File Title
1 Childhood chores not related to self-control development
2 Calcium added to acidified prepartum diets for dairy cows benefits future reproduction
3 Physics of windshield-cracking raindrops could demolish kidney stones
4 Nanoparticle orientation offers a way to enhance drug delivery
5 Will college job market continue its decade-long growth?
6 Clemson research indicates abundance of microbe diversity key to healthy coastal ecosystem
7 Octapharma USA sponsors ASA Symposium on fibrinogen supplementation in surgical patients
8 Study reveals that humans migrated from Europe to the Levant 40,000 years ago
9 BU researchers design 'intelligent' metamaterial to make MRIs affordable and accessible
10 Infectious cancer in mussels spread across the Atlantic
11 Behavioral therapy for insomnia shows benefit for children with autism and their parents
12 Chromosomal aberrations created during in vitro fertilization do not endanger future baby
13 Satellite tracking shows how ships affect clouds and climate
14 Palm oil: Less fertilizer and no herbicide but same yield?
15 E. coli gain edge by changing their diets in inflammatory bowel disease
16 Changes in high-altitude winds over the South Pacific produce long-term effects
17 'Big data' for life sciences
18 Wild animals evolving to give birth earlier in warming climate
19 Structured light promises path to faster, more secure communications
20 Discovered a new process of antitumor response of NK cells in myeloma
21 Scientists studied the reasons for plant extinction in different world regions
22 Why is ice so slippery
23 Achilles heel of tumor cells
24 XenonPy.MDL--Comprehensive library of pre-trained models for materials properties
25 Jaw-some wombats may be great survivors
26 China meets ultra-low emissions in advance of the 2020 goal
27 Black holes sometimes behave like conventional quantum systems
28 HKU astronomy research team unveils one origin of globular clusters around giant galaxies
29 Ultrafast quantum motion in a nanoscale trap detected
30 Cooperating may result in better self-driving experience
31 SMART discovers breakthrough way to look at the surface of nanoparticles
32 Birth control options out of reach for many low-income women
33 Australia's rural doctors speak up to boost regional health services
34 Measuring cell-cell forces using snapshots from time-lapse videos of cells
35 CBD, THC use during early pregnancy can disrupt fetal development
36 The most spectacular celestial vision you'll never see
37 Identical twin kidney transplants warrant gene sequencing, researchers say
38 Health care, mass shootings, 2020 election causing Americans significant stress
39 Cancer risk drops in half with over 20% weight loss after bariatric surgery
40 New study challenges decades-old patient eligibility criteria for weight-loss surgery
41 Paid sick leave and flextime benefits result in significantly more retirement savings
42 Metabolic surgery cuts likelihood of recurrent and fatal heart attacks
43 Cleveland Clinic develops calculator to estimate 10-year risk of diabetes complications
44 Learning is optimized when we fail 15% of the time
45 Weight-loss surgery may counter genetic risk for developing breast cancer
46 Web-based calculator predicts risk of death, complications from diabetes and obesity
47 Teen vapers prefer mint flavored e-cigarettes, USC study shows
48 3D-printed plastics with high performance electrical circuits
49 New research tool for studying mitochondrial disorders and aging
50 Study examines effect of Universal Studios Park on crime rates in Orlando neighborhoods
51 Biliary complication rates similar for kids and adults after weight-loss surgery
52 New 'bike helmet' style brain scanner used with children for first time
53 New assessment could identify risks of frailty
54 What we can learn from Indigenous land management
55 Evidence that tobacco smoking increases risk of depression and schizophrenia
56 Blood cancers: New generation stem cell transplant significantly reduces complications for patients
57 The truth behind the Paris Agreement climate pledges
58 Study: A mother's warmth, sensitivity can mitigate obesity risk factors in infants
59 AI blood test can spot signs of brain tumor to speed up diagnosis
60 Substance use, misuse and dependence: A PLOS Medicine special issue
61 Study offers data-driven definition of unhealthy yet pervasive 'hyper-palatable' foods
62 Declaration of a climate emergency and next steps for action
63 'Crowd-diagnosis' thousands seek out diagnoses from strangers on social media
64 High waist circumference associated with elevated risk of obesity-related dementia
65 World scientists declare climate emergency
66 Physical activity may protect against new episodes of depression
67 Theme parks linked to increased crime risk, says study
68 Scientists identify new puberty-promoting genes
69 Red deer are evolving to give birth earlier in a warming climate
70 Scientists declare climate emergency, establish global indicators for effective action
71 Heart attack modeled with human stem cells
72 The hidden ability of synchrotron radiation to perform coherent control
73 Catalyst switching means four become one
74 Eight tips for promoting men's health
75 Go with the flow: Scientists design new grid batteries for renewable energy
76 Introducing GMpi: Affordable and adaptable remote monitoring for plant growth experiments
77 Cervical cancer screening numbers drop off in women 45-65
78 Oxygen-starved tumor cells have survival advantage that promotes cancer spread
79 Voters agree with polls that favor their candidates
80 What your friends' brains look like when they think of you
81 Protein decoy stymies lung cancer growth in mice, Stanford-UCSF study finds
82 Simulated sunlight reveals how 98% of plastics at sea go missing each year
83 US economy to expand, but at a slower pace, reaching about 2% growth in 2020
84 Study helps explain why exercise guards against heart disease
85 Investigation of oceanic 'black carbon' uncovers mystery in global carbon cycle
86 Adverse reactions increase in children with use of common reflux aids: study
87 Sugar-coating proteins can help understand brain disease
88 NUS engineers invent smartphone device that detects harmful algae in 15 minutes
89 Mammals' complex spines are linked to high metabolisms; we're learning how they evolved
90 Bloodlines may matter more than love when it comes to health
91 NUS engineers invent smartphone device that detects harmful algae in 15 minutes
92 Mammals' complex spines are linked to high metabolisms; we're learning how they evolved
93 Bloodlines may matter more than love when it comes to health
94 Researchers find potential new target for treatment of inflammatory disease
95 Plants and fungi together could slow climate change
96 Researchers take flight with unmanned aerial vehicles
97 Neural network fills in data gaps for spatial analysis of chromosomes
98 Vaping not worth potential heart risk, researchers say
99 Electronic cigarettes are not worth the risk say scientists
100 Melting arctic sea ice linked to emergence of deadly virus in marine mammals
101 Self-cannibalizing mitochondria may set the stage for ALS development
102 Biology: Artic sea ice loss may facilitate disease spread in marine mammals
103 Enjoyment of pop music classics linked to combination of uncertainty and surprise
104 Human heart cells are altered by spaceflight, but return to (mostly) normal on Earth
105 Better teleoperations with a less complicated system
106 Scientists probe the limits of ice
107 Chemists observe 'spooky' quantum tunneling
108 2D antimony holds promise for post-silicon electronics
109 Study of African animals illuminates links between environment, diet and gut microbiome
110 Single discrimination events alter college students' daily behavior
111 Fighting the HIV epidemic