File Title
1 Can solar technology kill cancer cells?
2 Reframing Antarctica's meltwater pond dangers to ice shelves and sea level
3 Putting the 'bang' in the Big Bang
4 Nerve cell protection free from side effects
5 Did an extraterrestrial impact trigger the extinction of ice-age animals?
6 What 26,000 books reveal when it comes to learning language
7 High fiber, yogurt diet associated with lower lung cancer risk
8 Not all hypertension drugs are created equal, reports big-data study
9 Fire-spawned forest fungi hide out in other organisms, study finds
10 Placing another piece in the dark matter puzzle
11 Insect evolution
12 Use of emergency CPR device rising despite lack of evidence
13 IKBFU researchers have discovered another natural antioxidant--alder bark
14 Charta of Neurourbanism dedicated to mental health in cities
15 Birds do not habituate to traffic noise
16 Tuberculous infection is not life-long in most people
17 New study on early human fire acquisition squelches debate
18 Dynamic images show rhomboid protease in action
19 New research on giant radio galaxies defies conventional wisdom
20 New procedure for obtaining a cheap ultra-hard material that is resistant to radioactivity
21 Ultrastructure of focal adhesion scaffold unveiled in human pluripotent stem cells
22 Super-strong magnetic supercrystals can assemble themselves
23 Jurassic dinosaurs trotted between Africa and Europe
24 One step toward using insulating antiferromagnetic materials in future computers
25 Determining the shapes of atomic clusters
26 Retrieving physical properties from two-color laser experiments
27 Deflating beach balls and drug delivery
28 Mentally ill die many years earlier than others
29 Science reveals improvements in Roman building techniques
30 Immune system upgrade
31 Insight-HXMT team releases new results on black hole and neutron star X-ray binaries
32 Link established between local action of stress factors and systemic response of higher plants
33 Brown and white body fat speak different languages
34 X-ray scout sees first light
35 What use do teenagers make of YouTube?
36 Postcode lottery for NHS orthotics patients
37 Memory training builds upon strategy use
38 Game changer: New chemical keeps plants plump
39 By targeting flu-enabling protein, antibody may protect against wide-ranging strains
40 Mysterious microproteins have major implications for human disease
41 Study finds functional medicine model is associated with improvements in health-related QOL
42 Daylight not rain most important for Africa 'green-up' phenomenon
43 Energy regulation rollbacks threaten progress against harmful ozone
44 Mountain streams emit a surprising amount of CO2
45 Scientists find molecular key to body making healthy T cells
46 Fighting the herpes virus
47 Researchers uncover novel amyloidosis
48 China's carbon emissions growth slows during new phase of economic development
49 Yale researchers find cells linked to leading cause of blindness in elderly
50 Micromotors push around single cells and particles
51 Algorithm identifies cancer patients in need of advance care planning conversations
52 Small magnets reveal big secrets
53 Advance in search for new Clostridioides difficile vaccine
54 Hydrogen boride nanosheets: A promising material for hydrogen carrier
55 A new theory of brain organization takes aim at the mystery of consciousness
56 Antibiotics not necessary for most toothaches, according to new ADA guideline
57 Pediatric cancer study shows usefulness of gene expression analysis
58 Integrated solutions for the Indus Basin
59 Study shows trampoline injuries have increased over the past decade
60 'Swimmer's shoulder,' common in more than three-quarters of swimmers
61 Skiing, snowboarding injuries more serious--skull and face fractures--in younger children
62 Study finds youth suicide rates rise with community poverty levels
63 Only half of US children get enough sleep during the week
64 Study highlights power of family resilience to protect children from bullying
65 Children's race may play role in treatment for acute gastroenteritis in emergency departments
66 Study identifies challenges to neonatal resuscitation outside of hospitals
67 Injuries related to lawn mowers affect young children in rural areas most severely
68 At what age is it considered child neglect to leave a child home alone?
69 Study finds risk factors tied to drowning-related hospitalizations and death
70 Research tests speed of drones in responding to medical emergency scenarios
71 Bariatric surgery is a safe option for young adolescents with morbid obesity
72 Informal sharing of breast milk gains popularity among women, despite safety risks
73 Heightened risk of adverse financial changes before Alzheimer's diagnosis
74 Antihistamine use for anaphylaxis symptoms linked with delay seeking emergency treatment
75 Model predicts relaxed energy policies plus climate change could worsen US air quality
76 Columbia professor develops a detector that stops lateral phishing attacks
77 Implantable cancer traps could provide earlier diagnosis, help monitor treatment
78 Deep neural network generates realistic character-scene interactions
79 Using computational chemistry to produce cheaper infrared plastic lenses
80 Living through Katrina associated with higher death rate among breast cancer patients
81 US-born residents more than 5 times likely to use prescription opioids than new immigrants
82 Largest mapping of breathing ocean floor key to understanding global carbon cycle
83 Stanford increasing access to 3D modeling through touch-based display
84 Scientists find possible treatment for muscle contractures in childhood paralysis
85 Think you're allergic to penicillin? You are probably wrong
86 Researchers led by Georgia State develop noninvasive method to detect early-stage liver disease
87 3-D models of cascadia megathrust events match coastal changes from 1700 earthquake
88 UBC Sauder research proposes a virtual speed bump for lightning-fast markets
89 How 'knowing less' can boost language development in children
90 Do feminine hygiene products expose women to dangerous volatile organic compounds?
91 Study shows ability to detect light from UV to the IR optical regimes using spin currents
92 Facial recognition software has a gender problem
93 The use of sugarcane straw for bioenergy is an opportunity, but there are pros and cons
94 Intraoral endoscopic thyroidectomy leaves no scar
95 Pyschologists analyze language to categorize human goals
96 Pyschologists analyze language to categorize human goals
97 Using renewable electricity for industrial hydrogenation reactions
98 Study identifies role of specific gene in hardening of blood vessel walls
99 An electronic signal expands the material by a factor of 100
100 ASMBS endorses new policy statement from American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
101 Should preschool writing be more communication and less ABCs?
102 Testing HIV testers
103 Alzheimer's subtypes could affect future treatments, Mayo Clinic researchers find
104 Text-based nudges to high school seniors boost financial aid filing, college enrollment
105 Increased depression, suicidal thoughts and stress are reported in patients with chronically itchy skin
106 Third-party genetic genealogy site is vulnerable to compromised data, impersonations
107 Research shows that early retirement can accelerate cognitive decline
108 Breast cancer: AI predicts which pre-malignant breast lesions will progress to advanced cancer
109 New method identifies aggressive breast cancer
110 When money is scarce, biased behavior happens faster