File Title
1 'Financial infidelity': What defines it, who is at risk, and what are the consequences?
2 Boosting the impact of consumer research in the world
3 Information technology can save police lives, according to a new study
4 Researchers develop first mathematical proof for key law of turbulence in fluid mechanics
5 Newly described fossil whale represents intermediate stage between foot-powered and tail-powered swimming
6 Government regimes may be learning new Twitter tactics to quash dissent
7 Groups work better when stakes are gradually increased
8 World's oldest artwork uncovered in Indonesian cave: study
9 Tandem tool helps students work better, participate more equitably in teams
10 Mass extinction of land and sea biodiversity 250 million years ago not simultaneous
11 Experiments in evolution
12 Life in a time of the quantified self: How apps both empower and suppress us
13 When flowers reached Australia
14 Time to explain country in Indigenous Australian terms
15 Best of Last Year: The top articles of 2019
16 Scandinavians' little linguistic hat trick
17 The mathematics of prey detection in spider orb-webs
18 To help protect research, experts agree on a definition of predatory publishing
19 Achieving optimal collaboration when goals conflict
20 Here's what police know about digital evidence
21 Canadian tundra formerly covered in rich forest, ancient plant fossil record shows
22 Unearthing the mystery of the meaning of Easter Island's Moai
23 Study finds educated people more likely to help a stranger
24 Teacher bias devalues math skills of girls and students of color, research finds
25 Knowledge is a process of discovery: How constructivism changed education
26 Children in the ancient Middle East were valued and vulnerable--not unlike children today
27 Research proves effects of company mergers on prices
28 3-D scanning of sandstone fossil reveals oldest known record of amphibian tracks in the UK
29 Rare find: Human teeth used as jewellery in Turkey 8,500 years ago
30 You did what with my donation? When donors feel betrayed by charities
31 Knowledge-sharing: A how-to guide
32 Waiting area entertainment and co-opetition between brick-and-mortar stores boosts profit
33 US finally giving boot to official foot measurement
34 Smaller class sizes not always better for pupils, multinational study shows
35 Darker skin color makes being a migrant much harder
36 Why you should think twice before buying that new TV set
37 New collection of maps and datascapes capturing the spatial consequences of climate change
38 A unique perspective on (pre)historical migration using linguistics
39 Small-scale atlatl artifacts suggest children were taught how to use them
40 Study finds flirting among coworkers can reduce stress
41 Transgender homeless Americans find few protections in the law
42 Opinion: Why and how to debate climate change
43 Cultural variables influence consumer demand for private-label brands
44 How mantis shrimp make sense of the world
45 Gut microbes alter characteristics of norovirus infection
46 Forest farms could create market for ginseng, other herbs
47 Smoker-survivor genes may have long ancestral history of fighting toxins
48 Killer crocodiles: Why are more humans being attacked in East Timor?
49 Using fungi to search for medical drugs
50 California's valley oak is poorly adapted to rising temperatures, study finds
51 Chicken embryo model allows researchers to assess toxicity of environmental pollutants
52 Silencing retroviruses to awaken cell potential
53 Thank fungi for cheese, wine and beer this holiday season
54 Study shows evolution turns genes back on to regain function
55 Biologists discover how algae absorb phosphorus after forced phosphorus starvation
56 Red-listed red panda caught red-handed on camera
57 Discovery of plant immune signaling intermediary could lead to more pest-resistant crops
58 Recrutement of a lateral root developmental pathway into root nodule formation of legumes
59 Hibernating mammals arouse hope for genetic solutions to obesity, metabolic diseases
60 Scientists clarify light harvesting in green algae
61 Finding Nemo's family: A good home is more important than good genes
62 What keeps cells in shape? New research points to two types of motion
63 Scientists dissect and redesign protein-based pattern formation
64 Did human hunting activities alone drive great auks' extinction?
65 Bigeye tuna get 'modest' reprieve as fishing nations cut quotas
66 Conservation of biodiversity is like an insurance policy for the future of mankind
67 Losing Nemo: clownfish 'cannot adapt to climate change'
68 Once hidden cellular structures emerge in fight against viruses
69 Scientists outline 10 simple rules for the computational modelling of behavioural data
70 Life, liberty--and access to microbes?
71 Unique sledge dogs helped the Inuit thrive in the North American Arctic
72 Discovering hidden plant medicines on your doorstep
73 Woody plants with undesirable tendencies
74 Habitat restoration alone not enough to support threatened caribou: study
75 The eagles have landed: Singapore shows off rare Philippine raptors
76 Swiss army knife for genome research
77 Moose: Like having wild livestock in the woods
78 Thailand reverses ban on weed killer linked to cancer
79 Linkage between evolution of pregnancy and cancer spread explained
80 Strategy to help cells get rid of disease-related debris
81 Antimicrobials are now more effective against canine bacteria in Finland thanks to antibiotic regulation
82 Researchers use deep learning method to delve into predicting RNA structures in world first
83 Bottlenose dolphins found to have right-side bias
84 World's oldest comma shrimp was way ahead of the curve
85 Wildlife are exposed to more pollution than previously thought
86 Floating nurseries and robotic fleet deliver coral babies to damaged parts of Great Barrier Reef
87 Japanese anime and zoos boost public interest in conservation of real-life animal characters
88 Researchers show how feathers propel birds through air and history
89 New algorithm rapidly finds anomalies in gene expression data
90 Laboratory-evolved bacteria switch to consuming CO2 for growth
91 Gene discovery in fruit flies could help search for new treatments for mitochondrial disease
92 Why do we freeze when startled? New study in flies points to serotonin
93 Coordinating the removal of RNA-DNA hybrids
94 Photosynthesis: Living laboratories
95 Scientists now know what DNA's chaperone looks like
96 Puffins stay cool thanks to their large beak
97 Neonicotinoids: Despite EU moratorium, bees still at risk
98 New method accelerates development of protein therapeutics
99 Nearly 40% of species are very rare and are vulnerable to climate change
100 Invasive species set to exploit climate change in Antarctica
101 Turtles and tourists share the same beach on a Tunisian island
102 Shrewd savannah species choose friends with benefits on the African plains
103 Animals could help humans monitor oceans
104 Bacteria overcome hurdles to jump between species
105 New vaccine will stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis
106 Researchers demonstrate machine-guided engineering of AAV capsids
107 Rescued tigers get Spanish safe haven
108 Slow and steady hope for near-extinct Bangladesh tortoises
109 Sounds of the past give new hope for coral reef restoration
110 Genetic capabilities cut time for potential Texas wheat lines to make field appearance