File Title
1 25,000 Years Later, Javelin Is Still Embedded in Mammoth's Rib
2 68,000 Pounds of Frozen Chicken Nuggets Recalled Because They May Contain Wood Pieces
3 A New Satellite Will (Safely) Drop 'Meteors' Over Hiroshima
4 World's Oldest Periodic Table Poster Turns Up in Scottish Storeroom
5 The Polar Vortex Is Collapsing--Here's What that Means for Your Winter Weather
6 Here's Why this Winter Storm Is So Darn Big
7 More Babies Are Being Born with Intestines Outside the Body. Is the Condition Linked to Mom's Opioid Use?
8 How a German City Developed--And then Lost--Generations of Math Geniuses
9 Why Do People Hate Comic Sans So Much?
10 'Ancient' Stone Circle Actually Built in 1990s by Scottish Farmer
11 100-Million-Year-Old Hagfish Complete with Slime Kit Discovered
12 The Greenland Ice Sheet Is Melting at Astonishing Rate
13 Man with 'Alice in Wonderland Syndrome' Watches Computer Icons Leap Off Screen
14 No, Archaeologists Have Not Found the Tomb of Antony and Cleopatra
15 Did 'The Big Bang Theory' Get the Science Right? A Lesson in Supersymmetry and Economy Class
16 Teen Diver Finds Huge Cache of Plastic Pollution--Thousands of Golf Balls Off California Coast
17 These Cold-Prevention Myths Won't Keep Your Kids Healthy this Winter (But Here's What Will)
18 Sorry, Global Warming Won't Save You from Snow Days
19 Chinese Scientist Who Created Gene-Edited Babies Lied and Skirted Regulations, Officials Say
20 Tiny, Previously Undiscovered Capillaries May Exist Inside People's Bones
21 No Planet Nine? Weird Orbits of Distant Objects May Have Different Explanation
22 How Flat-Earthers Explain Total Lunar Eclipses
23 3,000-Year-Old Tomb of King Tut Finally Restored
24 How to Destroy the Earth in 3 Easy Steps
25 Famous Japanese 'Freak Wave' Recreated in Lab
26 Watch Live: Doomsday Clock 2019 Announcement
27 'Mystery Dinner Snake' Found in Belly of Another Snake Finally Identified
28 David Attenborough Warns that Earth Has Entered 'Age of Humans'
29 Andes Grew to Towering Heights in Two Explosive 'Growth Spurts'
30 Here's How 'Flesh-Eating' Bacteria Feast on Your Flesh
31 Earth Swallowed Another Planet and (Maybe) that's Why Life Exists
32 How Did Uranus End Up on Its Side?
33 Scientists Drill Deepest Hole Ever in Antarctica
34 Tiny-Headed, Ancient 'Platypus' with Stegosaurus Back Plates Unearthed
35 Trio of Devil Rays Caught in Rare Courtship Dance in Stunning Underwater Photo
36 Could 'Memory-Erasing' Implants Help Prevent Drug Relapses? It Worked for These Rats.
37 Eve of Destruction: Doomsday Clock Hovers at 2 Minutes to 'Midnight'
38 Why Does this Woman's Eyeball Look like a Sliced Pizza?
39 When You're an Alpha Chimp, Life Isn't a Barrel of Monkeys
40 Stratolaunch, Builder of Gargantuan Airplane, Drops Rocket Plans
41 General Mills Recalls Some Bags of Flour Due to Salmonella Risk
42 Sheep Ain't Baa-aad at Recognizing Faces (But Humans Are Better)
43 A Drunk Man Swallowed a Live, Venomous, Spiny Catfish. Here's What Happened.
44 Apollo Astronauts May Have Found the Oldest-Known Earth Rock on the Moon
45 Oops! British Aristocrat Accidentally Bought Stolen, 7th-Century Sculptures as 'Garden Ornaments'
46 How Alligators Survive in a Frozen Pond: They 'Snorkel'
47 People Keep Injuring Themselves on Electric Scooters, Study Finds
48 Mysterious Great White Shark Death Solved, Fisherman Convicted
49 500-Year-Old Greenland Mummies Had Heart Disease, Scans Show
50 Europe's 'New' Periodic Table Predicts Which Elements Will Disappear in the Next 100 Years
51 Reference: The Sahara: Earth's Largest Hot Desert
52 Could Evolution Ever Bring Back the Dinosaurs?
53 Why this Enormous, Scaly Foot Looks like It's from a Dinosaur
54 What's the World's Largest Dinosaur?
55 Retreating Ice Exposes Arctic Landscape Unseen for 120,000 Years
