File Title
1 Global Danger: Sinking Water Tables Worldwide
2 Actively Managed Forests in New Hampshire Are Rich in Carbon
3 Major Meta-Analysis: Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements Linked with Lower Cardiovascular Disease
4 World's Most Efficient Single-Photon Source Created Using Time Multiplexing
5 Gigantic Collision in the Asteroid Belt--Boost for Biodiversity on Earth?
6 New System Helps Smart Devices Find Their Position in Places GPS Fails
7 Researcher Devises Fantastic Plan to Colonize Space with Microbes First
8 Engineers Program Viruses as a New Weapon to Combat Infection
9 Scientists Find What Caused 'Havana Syndrome' that Affected Diplomats in Cuba--It Wasn't Sonic Weapons
10 Using a Supercomputer and Neutrons to Reveal Structures of Intrinsically Disordered Protein
11 Researchers Implant "Memories" into Birds--Teach Them Songs They've Never Heard
12 Gem-Like Nanoparticles of Precious Metals Shine as Catalysts--Can Lead to Better Fuel Cells
13 Not Long Ago, the Center of the Milky Way Exploded--Cataclysmic Blast of Energy and Radiation
14 Antidepressant Use Soars in Seniors Even as Number of Depressed Unchanged
15 A Better Suction Cup Design--That Works on Rough Surfaces--Inspired by Northern Clingfish
16 Attempted Suicide by Self-Poisoning in Youth Often Involves Common OTC Medications
17 Computer Kidney Sheds Light on Proper Hydration and the Impacts of Medications
18 Light 10 Billion Times Brighter than the Sun Illuminates 2,000-Year-Old Herculaneum Scrolls
19 The Last Mammoths Died on a Remote Island Where They Had Survived in Isolation for 7,000 Years
20 Are Black Holes Made of Dark Energy? Error Made When Applying Einstein's Equations to Model Growth of the Universe?
21 New Metasurface Design Can Control Optical Fields in Three Dimensions--No Classical Analog in Refractive Optics
22 How and When Was Carbon Distributed in the Earth? New Experiment Raises Questions
23 Experts: Coordinated Action Needed to Avert a Brain Disease Crisis
24 Closer to Our Daily Life--Scientists Observe a Single Quantum Vibration at Room Temperature
25 NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds a 100-Mile-Wide Ancient Oasis on Mars [Video]
26 Vaping Danger: E-Cigarette Smoke Causes Lung Cancer in Mice
27 Encouraging News--China Is on Track to Meet Its Ultra-Low Emissions Goals for 2020
28 Artificial Gut Aims to Expose the Elusive Microbiome and Its Trillions of Bacteria
29 Engineers Develop New Camera Lens that's 100x Lighter and 1000x Thinner
30 Eating Fish in Early Childhood--Even Just Once a Week--Reduces Risk of Disease
31 Johns Hopkins Analyzes the Effectiveness of Electrical Stimulation Therapies on Spinal Fusion
32 Study Analyzes Effect of Legalization of Recreational Marijuana on Crime--Here Are the Results
33 No Matter How Old You Are, Regular Exercise Is Good for Your Heart
34 'Lazarus Superconductivity' Observed--Rare Phenomenon Called Re-Entrant Superconductivity
35 20 New Moons Discovered Orbiting Saturn--You Can Help Name Them [Video]
36 Accidental Discovery of an Unbreakable "Molecular Pinball Machine"
37 Mosquito Eye Inspires Artificial Compound Lens that Could Lead to New Vision Systems [Video]
38 The Science of Breaking Bad: Was Meth Cooked Inside Your House? [Video]
39 Latest Hypersonic Research: Testing Objects Flying at Faster than 10 Times the Speed of Sound
40 Laser-Induced Graphene Filter Traps and Terminates Bacteria
41 Stemming the Opioid Crisis: New Addiction Treatments Hold Promise
42 New Antibiotic in Discovered in Tropical Forest--May Lead to a "Plant Probiotic"
43 At Edge of Solar System, Pressure Runs High--Greater than Expected
44 Devices that Make Fuel from Sunlight More Efficiently Possible with Nanoparticle Discovery from Electrode-Fitted Microscope
45 Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit--Next Generation Spacesuit for Artemis Astronauts
46 Failure Against "Nightmare Bacteria" a Chilling Commentary on Future of Antibiotics--"Much of Modern Medicine May Become Infeasible"
47 Researchers Studied a Colony of Big Brown Bats to Learn How Bats Relocate in Response to Tree Loss
48 A Lethal Dose for $1--Fentanyl's Risk on the 'Darknet'
49 Can Simply Being Neighborly Reduce Depression in Older Adults?
50 Poor Posture Affects the Whole Body, but Can Be Easily Fixed with a Few Adjustments [Video]
51 Researchers Discover Simple Way Sweet Corn Growers Could Dramatically Increase Yield
52 Researchers Achieve One-Way Radio Transmission with Synthetic Hall Effect
53 Immune System Reboot--'Tiny Fat Bubbles' Can Boost Immunity, Calm Disease
54 Using Machine Learning and Game Theory to Successfully Identify Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance
55 Bots Evolving to Better Mimic Humans--May Prove Harder to Detect in 2020 Elections
56 Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics--Oobleck's Weird Behavior Is Now Predictable [Video]
