File Title
1 How gene-edited white blood cells are helping fight cancer
2 A key to the opioid crisis may be knowing why some brains are more easily addicted
3 Be aware of potential for complications following tongue-tie surgery in babies
4 Improving the odds for patients with heart pumps
5 E-cigarettes take toll on heart health
6 Study explores why patients skip appointments for suspected cancer
7 Loneliness is a social cancer, every bit as alarming as cancer itself
8 Systematic literature review: The spread of health-related misinformation on social media
9 Research identifies 16 new gene regions linked to diabetic kidney disease
10 How people with type 2 diabetes can get the benefits of exercise while reducing the risks
11 Study reveals concussion-related injuries still present one year later
12 Study finds problems with gestational diabetes test in rural areas
13 Greece aims to cut smoking by a third by 2025: PM
14 Solve the antibiotics crisis with a public buy-out, says team of British scientists
15 Virtual 'moonwalk' for science reveals distortions in spatial memory
16 Scientists develop a new method to detect light in the brain
17 Retinal screening in diabetes: Diagnosis by robot
18 Wearable tech could help older people manage diabetes
19 'Don't give up:' parents' intuition spots a rare illness before doctors do
20 Brain scans reveal how the human brain compensates when one hemisphere is removed
21 Malaria discovery could lead to better HIV and lupus treatments
22 Predicting Alzheimer's disease-like memory loss before it strikes
23 Cell death or cancer growth: A question of cohesion
24 Umbilical cord milking may be linked to higher risk of brain bleeding in preterm infants
25 Evidence in mice that childhood asthma is influenced by the neurotransmitter dopamine
26 Complex organ models grown in the lab
27 Can the new anti-aging supplement nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide turn back the clock?
28 Cellular calpain proteases can cleave the enteroviral polyprotein
29 New analytical screening tools for the detection of cardiovascular disease
30 Yoga and physical therapy as treatment for chronic lower back pain also improves sleep
31 Milestone reached in new leukemia drug
32 A new pathway to 'reprogram' killer cells
33 Robotic transplants safe for kidney disease patients with obesity
34 New pulsed electric field technology could lead to less invasive tumor molecular profiling
35 Twenty five years of learning to combat cervical cancer
36 Anal cancer rates and mortality have risen dramatically among Americans: study
37 People with type 1 diabetes struggle with blood sugar control despite CGMs
38 Care in a multidisciplinary prostate cancer clinic increases discussion about treatment options, adherence to guidelines
39 Light-to-moderate exercise may bring benefits for sickle cell disease
40 HbA1c variability linked to cardiovascular disease risk
41 Erectile dysfunction may up the odds for irregular heartbeat
42 The startlingly high cost of the 'free' flu shot
43 Research shows boredom is on the rise for adolescents, especially girls
44 Studies continue to highlight benefits of bariatric surgery in teens
45 Patients treated outside NCI centers less likely to receive high-cost lung cancer drugs
46 AMA, AHA support refresher training for measuring blood pressure
47 AAP: Emergency contraception should be given to sexually active teens
48 Distribution of self-test kits can up HIV awareness
49 CDC: Almost 20 percent of U.S. adults currently use tobacco products
50 Ammonia levels do not aid management of hepatic encephalopathy in cirrhotic patients
51 VA, DoD update guideline for rehabilitation after stroke
52 Bacteria in your spit might play a role in heart disease
53 Daily cannabis use lowers odds of using illicit opioids among people who have chronic pain
54 Optic nerve ultrasound may ID increased intracranial pressure
55 New type of drug might ease migraines
56 New York sues e-cigarette firm Juul for targeting youngsters
57 Depression puts South African girls at higher risk of contracting HIV
58 Mapping the pathway to gut health in HIV and SIV infections
59 Technique identifies T cells primed for certain allergies or infections
60 Chronic opioid therapy can disrupt sleep, increase risk of sleep disorders
61 E-meditation: A new tool for an ancient technique
62 Deep brain stimulation safer for patients with new MRI compatible electrode
63 Study: Sepsis survivors require follow-up support
64 BU and BMC find pediatric behavioral health care integration shows promise
65 Families of youth with autism face big barriers to care, gaps in services
66 When do alcohol-dependent mothers parent harshly?
67 Omega-3 fish oil as effective for attention as ADHD drugs for some children
68 Menopause isn't the only reason for low libido in older women
69 Lack of economic support hinders cognitive abilities of children of single mothers: UK study
70 Young children can learn math skills from intelligent virtual characters: study
71 Skipping breakfast linked to lower GCSE grades
72 Study finds associations between rheumatoid arthritis, other diseases before and after diagnosis
73 Breast cancer recurrence score has different implications for men
74 Philippine police say will arrest anyone flouting vaping ban
75 Oxy sales in China driven by misleading addiction claims
76 Researchers uncover new molecular drivers of Parkinson's disease
77 Digital sepsis monitoring system helps save lives and improves care
78 Chewing sugar-free gum could help reduce tooth decay, a new review finds
79 The ever-changing brain: Shining a light on synaptic plasticity
80 A novel, non-invasive MRI-based functional liver imaging score (FLIS) for investigating chronic liver disease
81 Physical activity target needs updating for mental health
82 Successful study of Swedish vaccine candidate against diarrhea
83 If weight loss is your only goal for exercise, it's time to rethink your priorities
84 In science, it's better to be curious than correct
85 Scientists discover new drugs with potential to treat stubborn cancers
86 Children in childcare are not getting enough moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity
87 Teams publish in vivo Alzheimer's disease treatment data
88 Condoms recalled in Uganda over quality concerns: charity
89 Immune 'checkpoint switch-off' enables destruction of cancer cells
90 New cancer treatment not as toxic as others
91 Beauty in the biased eye of the beholder
92 Abortion does not increase a woman's risk of attempting suicide
93 Doctors find a cure for rare uncontrollable laughter condition
94 Steep rise in young people reporting anxiety in Ireland, report finds
95 DDT linked to higher risk of diabetes among Asian Indian immigrants to US
96 Whole-genome sequencing analysis to find more exact biomarkers
97 Cancer patients say ask before using medical records for research
98 Researchers recommend increased medical sideline coverage for high school football games
99 Depression and anxiety rates 'alarmingly high' among LGBTQ Southerners, survey says
100 Early results of CRISPR gene-editing treatment shows promise in first human trials
101 Support grows nationwide for medical device to improve communication in Parkinson's disease
102 Startup seeks to hold doctors, hospitals accountable on patient record requests
103 Ensembling improves machine learning model performance
104 Living in ethnic enclaves may improve pregnancy outcomes for Asian/Pacific islanders
105 Children's Hospital Colorado breakthrough therapy approved for people with cystic fibrosis
106 New position paper offers practical guidance for osteoporosis management
107 Photoinitiators detected in human breast milk
108 Asking if behavior can be changed on climate crisis
109 Pregnant women with eating disorders and their children run higher risk of complications
110 Some family doctors ditch insurance for simpler approach
111 Angola hit by polio outbreak after years without cases
112 Walking changes vision
113 Researchers find long-term benefits of nurse home visits for new mothers and infants
114 Suicides reduced by 17 percent in new collaborative prevention programme
115 College students may get health benefits from less than one extra hour of sleep
116 Infection likely cause of one in eight stillbirths
117 Study examines Appalachian Kentucky's breast cancer care disparities