56 Ancient Carved 'Drums' Give Exact Stonehenge Measurements, Say Archaeologists
57 There Are 'Superbug' Genes in the Arctic. They Definitely Shouldn't Be There.
58 Pet Hedgehogs Are the Latest Source of a Salmonella Outbreak
59 Why Are the Northern and Southern Lights Different?
60 Iran's Capital City Is Being Devoured by Sinkholes
61 This French Soldier Got Slashed in Russia in 1812. Now, We Know What He Looked like.
62 2018 Bright Spot: Sharks Bit Us Less
63 Shackleton's Lost Ship May Lie at the Bottom of Antarctica's Weddell Sea
64 Trevor, the World's Loneliest Duck, Has Died as He Lived--Alone in a Puddle
65 What Causes Alzheimer's? We Don't Really Know Yet
66 Physicists Made a Flying Army of Laser Schrodinger's Cats
67 2,000-Year-Old Winery Discovered in Egypt's Nile Delta
68 Deepest View of the Universe Gets Deeper
69 Space Rock Leaves 'Evil' Splat on Mars' Surface
70 Florida Couple Finds a Grenade. Next Stop: Taco Bell?
71 Denmark Is Building a $12 Million Border Wall for Pigs
72 New MIT Laser Device Whispers Secret Sounds into Your Ear
73 A Woman Returned from Vacation with a Fly Larva Living in Her Forehead
74 Faces Re-Created of Ancient Europeans, Including Neanderthal Woman and Cro-Magnon Man
75 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says Algorithms Can Be Racist. Here's Why She's Right.
76 Reference: What Is the Large Hadron Collider?
77 North Dakota Will Get Colder than the North Pole Tonight--Here's Why
78 The Flu Is Tied to an Increased Risk of Stroke and Ruptured Arteries
79 E-Cigarettes Linked to Heart Attacks, Strokes
80 Being a Night Owl Really Can Hurt Your Mental Health
81 Earth's Magnetic Field Nearly Disappeared 565 Million Years Ago
82 US Military Space Plane Wings Past 500 Days on Latest Mystery Mission
83 Corrosive Black Fungus Sinks Its Tendrils Deep into a Medieval Cathedral
84 This 'Empty Trash Bag' Is Orbiting Earth in a Very Strange Way
85 Buy the Meteorite that Nearly Destroyed Siberia in this Fun Valentine's Day Auction
86 Dark Energy Gets Weirder: Mysterious Force May Vary Over Time
87 Lost Grave of English Explorer, Center of Urban Legend, Discovered in London
88 Sonar Can Literally Scare Whales to Death, Study Finds
89 Burned Bones Could Reveal More than You Think
90 Is this Amelia Earhart's Plane? Debris from Wreck Found Off Papua New Guinea
91 Here's Why the Polar Vortex Always Hits the Midwest
92 The Polar Vortex Might Be Causing 'Frost Quakes' in Chicago
93 How Does a Person Freeze to Death?
94 Most Important Meal? Review Questions Whether Breakfast Is Really Good for Weight Loss
95 Medieval Map Points to World's Richest Man, Maybe Ever
96 Before There Were Dinosaurs, this Triassic 'Lizard King' Ruled Antarctica
97 Birthplace of Earth's Continents Discovered Under These Mountains
98 Adorable Clip of Tiger Cubs Learning to Wrestle Will Melt Your Heart on this 'Arctic' Day
99 Giant Void Hidden Under Antarctica's Ice Threatens Vast Glacier
100 Reference: What Is Coral Bleaching?
101 Cocktail-Inspired, Injectable Male Birth Control Could One Day Dissolve Away with Light
102 Israeli Scientists Say They'll Have Cure for Cancer Within a Year. Here's Why that's Highly Unlikely
103 Hyperfast Shock Waves from a Supernova Heat Atoms to Blazing-Hot Temperatures
104 Will It Really Take Joshua Tree '200 to 300' Years to Recover from the Shutdown?
105 Neanderthals and Denisovans Lived (and Mated) in this Siberian Cave
106 Climate Change May Hurt Babies' Hearts
107 This Is the Purest Beam of Light in the World
108 A Young, Pro Athlete Nearly Died After Swallowing a Toothpick
109 Stunning New Map of the Milky Way Shows 800 Million Stars, Galaxies and Near-Earth Asteroids
110 Black Hole Plasma Jets Shine like Cosmic Lighthouses in These Gorgeous Images