File Title
1 Tree cavities for wild honeybees
2 Antibiotic resistance and cancer: six surprising places scientists are looking for new drugs
3 There's a new squid in town
4 Super rats or sickly rodents? Our war against urban rats could be leading to swift evolutionary changes
5 Illumination drives bats out of caves, no matter the color of the light
6 MASS: An integrative software program for streamlined morphometric analyses of leaves
7 Leopard slugs mate in the most beautifully bizarre way--and nobody knows why
8 Scientists link decline of baltic cod to hypoxia--and climate change
9 Studies show integrated strategies work best for buffelgrass control
10 New technique to determine protein structures may solve biomedical puzzles
11 Uncovering how endangered pangolins, or 'scaly anteaters,' digest food
12 Study to help manage shark populations in Pacific Panama
13 Study sheds light on 'overlooked' bee species
14 Researchers listen in on the chemical conversation of the human microbiome
15 Scales offer insight into chronic stress of fish, research finds
16 Site search: A digital approach to proteins and cancer
17 A machine learning approach to identify functional human phosphosites
18 Deciphering the equations of life: A new theory describes what all animals have in common
19 Single-cell analysis of the earliest cell fate decisions in development
20 Virtual reality and drones help to predict and protect koala habitat
21 Mountain goats' air conditioning is failing, study says
22 Understanding Asteraceae: Validation of a Hyb-Seq probe set for evolutionary studies
23 Azteca ant colonies move the same way leopards' spots form
24 Teams of microbes are at work in our bodies. Researchers have figured out what they're up to.
25 New study identifies barriers to conservation success
26 A way to 'fingerprint' human cells
27 Experiment suggests the best ways to tackle invasive Oregon grape in Belgian coastal dunes
29 California commission lists yellow-legged frog as endangered
30 Researchers on the hunt for the 'pupping ground'
31 Bumblebees exposed to Chernobyl-levels of radiation consume more nectar
32 Examining how primates make vowel sounds pushes timeline for speech evolution back by 27 million years
33 Researchers reprogram T cells to improve cancer immunotherapy
34 How interacting with females increases aggression in male fruit flies
35 As wild pig territory expands into city limits, public health and safety concerns increase
36 The 'right' whale to save
37 Scientists use night vision to save bats
38 Carolina parakeet extinction was driven by human causes, DNA sequencing reveals
39 Scientists devise 'lifespan clock'
40 How humans learnt to dance; from the Chimpanzee Conga
41 Novel study underscores microbial individuality
42 Team finds bovine kobuvirus in US
43 Virus multiplication in 3-D
44 The limits of ocean heavyweights: Prey curb whales' gigantic size
45 Beyond 'shovelomics': Growing cassava in the air helps study the plant's mysterious roots
46 Tiny insects become 'visible' to bats when they swarm
47 Caribou migration linked to climate cycles and insect pests
48 Ancient DNA confirms humans wiped out northern hemisphere's version of the penguin
49 Study: The human lifespan is written into our DNA
50 Success in metabolically engineering marine algae to synthesize valuable antioxidant astaxanthin
51 Chimpanzees may have evolved resistance to HIV precursor
52 How Risso's dolphins strike a balance between holding their breath and finding food
53 A (sorta) good news story about a songbird and climate change
54 Scientists develop a way to increase winter wheat yield by 46-60%
55 'Organic' label doesn't guarantee that holiday ham was a happy pig
56 Margaret Morse Nice thought like a song sparrow and changed how scientists understand animal behavior
57 Botswana animal groups outraged at elephant killing
58 Florida's black bears remain off-limits from hunters, but only for now
59 Protein injections in medicine
60 Moongoose females compete over reproduction
61 Salmon lose diversity in managed rivers, reducing resilience to environmental change
62 Leaving home is beneficial for male squirrels but not for females, study shows
63 Why are giant pandas born so tiny?
64 The wild relatives of major vegetables, needed for climate resilience, are in danger
65 Savannah monitor lizards have a unique airflow pattern that is a hybrid of bird and mammal flow patterns
66 Mitochondria are the 'canary in the coal mine' for cellular stress
67 Thousands of 'penis fish' exposed on California beach
68 Cholera kills over 27,000 pigs in Indonesia
69 This little piggy went to court: German piglets 'sue over castration'
70 Scientists find that unappetizing moths make less effort to escape attacking bats
71 New CRISPR-based system targets amplified antibiotic-resistant genes
72 Accidental invention could lead to easier methods of screening drugs and toxins
73 Researchers isolate antibody that blocks bird flu
74 Conspiracy theories: How belief is rooted in evolution, not ignorance
75 How to save olives from destructive diseases
76 New Australian shrimp species scales waterfalls, changes gender and eats using 'nets'
77 Commentary: It's not too late to save the birds of North America
78 Global mountain gorilla population grows to 1,063
79 Pine trees with larger resin ducts better able to survive mountain pine beetle attack
80 How cells muster and march out
81 Researchers establish how insects take advantage of the carrion left behind by carnivores
82 Southern white rhinos are threatened by incest and habitat fragmentation
83 UK insects struggling to find a home make a bee-line for foreign plants
84 Researchers uncover defective sperm epigenome that leads to male infertility
85 Function of new microRNAs identified in Salmonella and Shigella infections
86 Climate change could make RSV respiratory infection outbreaks less severe, more common
87 Evolutionarily novel genes at work in tumors
88 New 'netherworldly' freshwater fish named for Thai conservation visionary
89 Resident orcas' appetite likely reason for decline of big Chinook salmon
90 Collaboration yields insights into mosquito reproduction
91 New methods promise to speed up development of new plant varieties
92 Underwater pile driving noise causes alarm responses in squid
93 Red-winged blackbird nestlings go silent when predators are near
94 Leafcutter ants accelerate the cutting and transport of leaves during stormy weather
95 Study finds Chinese plant biodiversity at risk due to human activity
96 Koalas rescued from path of raging bushfire
97 Newly discovered retinal structure may enhance vision for some birds
98 Penguin study reveals Southern Ocean's Ice Age history
99 The long tale of a lizard's regrown tail
100 New tool could help researchers design better cancer vaccines
101 Slime Santa beard likes hot peppers
102 Even resilient common species are not immune to environmental crisis
103 Rare animals and plants organize in ghettos to survive
104 Researchers identify molecular machinery critical for cell mobility
105 Donkeys are natural heat lovers and prefer Bethlehem to Britain
106 Moths and perhaps other animals rely on precise timing of neural spikes
107 Aussie icon has the koalafications of both marsupials and primates
108 Plant-eating insects disrupt ecosystems and contribute to climate change
109 Research team uses crossbows and drones to collect bacteria from whales
110 How cells get moving
111 Agricultural parasite avoids evolutionary arms race, shuts down genes of host plants
112 Researchers uncover genetic mystery of infertility in fruit flies
113 Newly discovered protein gives signal for virus infection
114 Large carnivores and zoos--essential for biodiversity conservation marketing
115 First study on human-grade dog food says whole, fresh food is highly digestible
116 Scientists seeking cause of huge freshwater mussel die-off
117 Researchers provide new insights on the photoconversion mechanism of phytochromes