File Title
1 UK has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world--here's how to change this
2 How you experience the menopause may have a lot to do with your family
3 Living in walkable cities predicts success of 'American dream'
4 'Super-grafts' that could treat diabetes
5 Plague was around for millennia before epidemics took hold--and the way people lived might be what protected them
6 Orthopedic surgery advances: The screw that dissolves
7 To solve the hidden epidemic of teen hunger, we should listen to teens who experience it
8 Admitting practices of junior doctors may be behind 'weekend effect' in hospitals, study suggests
9 Giving billions of live bacteria to boost the gut health of premature babies
10 Doctors try CRISPR gene editing for cancer, a 1st in the US
11 Dengue cases soar to record high in Pakistan
12 Tweaking prescribing rules won't fix chemical restraint in aged care
13 Time in host country--a risk factor for substance abuse in migrants
14 Even mild hearing loss as a child can have long-term effects on how the brain processes sound
15 Connecting the brain and consciousness
16 Prevalence of e-cigarette use high among U.S. preteens, teens
17 FDA: biotin supplements could affect results of medical tests
18 Bringing up the rear: A workout for your glutes
19 A game-changing test for Prion, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases is on the horizon
20 Genetically modified mice can show which functional foods can heal kidney disease
21 Medical practices burdened by regulatory requirements
22 How to head off holiday weight gain
23 Alzheimer's treatments: What's on the horizon?
24 Preemies who develop chronic lung disease had more stem cells at birth
25 Study finds most surfing injuries involve shoulder or knee, surgery usually not required
26 Neuron circuitry from brain signals
27 Prenatal exposure to pollution linked to brain changes related to behavioral problems
28 A new machine learning approach detects esophageal cancer better than current methods
29 Many insured Americans go out of network, pay more for behavioral health
30 Mailed self-sampling kits helped more women get screened for cervical cancer
31 Typical olfactory bulbs might not be necessary for smell, case study suggests
32 Record number of Legionnaires' cases in 2018 risk lives, cause cleanup headaches
33 Women less likely to receive treatment for myocardial infarction
34 Cardiorespiratory fitness may improve lung cancer outcomes
35 Prolific pianist uses music to heal, inspire
36 Mechanism of beta-cells involved in the development of type-1 diabetes revealed
37 Head and neck cancer patients benefited from Affordable Care Act
38 VA investigates impact of opioids, sedatives on veterans
39 AI blood test can spot signs of brain tumor to speed up diagnosis
40 Few eligible patients receive prescriptions for weight-loss medications
41 Research maps link between air pollution and obesity
42 Study finds association between physical activity, lower risk of fracture
43 Polyamide kitchen utensils: Keep contact with hot food as brief as possible
44 'I knew that was going to happen:' Deja vu and the 'postdictive' bias
45 Tumor-specific therapy targets ovarian cancer
46 Research aims to make technologies for controlling blood sugar more accessible
47 Liver-chip identifies drug toxicities in human, rat, and dog models
48 A mechanism capable of preserving muscle mass
49 Hospital disinfectants struggling to kill C. diff bacteria colonies
50 Mouse study finds early exposure to sounds can address hypersensitivity to noise associated with Fragile X Syndrome
51 Screening truckers for sleep apnea cuts health insurance costs
52 Trouble sleeping? Insomnia symptoms linked to increased risk of stroke, heart attack
53 FOCUS may lower PE diagnosis in ED patients with suspected PE and abnormal vitals
54 Increase in physical activity after breast cancer diagnosis may lower risk of death
55 Adverse reactions increase in children with use of common reflux aids: study
56 E-cigs may damage the heart, study says
57 Self-cannibalizing mitochondria may set the stage for ALS development
58 Black, Hispanic women report more pain postpartum but receive less opioid medication
59 Virus characteristics predict HIV treatment efficacy with antibody treatment
60 Autistic adults thought they were 'bad people'
61 Cervical cancer screening numbers drop off in women 45-65
62 Study: Rapamycin prevents age-related brain vascular deterioration
63 How sweet it isn't: Diminished taste function affects cancer patients' food intake
64 When a spinal cord stimulator fails, the device, the body, or the mind may be to blame
65 New pathway for lung cancer treatment
66 How hypothetical designs can help us think through our conversations about euthanasia
67 Queensland Health's history of software mishaps is proof of how hard e-health can be
68 Economist finds evidence that temperature impacts mental well-being and suicide rates
69 Do I have the flu or not?
70 UBC expert immobilizes tiny structures linked to metastatic breast cancer
71 Researchers get the best out of the daily dose of fish oil
72 Improved support after self-harm needed to reduce suicide risk
73 How healthy is your meal kit meal?
74 What your friends' brains look like when they think of you
75 From the 'valley of death' to supply and demand sustainability--the unfinished agenda for immunisation
76 New genetic analysis improves diagnosis of intellectual disability
77 Machine learning shows no difference in angina symptoms between men and women
78 What and how much we eat might change our internal clocks and hormone responses
79 Studying the human brain in mice
80 Opioid-dependent mothers with reduced oxytocin levels give fewer gentle touches to babies
81 Debunking 13 common cancer myths
82 New CT scores offer increasingly accurate prognosis for patients with penetrating brain injury
83 Most comprehensive study of genetic, sudden-death heart condition posts first results
84 Medical Minute: Eustachian tube dilation offers safer relief from dysfunction
85 A microneedle-based patch designed to provide birth control for up to a month
86 Initial reports suggest new dengue vaccine safer than prior vaccines
87 Bloodlines may matter more than love when it comes to health
88 Flu shot can provide effective immunity for people living with HIV
89 Sugar-coating proteins can help understand brain disease
90 ASN: most nephrology fellows would recommend specialty
91 When your teen wants a tattoo
92 Sleep and sleepiness 'a huge problem' for people with spinal cord injury
93 Placenta imaging method may aid diagnosis of pregnancy complications
94 Researchers explore neuromarkers for poor social outcomes after traumatic brain injury
95 Why hand-washing beats hand sanitizers
96 Infectious diseases: Why moms-to-be need vaccines during pregnancy
97 For young people with psychosis, early intervention is crucial
98 Scientists discover first new HIV strain since 2000
99 Eight tips for promoting men's health
100 Protein decoy stymies lung cancer growth in mice, study finds
101 Enjoyment of pop music classics linked to combination of uncertainty and surprise
102 Human heart cells are altered by spaceflight, but return to (mostly) normal on Earth
103 Researchers find potential new target for treatment of inflammatory disease
104 Study helps explain why exercise guards against heart disease
105 Heart attack modeled with human stem cells
106 Researchers discover coffee drinkers could halve their risk of liver cancer
107 Biodiverse soil dust linked to reduced anxiety
108 Ibuprofen does not increase postpartum blood pressure
109 Researchers challenge myth of the relationship between mental illness and incarceration
110 Predicting the response of HIV-infected individuals to checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy