File Title
1 Smartphone app reminds heart patients to take their pills
2 Colorectal surgery patients use fewer opioids, report less pain with enhanced recovery after surgery
3 One-third of children having tonsillectomies benefitted from opioid-free surgery and recovery
4 Laughing gas helpful for labor pain, but epidural still top choice
5 Opioids often prescribed after cesarean delivery even when not needed
6 Preliminary medical marijuana research shows promise in lessening opioid use
7 Many women and health care providers assume CBD safe during pregnancy despite lack of research
8 Autism spectrum disorder risk linked to insufficient placental steroid
9 Neural-digital interface advances raise ethical and social issues
10 National poll: Half of parents have declined kids' play date invites
11 Plant-based foods and Mediterranean diet associated with healthy gut microbiome
12 FMT is effective in IBS, but having a 'super-donor' is essential, new study finds
13 Resistance to antibiotics doubles in 20 years, new study finds
14 IBD prevalence three times higher than estimates and expected to rise, new study reveals
15 Episiotomy may be beneficial in reducing severe perineal tears among forceps and vacuum deliveries
16 Study: 20% of patients are prescribed opioids after cardiac device implantation surgery
17 Limiting mealtimes may increase exercise motivation
18 No link found between youth contact sports and cognitive, mental health problems
19 Exercise capacity may affect cognitive health of survivors of childhood leukemia
20 Committee pitches concept to settle all opioid lawsuits
21 American Indians may have a higher risk for irregular heartbeat
22 Immune reaction causes organ damage from malaria infection
23 Ugandans and Kenyans in cities happy to pay for food that is more nutritious
24 Does time spent on social media impact mental health? New study shows screen time isn't the problem
25 Less inflammation = better healing
26 Technology increases sense of safety for domestic violence victims
27 Inventive design illuminates neurons deep in the brain
28 Study sheds new light on the growth of bladder cancer
29 Microbiome: Untapped source of novel antimicrobials
30 Anesthesia for breast cancer surgery has no influence on risk of tumor recurrence
31 The voice unmasked: How we hear image, emotion and identity
32 4 ways to talk with vaccine skeptics
33 Global alcohol marketing treaty could reduce drinking harm
34 Research backs integrated health care role for pharmacists
35 Simple test predicts dangerous pregnancy disorder
36 Study reveals dementia risk in former professional footballers
37 Exploring the effect of fasting on age-related diseases
38 Occupational use of disinfectants may up risk for developing COPD
39 Fathers are 'cautionary tales' about health for some adults
40 New biomarkers for childhood asthma may facilitate early diagnosis
41 Silencing RNA nanotherapy shows promise against pancreatic cancer
42 The art of cancer caregiving: How art therapies benefits those caring for cancer patients
43 Bringing ethnic diversity to dementia research
44 3-D mammography: More breast cancers detected
45 N/A
46 Can we reverse antibiotic resistance?
47 HPV immunization program cuts pre-cancer rates by more than half
48 Parents left in the cold when it comes to kids with autism
49 The role of Klumpfuss in intestinal cell differentiation
50 Most physicians treating STIs do not have meds on hand
51 Make some noise: How background noise affects brain activity
52 Closures affect one in eight pharmacies in the US
53 'Missing' virus detected in dozens of children paralyzed by polio-like illness
54 Repurposing heart drugs to target cancer cells
55 Your healthcare provider's expectations on whether a treatment works may impact its effectiveness
56 New therapeutic strategy may help reverse autism behavioral abnormalities
57 How the brain dials up the volume to hear someone in a crowd
58 Researchers find dairy products associated with higher risk of prostate cancer
59 Fullerene compounds will help in the fight against lung cancer
60 Selfies the 'perfect tool' for narcissists, says researcher
61 Food waste research targets cardiovascular disease
62 Space and place in alcohol research
63 Machine learning model flags individuals with familial hypercholesterolemia for first time at national level
64 First-ever US clinical trial of engineered iPSC-derived cell therapy for blood cancer
65 Women with anemia twice as likely to need transfusion after cesarean delivery
66 The night gardeners: Immune cells rewire, repair brain while we sleep
67 Gene variants influence size of brainstem, other structures
68 Researchers identify a new way to target treatment-resistant cancers
69 People are complicated, but their spit is 'shockingly complex'
70 If your health care provider is nice, you'll feel less pain
71 Stem cell research leads to insights into how Huntington's disease develops
72 Researchers identify unique brain changes in people with Huntington's disease
73 Recent increase in fine particulate matter associated with more premature deaths in US
74 Topical wound oxygen therapy helps heal diabetic foot ulcers
75 Trainee demographics tied to passage of U.S. surgical boards
76 The brain's favorite type of music
77 Safe infant sleep practices suboptimal across the U.S.
78 Deadly heart problem might not be so deadly
79 How to get the fruit and veggies you need without busting the budget
80 What to do if you have a bad reaction to cosmetics
81 Single-sport focus not good for children
82 Many parents not following safe-sleep advice for babies
83 Twin study shows what's good for the heart is good for the brain
84 Protein in blood protects against neuronal damage after brain hemorrhage
85 Pregnant women may soon be able to detect their own risk of preeclampsia with a smartphone
86 $260 million deal averts 1st federal trial on opioid crisis
87 Clusters of illness linked to CBD vapes share 2nd connection
88 Study points to virus as culprit in kids' paralyzing illness
89 AI rivals expert radiologists at detecting brain hemorrhages
90 Animal study shows how stress and mother's abuse affects infant brain
91 Study suggests a new way to think about the brain's link to postpartum depression
92 Resistance to last resort drug arose in patient over 3 weeks
93 Research improves understanding of mechanism of atrial fibrillation
94 One in three pain patients suffer side effects after ketamine infusion therapy
95 Children's Hospital of Philadelphia offers help and cure for picky eaters
96 Family members can assist in preventing post-operative delirium by as much as 16.8%
97 New strategy for treating high blood pressure
98 Aggressive form of breast cancer influenced by dual action of genes and RNA
99 Glucose wears down circadian clocks in obesity, may drive cardiovascular risk
100 Local scientists from African countries often overlooked in international collaborations on global health research
101 New treatment may reverse celiac disease
102 Scientists pioneer new way of finding cancer-causing germs
103 Arizona quietly suspends Medicaid work requirement
104 Abortion rights around the world
105 Ohio program seeks to reunite families of addicts
106 Drug companies near global settlement over opioid crisis
107 Reduced food intake in old mice can no longer improve health
108 Colorectal and pancreatic cancer rates up 10% in last 30 years, major study reveals
109 Drug combination reverses hypersensitivity to noise in a model of autism spectrum disorder
110 Breaking thought patterns increases chances of recovering from depression