File Title
1 New AI deep learning model allows earlier, more accurate ozone warnings
2 Scientists learn how to make oxygen 'perform' for them
3 PPPL findings: Discoveries from fusion to astrophysics at global gathering
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5 N/A
6 Race and poverty not risk factors for total knee replacement revision or failure
7 Study finds companies may be wise to share cybersecurity efforts
8 New insight on how bacteria evolve drug resistance could lead to improved antibiotic therapies
9 Wearable activity trackers a reliable tool for predicting death risk in older adults
10 Survey reveals the hidden costs of care cascades
11 Syringe exchange programs prevented thousands of new HIV cases in Philadelphia, Baltimore
12 Endocrine Society urges policymakers to follow science on transgender health
13 'Wolves in sheep's clothing'--the superbugs outsmarting laboratory tests
14 New study reveals girls more likely to be admitted to hospital after self-harming
15 Significantly fewer pregnant women take antidepressants
16 Research on large storm waves could help lessen their impact on coasts
17 Facebook and Instagram gave away the presence of the 'Japan pig' seahorse in Taiwan
18 Can't stop putting your hand in the candy dish? Scientists may have found why
19 Human activities boosted global soil erosion already 4,000 years ago
20 Therapy for neuroendocrine tumors may be improved by patient-specific dosimetry
21 Distinct brain region alterations in youth with psychosis spectrum disorders
22 Following in Darwin's footsteps: understanding the plant evolution of florist's gloxinia
23 Hope offered to patients with a rare autoimmune condition
24 Bird bacteria is key to communication and mating
25 Examination of conscience on the role of engineering in sustainable development
26 Intuitive in the virtual reality
27 A new type of acoustic insulation enables sound to be concentrated in corners
28 Putting the Water Framework Directive to the test
29 Leipzig primate researchers initiate global collaboration
30 Numerous polar storms on Saturn analyzed by the UPV/EHU's Planetary Sciences Group
31 MIB2 enhances inflammation by degradation of CYLD
32 Exposing blind spots in the carbon budget space
33 Living in a noisy area increases the risk of suffering a more serious stroke
34 Could mathematics help to better treat cancer?
35 Researchers find 'protein-scaffolding' for repairing DNA damage
36 NUS researchers use light from nanoparticles to intricately control biological processes
37 Tough as nails: Older people reluctant to ask for mental health support
38 Cracking the colon code--new light shed on gut function
39 Scientists invent animal-free testing of lethal neurotoxins
40 Cycling is safer with more cyclists on the road, but injuries are on the rise, Rutgers study finds
41 WSU study identifies potential new target for treatment of gout
42 Scientists warn of new health threat caused by global warming
43 Telehealth effectively diagnoses/manages fetal congenital heart disease in rural patients
44 Whether a fashion model or not, some body image concerns are universal
45 Global warming's impact on undernourishment
46 First structure of human cotransporter protein family member solved
47 Eye damage linked to popular over-the-counter vitamin that lowers cholesterol can be reversed
48 Chameleon's tongue strike inspires fast-acting robots
49 Teens with autism can master daily living skills when parents teach, reach for iPads
50 Scientists discover the implication of a new protein involved in liver cancer
51 Exerting self-control does not mean sacrificing pleasure
52 Ashes to concrete
53 Cognitive screen paired with odor identification predicts lack of transition to dementia
54 Immune cells in skin kill MRSA bacteria before they enter the body
55 Ground-breaking work improves understanding of brain function
56 Climate change could drive British crop farming north and west
57 Study finds inequities in access to heart failure care
58 Turning a dangerous toxin into a biosensor
59 Faith, truth and forgiveness: How your brain processes abstract thoughts
60 Structured light promises path to faster, more secure communications
61 Hormonal contraceptives affect the efficacy of exposure therapy
62 Re-cracking the genetic code
63 Medical scribes have a positive impact on surgeons and residents
64 ACS NSQIP surgical risk calculator predicts outcomes for geriatric surgical patients
65 Adults 85 years and older generally fare well after colon cancer operations
66 Opioid prescribing and use drop significantly after state imposes regulations
67 AI outperforms clinicians' judgment in triaging postoperative patients for intensive care
68 Where to install renewable energy in US to achieve greatest benefits
69 Milken Institute projects doubling of Americans living with dementia
70 Narcissism can lower stress levels and reduce chances of depression
71 Racial inequities uncovered in hospital admissions for heart failure
72 Migratory birds are worse off in West Africa
73 Red algae thrive despite ancestor's massive loss of genes
74 Severe drought shuts down reproduction in copperhead snakes, study finds
75 Report outlines social determinants' role in cancer and public health
76 How far schoolkids live from junk food sources tied to obesity
77 Can aspirin decrease the rate of intracranial aneurysm growth?
78 Seeking better treatment for ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease
79 Blockchain offers promise for securing global supply chain
80 How do you know it's perfect graphene?
81 Mass General team publishes on highest resolution brain MRI scan
82 Avocados may help manage obesity, prevent diabetes
83 A stretchable stopwatch lights up human skin
84 Study says Southern California earthquakes increased stress on major fault line
85 The secrets behind a creepy photographic technique
86 Nanoceramics from the ball mill
87 New evidence that bacteria drive biodiversity in the Cape Floral Region
88 In Southeast Asia, illegal hunting is a more threat to wildlife than forest degradation
89 New gene therapy for epilepsy provides on-demand release of endogenous substance
90 What attracts people to endurance running?
91 Key gene in familial Alzheimer's disease regulates neuronal development
92 Research into how to create self-cleaning surfaces via 3D printing
93 How are psychiatric disorders linked to infections during pregnancy?
94 Drones help map Iceland's disappearing glaciers
95 Impact of water droplets on leaves quickly triggers stress responses in plants
96 World first on-the-spot test for synthetic drug 'spice' developed at University of Bath
97 House developers could be the secret weapon to improving air quality
98 News about drug delivery
99 In one direction or the other: That is how DNA is unwound
100 Bacteria and fungi show a precise daily rhythm in tropical air, finds NTU
101 TalTech immunologists develop new leucocyte markers
102 Traffic exhaust at residential address increases the risk of stroke
103 SUTD develops syringe-injectable, self-expandable and ultraconformable magnetic nanosheets
104 Cycles of reward: New insight into ADHD treatment
105 The danger of great gift expectations
106 Genetic history of endangered Australian songbird could inspire an encore
107 Patients with mood, anxiety disorders share abnormalities in brain's control circuit
108 New research suggests proton radiation can benefit pts with challenging liver tumors
109 Study: Teens who have loving bond with mother less likely to enter abusive relationships
110 Opioid-related gifts from pharma companies linked to physician prescribing by specialty