File Title
1 Gabapentinoids appear increasingly to be prescribed, off-label, for cancer pain
2 New clues as to why mutations in the MYH9 gene cause broad spectrum of disorders in humans
3 Risk assessment tools lead to fewer incarcerations without jeopardizing public safety
4 Climate engineering: International meeting reveals tensions
5 Enabling autonomous vehicles to see around corners
6 Unearthing history
7 Compact depth sensor inspired by spiders
8 Extinction of cold-water corals on the Namibian shelf due to low oxygen contents
9 Teen marijuana use may have next-generation effects
10 Theory explains biological reasons that force fish to move poleward
11 Let there be...a new light
12 Salt helps proteins move on down the road
13 New study points to another possible correlation between sleep and overall good health
14 Teaching cars to drive with foresight
15 High rates of dementia, Alzheimer's observed among older people with Down syndrome
16 How to move against the current? One answer is 'tilt'-illating
17 Lack of free time is not a barrier to Americans getting more exercise
18 Public blame accidents on drivers more than their automated cars when both make mistakes
19 Financial incentives plus information decrease patient preference for diagnostic testing
20 Soft double gyroids are unique, but imperfect, crystals
21 Study finds inflammatory protein can protect against spread of herpes virus
22 Scientists are developing a way to counter ulcerative colitis
23 Chicks born with ability to distinguish and avoid different dangers
24 Research brief: Nutritious foods have lower environmental impact than unhealthy foods
25 Signaling waves determine embryonic fates
26 Hubble captures cosmic face
27 Study underscores changes in brain structure, function in long-duration space missions
28 Looking at the way we walk can help predict cognitive decline
29 Lenalidomide may delay onset of myeloma-related bone, organ damage
30 Study tracks evolutionary history of metabolic networks
31 New diagnostic method to determine liver cancer consistency
32 Improving governance is key for adaptive capacity
33 Newly created magnets are cheaper, more effective and 'smarter'
34 One avocado a day helps lower 'bad' cholesterol for heart healthy benefits
35 Paid leave may widen the mommy gap but increase time with children
36 Tungsten suboxide improves the efficiency of platinum in hydrogen production
37 An amazingly simple recipe for nanometer-sized corundum
38 New research finding gives valleytronics a boost
39 Mutated ferns shed light on ancient mass extinction
40 Topological nanoelectronics
41 An overlooked piece of the solar dynamo puzzle
42 Psychiatric diagnoses 'neither necessary nor sufficient' for access to NHS care in UK
43 Yersinia--a novel genomic tool for identifying strains
44 Make fungi think they're starving to stop them having sex, say scientists
45 Advanced cancer drug shrinks and intercalates DNA
46 Viable alternatives to trophy hunting exist, say scientists
47 Mathematics reveals new insights into Marangoni flows
48 Researchers find 'protein-scaffolding' for repairing DNA damage
49 Transforming DNA repair errors into assets
50 Lend me a flipper
51 KRICT comes in as a new leading player in the monopolized bio-polycarbonate market
52 Attacking metastatic breast cancer with sound
53 Genetics reveal Pacific subspecies of fin whale
54 Giant neutrino telescope to open window to ultra-high-energy universe
55 Training for Title IX investigators lacks tested, effective techniques
56 Can watching movies detect autism?
57 DNA is like everything else: it's not what you have, but how you use it
58 Argonaute proteins help fine-tune gene expression
59 Who will get depressed under major stress? Study shows promise of genetic risk prediction
60 New venture team success requires collective ownership--with boundaries, study says
61 Treating the TOTAL patient: clinical trial reduces relapse
62 The frostier the flower, the more potent the cannabis
63 How much do obesity and addictions overlap?
64 In Wisconsin, 3 in 5 people with Down syndrome diagnosed with dementia by age 55
65 Crystallization clarified, researchers report
66 Study: Underground fungal relationships key to thriving plants
67 Biomarker for schizophrenia can be detected in human hair
68 New findings could improve diagnosis, treatment of depression
69 ESO telescope reveals what could be the smallest dwarf planet yet in the solar system
70 Extent of human encroachment into world's protected areas revealed
71 Overcoming weak governance will take decades with implications for climate adaptation
72 33% of people on anticoagulants take OTC supplements with potentially serious interactions
73 Smartphone data can help surgeons understand a patient's recovery
74 Workplace sales ban on sugared drinks shows positive health effects
75 Middle-aged adults with borderline personality disorder potentially at higher risk for heart attacks
76 Scientists identify key knowledge gaps in sustainability research
77 USC study implicates flavored e-cigs in the teen vaping epidemic
78 Science shows hype about your opponent actually messes with your game
79 Medicare fraud and abuse linked to patient deaths and hospitalizations
80 Follow the dotted line
81 New synthesis method yields degradable polymers
82 HHU-led research consortium wants to eliminate dangerous plant diseases in rice
83 Clear goals but murky path to ecosystem sustainability: Key knowledge gaps identified
84 In the wake of mass shootings, a reluctance to talk about gun safety
85 Satellite, drone photos could help predict infections of a widespread tropical disease
86 Consumer markets, companies linked to habitat loss for rare species in Brazil's savannah
87 Maternal and newborn health improves in rural Nigeria, Ethiopia and India but inequities still exist
88 New insights could help block the path of cancer 'super-highways'
89 The homeland of modern humans
90 Women surgical residents suffer more mistreatment, burnout, suicidal thoughts
91 American Academy of Pediatrics looks at use of nonnutritive sweeteners by children
92 Great Barrier Reef island coral decline
93 3D-printed device finds 'needle in a haystack' cancer cells by removing the hay
94 Soft drinks found to be the crucial link between obesity and tooth wear
95 AAP recommends greater access to surgical treatments for severe obesity
96 Researchers identify improved avenues to train plastic surgeons in microsurgery
97 First in-depth study of marine fungi and their cell-division cycles emerges from MBL
98 New study finds taxi drivers improve earnings through trip selection
99 Broadly protective antibodies could lead to better flu treatments and vaccines
100 Stanford study casts doubt on carbon capture
101 MIT engineers develop a new way to remove carbon dioxide from air
102 Microscale rockets can travel through cellular landscapes with precision
103 Novel formulation of an injectable drug to treat joint inflammation acts for ten days
104 Researchers develop platform for scalable testing of autonomous vehicle safety
105 Experts in high-risk pregnancy respond to the published results of the PROLONG trial
106 Electrospun fibers weave new medical innovations
107 Bariatric surgery is safe for teens with morbid obesity
108 Discovery in monkeys could lead to treatment for blindness-causing syndrome
109 Empowering pediatricians to reduce preventable firearm injuries and deaths
110 Decision support tool reduces unneeded referrals of low-risk patients with chest pain