57 Fascinating and Scary--Is Something Literally in the Air Causing Violent Crime?
58 New Tunable Optical Chips Can Be Used as Building-Blocks for Next Generation Quantum Computers
59 Revolutionary Way to Search for Elusive Dark Matter: "Hear" It Through "Axion Radio"
60 Army Research into Artificial Muscle Nanomotors for More Effective Robots on the Future Battlefield
61 NASA's Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System Aids Hurricane Forecasts
62 New Microneedle Capsule Can Orally Deliver Drugs that Usually Have to Be Injected
63 3D Tissue Models of Brain Tumors Grown in Brain-Mimicking Microenvironment
64 Columbia Scientists Reverse Core Symptom of Schizophrenia in Mice--"Memory Improved Dramatically"
65 New Research Finally Provides Insights on How the Strongest Magnets in the Universe Form [Video]
66 Emperor Penguins Are Threatened--Study Recommends Special Protection
67 Liquifying a Rocky Exoplanet to Aid in the Search for Earth-Like Worlds Beyond Our Solar System
68 System to Minimize Injury and Damage When Self-Driving Vehicles Crash
69 Radical Stance for Political Parties More Likely When They Have Less Interest in an Issue
70 Financial Incentives Influence Doctors Alcohol Advice to Patients
71 Study Shows Brain Mechanisms Have Potential to Block Pain and Relieve Anxiety
72 What Doesn't Crack Them Makes Them Stronger--Why Some Materials Become Stronger Under Stress
73 Self-Healing Materials Created After Breakthrough on Science of Cracking
74 Study Finds Children Associate White, but Not Black, Men with 'Brilliant' Stereotype
75 Compound Discovered in Breast Milk Fights Harmful Bacteria--Could Be Added to Formula or Cow's Milk
76 Researchers Find Way to Harness AI Creativity--Dramatic Performance Boost to Deep Learning
77 Key Components of Quantum Technologies Coupled with New Interface
78 Converting Plastic Waste from Cities and Rivers into Fuel
79 New 3D Printing Technique for Biomaterials a Major Step Forward for Artificial Medical Implants
80 Quantum Teleportation on the Nanoscale Using a Chemical Reaction
81 Picoscience and New Materials that Can Mimic Neurons, Compute with Magnets
82 Cost-Effective Technology Can Enrich Poor Fields, Increase Yields Close to 50%
83 Solution to Decades-Old Puzzle of Ice Age Ocean Chemistry
84 The Milky Way Captured Several Tiny Galaxies from Its Neighbor
85 Has Global Warming Stopped?
86 Physicists Explore Unknown Energy Regions--"New Frontier of Physics"
87 Controlling Complex Pattern of Superconductivity Within an Exotic Metal
88 Engineers Solve 50-Year-Old Puzzle in Signal Processing--Inverse Chirp Z-Transform
89 Mystery as Hubble Finds Milky Way Raids Intergalactic 'Bank Accounts'
90 Insights from 16th Century Navigational Tools Help Physicists Create Complex Polymer Structures
91 NASA's Webb Telescope Will Penetrate Space Dust to Reveal Milky Way's Center
92 New Research on Lunar Ice Deposits Examines When and How It Got There
93 Nanoscale Radiation Detector 100x Faster--Boosts Quantum Technology
94 Oscillating Genetic Circuit: A Reliable Clock for Your Microbiome
95 500 Years Ago Leonardo da Vinci Designed this Bridge--Now MIT Engineers Put It to the Test
96 California High Schooler Unearths Rare Fossil--Perfect Skull of Giant 52 Million-Year-Old Fish
97 100 Years of Climate Change Visible in Aerial Photographs of Alpine Glaciers
98 Scientists Thought It Took Thousands of Years for Plastic to Decompose--It May Only Be Decades
99 Researchers Use Wind-Tunnel Experiments to Uncover the Secret to Sneaky Float Serves
100 New Electrolyte Improves Cycle Life of Next-Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries
101 An Ultrafast Glimpse of the Photochemistry of the Atmosphere with Help from Reaction Nanoscopy
102 Coping with Climate Change: Fairy-Wrens Change Breeding Habits
103 Fast-Acting German Insecticide Lost in the Aftermath of WWII Rediscovered--But Its History Is Alarming
104 Majority of Lunar Ice Deposits Are Likely Billions of Years Old--But Some May Be Much More Recent
105 New Layered Superconducting Material Achieves Unparalleled Customizability and Higher Critical Temperature
106 New Superconducting Material Discovered that Could Power Quantum Computers of the Future
107 Upside-Down "Rivers" of Warm Ocean Water Attacking Antarctic Ice Shelves [Video]
108 Plants Use Common 'Language' to Alert Neighbors to Threats
109 Subconscious Threat Assessment: People Pay More Attention to Stimuli They Associate with Danger
110 FDA Approved Drug Reverses Signs of Liver Disease in People Living with HIV