File Title
1 NIH-funded study suggests acetaminophen in pregnancy linked to higher risk of ADHD, autism
2 Detection dogs and DNA on the trail of endangered lizards
3 Machine learning leads to novel way to track tremor severity in Parkinson's patients
4 Prenatal air pollution exposure linked to infants' decreased heart rate response to stress
5 Does crime increase when the moon is full?
6 Parasite manipulates algal metabolism for its own benefit
7 Name that tune: Brain takes just 100 to 300 milliseconds to recognize familiar music
8 Coordinated brain activation supports spatial learning and decision-making
9 Blood test can predict prognosis in deadly brain cancer
10 Cleveland Clinic's first purely laparoscopic living donor surgery for liver transplant
11 Bariatric surgery may not lead to lower health care costs
12 Unexpected outcomes: Damages to Puerto Rican coffee farms from Hurricane Maria varied
13 Aircraft pilots usually cannot spot an encroaching drone, study shows
14 AI reveals nature of RNA-protein interactions
15 Immune 'control switch' could prevent brain injury in premature babies
16 Tiny swimming donuts deliver the goods
17 New technique may reveal the health of human hair follicles
18 Of all professions, construction workers most likely to use opioids and cocaine
19 In and out with 10-minute electrical vehicle recharge
20 Preserved pollen tells the history of floodplains
21 Lithium ion battery design can charge an electric vehicle in 10 minutes
22 Harmful emissions from traffic, trucks, SUVs: New national air pollution report
23 New research suggests proton radiation can benefit pts with challenging liver tumors
24 NIH-funded study suggests acetaminophen in pregnancy linked to higher risk of ADHD, autism
25 Overweight, obese patients rate tummy tuck results highly
26 Prediagnosis exercise may reduce CV risk in breast cancer
27 E-cigarette flavors decrease perception of harm among youth
28 Researchers identify genetic variations linked to oxygen drops during sleep
29 Fresh truck helps Boston's neighborhoods connect to healthy meals
30 Mineral oils found in baby formula in France, Germany, Netherlands: NGO
31 Blood transfusion practices should be revisited
32 New survey shows link between comprehensive antibiotic stewardship programs and infection preventionist certification
33 Home remedies: Weathering those wrinkles
34 Baby formula improved by ingredient often removed during homogenization
35 Scientists identify new signposts in blood and urine to reflect what we eat and drink
36 For better research results, let mice be mice
37 Flu antibody protects against numerous and wide-ranging strains
38 Widely used health care prediction algorithm found to be biased against blacks
39 Researchers learn how Ebola virus disables the body's immune defenses
40 Vision scientists disprove 60-year-old perception theory
41 Scientists uncover the process behind protein mutations that impact gut health
42 Obesity exacerbates many causes of death, but risks are different for men and women
43 Researchers identify possible approach to block medulloblastoma growth
44 Novel approach identifies factors linked to poor treatment outcomes in acute lymphoblastic leukemia
45 Gap in care found for patients with chronic kidney disease: study
46 Schizophrenia risk gene linked to cognitive deficits in mice
47 Controlling the immune system's brakes to treat cancer, autoimmune disorders
48 Kidney replacement therapy rates have remained higher in men vs. women for decades
49 New research shows lower rates of cancer screening in women with diabetes
50 Most prescribed blood pressure drugs may be less effective than others
51 Years of education may impact drinking behavior and risk of alcohol dependence
52 Children's race may play role in treatment for acute gastroenteritis in emergency departments
53 Injuries related to lawn mowers affect young children in rural areas most severely
54 Skiing, snowboarding injuries more serious--skull and face fractures--in younger children
55 Study shows trampoline injuries have increased over the past decade
56 Informal sharing of breast milk gains popularity among women, despite safety risks
57 Study highlights power of family resilience to protect children from bullying
58 Heightened risk of adverse financial changes before Alzheimer's diagnosis
59 Bariatric surgery is a safe option for young adolescents with morbid obesity
60 Antihistamine use for anaphylaxis symptoms linked with delay seeking emergency treatment
61 Study finds youth suicide rates rise with community poverty levels
62 'Swimmer's shoulder,' common in more than three-quarters of swimmers
63 Only half of US children get enough sleep during the week
64 Study identifies challenges to neonatal resuscitation outside of hospitals
65 At what age is it considered child neglect to leave a child home alone?
66 Research tests speed of drones in responding to medical emergency scenarios
67 Study finds risk factors tied to drowning-related hospitalizations and death
68 Lupus study illustrates the importance of diversity in genetic research
69 Neurotoxicologists highlight 'significant global health issue' for undernourished people around the world
70 Cancer treatment: A researcher makes breakthrough immunotherapy discovery
71 Starvation halts brain development, but hungry cells jump-start growth when food becomes available
72 Advance in search for new Clostridioides difficile vaccine
73 Athletes suspend morality to pursue sporting success: study
74 Deep inside the brain: Mapping the dense neural networks in the cerebral cortex
75 Researchers uncover novel amyloidosis
76 Fighting the herpes virus
77 How our brains remember things depends upon how we learn them
78 With expedited partner therapy, researchers forecast lower rates of sexually transmitted infections
79 Researchers develop method for separating tissue types in tumor samples
80 Life expectancy mapped for people with mental disorders
81 What is rheumatoid arthritis, the condition tennis champion Caroline Wozniacki lives with?
82 Here's why memories come flooding back when you visit places from your past
83 Researchers uncover dangers of celebrating 'victory' over cancer
84 CDC: Cases of vaping-linked lung illness now top 1,600
85 To die well, we must talk about death before the end of life
86 Scientists find molecular key to body making healthy T cells
87 Memory training builds upon strategy use
88 FDA: NJ company must stop selling unapproved flavored vaping products
89 Penn gets $9.7 million grant to study concussion-related brain damage
90 Get a flu shot, doctors say, warning that this could be a severe season
91 The first test to detect dysphagia in patients with cognitive problems
92 A tiny sensor that may play a significant role in the future treatment of illnesses
93 French MPs okay budget for medical marijuana experiments
94 A million-dollar marketing juggernaut pushes 3D mammograms
95 How to amp up the quality of your sex life
96 Lab-grown mini brains: They could one day outsmart us
97 One region is being hit hardest by US opioid crisis
98 Antibiotics not necessary for most toothaches, according to new ADA guideline
99 'Charta of Neurourbanism' dedicated to mental health in cities
100 Tuberculous infection is not life-long in most people
101 Study finds functional medicine model is associated with improvements in health-related QOL
102 Algorithm identifies cancer patients in need of advance care planning conversations
103 Pediatric cancer study shows usefulness of gene expression analysis
104 Brown and white body fat speak different languages
105 Use of emergency CPR device rising despite lack of evidence
106 Postcode lottery for NHS orthotics patients
107 What 26,000 books reveal when it comes to learning language
108 Healthy Men: Why are we ignoring the epidemic of white male suicides?
109 New drug overdose data capture earliest days of fentanyl's deadly westward expansion
110 High fiber, yogurt diet associated with lower lung cancer risk
111 One-third of CVD in blacks attributable to hypertension
112 CDC: Drugs involved in overdose deaths varied regionally in 2017