File Title
1 Regenstrief and IUPUI researchers use EHRs to identify cancer symptom clusters
2 New drug-delivery technology promises efficient, targeted cancer treatment
3 Q-suite motor assessment tool promising for evaluating Huntington's disease
4 Escapism: A powerful predictor of internet gaming disorder among video gamers
5 Rethinking the role of technology in the classroom
6 NREL publishes Science journal article posing three challenges to wind energy potential
7 Single mutation dramatically changes structure and function of bacteria's transporter proteins
8 KU Leuven researchers use satellite data to calculate snow depth in mountain ranges
9 Biological material boosts solar cell performance
10 We must wake up to devastating impact of nitrogen, say scientists
11 Research worth 'bragging' about
12 Evolution of aesthetic dentistry
13 Oral implants--The paradigm shift in restorative dentistry
14 Advances in precision oral health research proceedings published in Advances in Dental Research
15 New study reveals that crabs can solve and remember their way around a maze
16 Men with breast cancer face high mortality rates: Study
17 Identified a neural mechanism involved in the creation and consolidation of memories
18 Browser tool aims to help researchers ID malicious websites, code
19 Scientists discover link between unique brain cells and OCD and anxiety
20 Are humans changing animal genetic diversity worldwide?
21 Study shows metformin offers no strength training benefits for seniors
22 Lead isotopes a new tool for tracking coal ash
23 A 'shocking' new way to treat infections
24 Promising lessons learned from PROMISE
25 Poor toilet hygiene, not food, spreads antibiotic-resistant E. coli superbugs
26 A blood factor involved in weight loss and aging
27 Scientists discovered mechanisms that protect tapeworms from being digested by their host
28 Prescribing rates for anxiety and sleeping drugs highest in deprived areas
29 NUS innovation paves the way for sensor interfaces that are 30 times smaller
30 Cochrane Review: Lateral flow urine lipoarabinomannan test to detect TB in people with HIV
31 Ionic channels in carbon electrodes for efficient electrochemical energy storage
32 The joint climbing movement and threshold of the sustainable development in the urban agglomeration
33 Deuteron-like heavy dibaryons--a step towards finding exotic nuclei
34 Fullerene compounds will help in the fight against lung cancer
35 Study shows how circulating tumor cells target distant organs
36 Women less likely to receive Canadian federal research funding
37 Kirigami inspires new method for wearable sensors
38 Neural network technique identifies mechanisms of ferroelectric switching
39 Fragmented magnetism
40 Novel study documents marked slowdown of cell division rates in old age
41 New way to wrap liquid drops could improve drug delivery
42 Oncolytics Biotech and PrECOG announce study in metastatic breast cancer
43 More electronic device use tied to more sugar and caffeine in teens
44 Ants: Jam-free traffic champions
45 Machine learning's next frontier: Epigenetic drug discovery
46 New treatment may reverse celiac disease
47 UofSC scientists find solution to Gulf War Illness in FDA-approved antiviral drugs
48 3D printing, bioinks create implantable blood vessels
49 Fish more tolerant than expected to low oxygen events
50 Bed time is the best time to take blood pressure medication
51 New strategy for treating high blood pressure
52 Simple test predicts dangerous pregnancy disorder
53 Kallikrein 6 protease advances colon tumorigenesis via induction of the high mobility group A2 protein
54 New flame retardants, old problems
55 3+ hours daily social media use linked to poor sleep patterns in UK teens
56 Anorexia nervosa among young children in the UK and Ireland on the up
57 Scientists unpack how taste neurons control food intake
58 Farmer wages must be improved to prevent millions in India from malnutrition
59 Exposure to environmental PCBs impairs brain function in mice
60 Novel agent flips on garbage disposal in neurons, eliminating toxic brain proteins in mice
61 Aggressive form of breast cancer influenced by dual action of genes and RNA
62 By cutting out one gene, researchers remove a tadpole's ability to regenerate
63 New species take longer to arise in the Amazon
64 Half of all commonly used drugs profoundly affecting the gut microbiome, warn experts
65 Point-of-care diagnostic for detecting preterm birth on horizon
66 Mix master: Modeling magnetic reconnection in partially ionized plasma
67 360 degree virtual dive in Iceland shipwreck
68 In Alzheimer's research, MIT scientists reveal brain rhythm role
69 Brain imaging reveals neural correlates of human social behavior
70 'Brain in a dish' models advance studies of neural development and disease
71 New insights into how the brain perceives and processes odors
72 Lonesome no more: White sharks hang with buddies
73 Much of the earth is still wild, but threatened by fragmentation
74 OU-led study reveals dry season increase in photosynthesis in Amazon rain forest
75 Transient and long-term disruption of gut microbes after antibiotics
76 Replacing coal with gas or renewables saves billions of gallons of water
77 Overshadowed
78 Humpback whale population on the rise after near miss with extinction
79 New deep-water coral discovered
80 Children's Hospital of Philadelphia offers help and cure for picky eaters
81 Study suggests a new way to think about the brain's link to postpartum depression
82 Lead pollution from Native Americans attributed to crushing galena for glitter paint
83 Uncovering the principles behind RNA folding
84 Antarctic ice cliffs may not contribute to sea-level rise as much as predicted
85 Family members can assist in preventing post-operative delirium by as much as 16.8%
86 Vaginal tearing: Why are episiotomies down despite some benefits?
87 Listening in to how proteins talk and learning their language
88 Research improves understanding of mechanism of atrial fibrillation
89 Computer science classes break down cultural barriers, study shows
90 Plant physiology will be major contributor to future river flooding, UCI study finds
91 Latest issue of Alzheimer's & Dementia
92 JILA team demonstrates model system for distribution of more accurate time signals
93 Twin study shows what's good for the heart is good for the brain
94 New CRISPR genome editing system offers a wide range of versatility in human cells
95 Lead poisoning reduced with safer mining practices
96 How the mouse X and Y chromosomes compete with each other to control offspring
97 Protein in blood protects against neuronal damage after brain hemorrhage
98 Defining the centromere
99 Novel method turns any 3D object into a cubic style
100 Preventing cyber security attacks lies in strategic, third-party investments, study finds
101 International research community calls for recognition of forests' role in human prosperity
102 Dartmouth lab introduces the next wave of interactive technology
103 New framework makes AI systems more transparent without sacrificing performance
104 Stem cell research leads to insights into how Huntington's disease develops
105 BU researchers identify unique brain changes in people with Huntington's disease
106 DNA-reeling bacteria yield new insight on how superbugs acquire drug-resistance
107 Clay minerals call the shots with carbon
108 Composite metal foam outperforms aluminum for use in aircraft wings
109 Consumers: Online restaurant reviews are not all equal
110 Insects share the same signaling pathway to form their 3-dimensional body