone-producing cells in the intestine
40 Skin cancer can spread in mice by hijacking the immune system
41 Large, stable pieces of graphene produced with unique edge pattern
42 PolyU's nano-encapsulation technology enhances DHA absorption for early brain development
43 New 3D printer shapes objects with rays of light
44 Maximizing the potential of MXenes
45 Bacteria promote lung tumor development, study suggests
46 Cell lines deserve unique considerations when creating research protections, authors say
47 Male birth control for the malaria parasite
48 Commonly used anti-rejection drug could be repurposed to treat some liver cancers
49 Nearly half of all adult Americans have cardiovascular disease
50 Statin therapy reduces cardiovascular disease risk in older people
51 Endangered sharks being eaten in UK
52 Researchers discover method to 'turn off' mutated melanoma
53 Mindfulness promising option for easing chronic pain
54 Plastic in Britain's seals, dolphins and whales
55 Rigs to reefs
56 Introducing nemuri, a protein that induces sleep and fights infection
57 UN University compares technologies that remove arsenic from groundwater
58 Researchers uncover intracellular longevity pathway
59 Americans concerned about weight, but don't understand link to heart conditions, health
60 European waters drive ocean overturning, key for regulating climate
61 Environmentally stable laser emits exceptionally pure light
62 Learning new vocabulary during deep sleep
63 Cells find their identity using a mathematically optimal strategy
64 China launched world's first rocket-deployed weather instruments from unmanned semi-submersible vehicle
65 To sleep, perchance to heal: Newly discovered gene governs need for slumber when sick
66 Discovery points to innovative new way to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy
67 Fruit and vegetable consumption linked to lower risk of early death for dialysis patients
68 Novel electron microscopy offers nanoscale, damage-free isotope tracking in amino acids
69 Self-growing materials that strengthen in response to force
70 Male mice hard-wired to recognize sex of other mice, Stanford study finds
71 Carbon-capture technology scrubs CO2 from power plants like scuba-diving gear
72 Ancient pandas weren't exclusive bamboo eaters, bone evidence suggests
73 Iguana-sized dinosaur cousin discovered in Antarctica
74 Pinpointing the cells that control the brain's memory flow
75 The FASEB Journal: Molecular mechanisms behind AICAr drug; impact on ALL
76 'X-ray gun' helps researchers pinpoint the origins of pottery found on ancient shipwreck
77 Bone cancer found in 240-million-year-old stem-turtle fossil
78 Earliest known seed-eating perching bird discovered in Fossil Lake, Wyoming
79 New music styles driven by direct challenges to elites
80 Unfamiliar words, not blue text, slows reading of hyperlinks
81 When a generation loves a previous musical era: Millennials' recognition of 1960s-1990s songs is notable
82 New oviraptorosaur species discovered in Mongolia
83 Prehistoric food globalization spanned three millennia
84 Stock market shows greater reaction to forecasts by analysts with favorable surnames
85 A taste for fat may have made us human, says study
86 Slowdown in African fertility rate linked to disruption of girls' education
87 Skull fragments suggest Iron Age Celts in southern France tried to embalm severed heads
88 Dinosaur that defended itself with spiny backbone found in Patagonia
89 First discovered fossil feather did not belong to iconic bird Archaeopteryx
90 The Caucasus: Complex interplay of genes and cultures
91 No race or gender bias seen in initial NIH grant reviews, according to study
92 Tomb savers: Conservationists unveil work on Tutankhamun grave
93 Ancient pandas weren't exclusive bamboo eaters, bone evidence suggests
94 The 210-million-year-old Smok was crushing bones like a hyena
95 Iguana-sized dinosaur cousin discovered in Antarctica
96 Sexing ancient cremated human remains is possible through skeletal measurements
97 Big cities feed on their hinterlands to sustain growth
98 New studies reveal deep history of archaic humans in southern Siberia
99 Ancient Mongolian skull is the earliest modern human yet found in the region
100 Five solutions offered for achieving gender equality in medicine and science
101 New study linking blight and homicide may help predict where murder may occur
102 Economics professor discovers concerning effects for oil and gas boomtowns
103 Does the presence of colleges and hospitals increase home prices?
104 Heartbreak becomes burnout for teachers when work is turbulent
105 Why forgetting at work can be a good thing
106 Gender funding gap grows when research pitches get personal: study
107 Improvement in gender diversity at top US, UK, and Canadian universities fails to match promises
108 Gender gaps in research funding are due to less favorable assessment of women, not their science
109 Fair treatment by supermarkets key to suppliers' performance
110 Seafood mislabelling persistent throughout supply chain, study finds
111 Safe to use hands-free devices in the car? Yes, according to research
112 Can machine learning deliver critical market insight on consumer needs faster and cheaper?
113 Two new studies published about the Seattle minimum wage ordinance
114 The real problem with toxic masculinity is that it assumes there is only one way of being a man
115 Sociologists study the impact religion has on child development
116 Brexit has already cost the average worker more than a week's wages, academic study shows
117 Study reveals the hidden contributions of women to a branch of science