File Title
1 Natural language interface for data visualization debuts at prestigious IEEE conference
2 Pathogens from the sea
3 Special cells contribute to regenerate the heart in Zebrafish
4 Health in old age is a lifelong affair
5 Young universities in Asia are strongly represented in rankings for high-quality research output
6 Building blocks of all life gain new understanding
7 With this new alpha-gel, the cream of all skin creams could be here
8 Strategies of a honey bee virus
9 Successful biological decontamination of an aquifer
10 Anti-arthritis drug also stops tuberculosis bacillus from multiplying in blood stem cells
11 Vitamin D deficiency is associated with poor muscle function in adults aged 60+
12 Zebrafish discovery throws new light on human hearing disorders
13 Stressing cancer with spice
14 A roadmap to make the land sector carbon neutral by 2040
15 The long arm of childhood conditions
16 Accumulation of DNA mutations found in healthy liver leads to disease
17 A single, master switch for sugar levels?
18 Driverless cars could lead to more traffic congestion
19 Antibiotics with novel mechanism of action discovered
20 New chemical weapon to combat cancer
21 Creating a nanospace like no other
22 Keep quiet or be eliminated: How cell competition modulates morphogen gradients
23 By popular demand
24 Mapping international drug use through the world's largest wastewater study
25 New Pd-based initiating systems for C1 polymerization of diazoacetates
26 A weapon to make a superbug to become more deadly
27 Expecting the unexpected: A new model for cognition
28 Researchers significantly extend Wi-Fi range for smart-home devices
29 Why are bald eagles such great gliders? It's all in the wrist
30 University of Minnesota researcher studies immune response to influenza
31 Bacterial lifestyle alters the evolution of antibiotic resistance
32 Study identifies brain injury as a cause of dementia in some older adults
33 Polymerized estrogen shown to protect nervous system cells
34 Pre-programmed microfluidic systems offer new control capabilities
35 Promising therapy for common form of eczema identified in early-stage trial
36 Yeast study reveals how multiple genes interact to influence a surprising cellular outcome
37 UTSA study warns of security gaps in smart light bulbs
38 A timely triage test for TB
39 A possible gut-brain connection to 'chemo brain'
40 Marmoset monkeys can learn a new dialect
41 Robots can learn how to support teachers in class sessions
42 Rapid triage test sniffs out active tuberculosis infections in adults
43 University of Chicago scientists unveil the secret of cancer-associated Warburg effect
44 Most complete exploration of fly landing maneuvers to advance future robots
45 Alcohol byproduct contributes to brain chemistry changes in specific brain regions
46 Women scientists author fewer invited commentaries in medical journals than men
47 Americans' interest in CBD eclipses nearly all other health products or topics
48 Clues to improve cancer immunotherapy revealed
49 First identification of a heavy element born from neutron star collision
50 Choosing the best embryos
51 Chronic kidney disease patients at increased risk of adverse cardiovascular outcomes
52 Evolving alongside other bacteria keeps hospital bug potent
53 Revealing the nanostructure of wood could help raise height limits for wooden skyscrapers
54 The Lancet: 20th century views and responses to drug use are no longer fit for purpose
55 Zeroing in on how a tumor suppressor protein is cast away
56 The earliest well-preserved tetrapod may never have left the water
57 Uncovering the pathway to colon cancer
58 Nature: Scientists present new data on the evolution of plants and the origin of species
59 Researchers discover the 'KARAPPO' gene and illuminate vegetative reproduction
60 Study provides framework for 1 billion years of green plant evolution
61 Common chemical linked to rare birth defect in mice
62 Turning plastic trash into treasure
63 Why, sometimes, we don't see what we actually saw
64 Swarm of tiny drones explores unknown environments
65 FEFU and February RAS scientists are close to Integrate Silicon Electronics and Spintronics
66 Upcycling polyethylene plastic waste into lubricant oils
67 Treatment for common vision disorder does not improve children's reading skills
68 Consuming alcohol leads to epigenetic changes in brain memory centers
69 Understanding local attitudes to snow leopards vital for their ongoing protection
70 Brain studies show chronic fatigue syndrome and gulf war illness are distinct conditions
71 Medicaid expansion improved coverage more for married versus unmarried people
72 Heuneburg early Celts across classes may have drunk Mediterranean wine in local ceramics
73 Leading foods in the EU fall short of criteria for marketing to children
74 Biomedical sciences researchers demonstrate that new antiviral drug effectively treats influenza
75 Mapping millet genetics
76 No defects found in reproductive ability of male mice returning from short stay in space
77 Otago scientists' discovery leads to greater understanding of Alzheimer's disease
78 Looking inside the body with indirect light
79 Fish pass 'hot genes' onto their grandchildren
80 Underwater grandmothers reveal big population of lethal sea snakes
81 World first study with drone cameras now separates living from the dead
82 On water sustainability, L.A. County earns C+ from UCLA environmental report card
83 Little evidence common antidepressant is effective in autism spectrum disorders
84 Scientists tout ocean protection progress, give road map for more
85 Optoacoustic imaging shows potential for noninvasive diagnostics for thyroid disorders
86 Loosen up!
87 BYU study shows overall time on social media is not related to teen anxiety and depression
88 Research identifies earlier origin of neural crest cells
89 Wake-up call: Cellular sleep isn't as harmless as once thought
90 Dementia patients' adult kids diagnosed earlier than their parents
91 When a freestanding emergency department comes to town, costs go up
92 Scientists enhance color and texture of cultured meat
93 Machine-learning analysis of X-ray data picks out key catalytic properties
94 Scientists identify what may be a key mechanism of opioid addiction
95 Poor water conditions drive invasive snakeheads onto land
96 Astronomers discover 'monster' galaxy lurking in distant dust clouds
97 New portable DNA sequencer quickly and accurately diagnoses wheat viruses
98 Magnetics with a twist: Scientists find new way to image spins
99 Rice study assesses college leadership training programs
100 UM student research tests ways to reduce errors in wildlife surveys
101 Survey completeness of a global citizen-science database of bird occurrence
102 Combination of more hospitalizations and brain pathologies linked to faster cognitive decline
103 Study: Tradeoffs between commute time, safety
104 Cosmic Yeti from the dawn of the universe found lurking in dust
105 Inadequate humanitarian funding increases refugees' risk of chronic poverty
106 Simple conversations can reduce opioid prescriptions after hysterectomy
107 New organelle that helps prevent cancer discovered in our cells
108 Pushy robots learn the fundamentals of object manipulation
109 Stingless bee species depend on a complex fungal community to survive
110 IQSEC1 gene mutations cause new intellectual disability syndrome