File Title
1 Archaeological Find: Prehistoric Babies Fed Animal Milk in Bottles
2 Photonics Breakthrough: Half-Light Half-Matter Quasiparticle Based LED
3 New Designs for Optical Tools Inspired by Kaleidoscope Mirror Symmetry
4 Machine Learning to Automatically Measure and Control Qubits
5 Key Theory on Earth's Climate May Be Wrong
6 Using Nanoparticles to Convert CO2 into Valuable Resources
7 WFIRST Space Telescope Fitted for 'Starglasses' [Video]
8 Microplastics in the Great Lakes: 1,941 Particles Per Pound of Sediment
9 Did Childhood Sugar Intake Decades Ago Cause Today's Obesity Epidemic?
10 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Shows How the Brain Repurposes Unused Regions
11 How to Tie Microscopic Knots Within a Solution of Liquid Crystals
12 Fear Is Not a Factor in Gun Ownership
13 Super-Resolution Microscopy Now Possible in Real-Time
14 Supermassive Black Hole Rips Apart a Star in Rare Tidal Disruption Event
15 Suicidal Thoughts Reduced by Sleeping Pills in Patients with Severe Insomnia
16 New Concept Enables More Eco-Friendly Batteries with Twice the Energy Density
17 Statins Could Increase or Decrease Osteoporosis Risk Depending on the Dosage
18 Otherworldly Discovery: Worms with Three Sexes in Mono Lake
19 Type 2 Diabetes Remission Possible with 'Achievable' Weight Loss
20 Blood Test Can Replace Invasive Biopsy for More Patients with Lung Cancer
21 The Hidden Dangers of Placebos
22 New High-Tech Method for Dismantling a Nuclear Warhead
23 Mesothelioma Trial Suggests Immunotherapy as an Alternative to Chemotherapy
24 Breakthrough in Search for Safer, Easier Way to Deliver Vision-Saving Gene Therapy to the Retina
25 Psychology of Attraction to Religious Deities and Super-Heroes Identified
26 Artificial Intelligence Improves Biomedical Imaging
27 Projectile Weapons Gave Modern Humans a Competitive Advantage Over Neanderthals
28 Warning: Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Spread by Washing Machines
29 Solar Cell Efficiency Increased with Innovative Two-Dimensional Materials
30 Unique Composite Material Developed for High-Temperature Fast-Neutron Nuclear Reactors
31 Scientists Trace Supermassive Black Hole and Galaxy Co-Evolution in Romulus Simulation [Video]
32 Microneedle Biosensor Accurately Monitors Patient's Antibiotic Levels in Real Time
33 It Is Not "Safe"--Comprehensive Review on Respiratory Effects of Vaping
34 Starry Region Bursting with Bubbles and Bow Shocks Spotted by Spitzer
35 Scientists Reveal Cellular Mechanisms that Give Jellyfish Remarkable "Superpowers"
36 The Hidden Ark: Grassroots Initiative Helping Save Fish from Extinction
37 Researchers Discover How 'Water Bears' Survive Extreme Conditions
38 Human Embryos' Muscles Still Have 250-Million-Year-Old Evolutionary Remnants
39 'Impossible' Superconductor Synthesized by Researchers
40 What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger Proven by Science
41 Scientists Discover a Hidden Threat to Corn
42 Study Reveals How Hurricanes Affect Deep-Sea Ecosystems, Carbon Cycle
43 Astronomers Discover Massive Galaxy Surrounded by an Unexpected Halo of Tranquil Gas
44 Record Breaking Observations Link Dark Matter to Galaxy Formation
45 Strengths & Weaknesses of Super Material--Soft, Light, yet Strong Enough to Stop a Bullet
46 More Interstellar Objects--Strange, Icy Visitors from Other Planets--Are Coming
47 Innovative Brain Research Records Neurons to Understand Cognition
48 Organic Power Cable--New Liquid Crystals Allow Directed Transmission of Electricity
49 Molecular Motor Breakthrough: Complex Movement on an Eight-Shaped Path
50 Eerie Sounds on Mars Picked Up by NASA's InSight Lander [Audio/Video]
51 Quantum Superposition Record: 2000 Atoms in Two Places at Once
52 To Avoid Freezing to Death, NASA's Juno Prepares to Jump Jupiter's Shadow
53 Alarming Catch-22: Agent Corruption Increased by Stricter Border Enforcement
54 Researchers Devise Innovative Method to Accurately Weigh Whales Using Drones
55 Beyond GPS: Millimeter-Scale Location Tracking
56 Ancient Crocodiles Were a Much More Diverse Species--Fascinating Research Describes What They Ate
57 Warning: Sleeping Less than 6 Hours Can Be Deadly for Middle-Aged Adults
58 Study Finds Cutting Back on Red Meat Has Little Impact on Health
59 Roadmap: Silicon Technology Boost with Graphene and 2D Materials
60 Warning: Cleaning with Bleach Can Be Harmful to People and Pets
61 Three Supermassive Black Holes on Extremely Rare Collision Course [Video]
62 New Kinds of Organic Compounds Found in Plumes Bursting from Saturn's Moon Enceladus
63 Quantum Vacuum: Negative Energy & Repulsive Gravity
64 New Glass and Synthetic Diamond Foundation for Nanostructures
65 Forbidden Phenotype--Why Are There No Animals with Three Legs?
66 World's Strongest Silver Breaks Decades-Old Theoretical Limit--Paves Way for New Class of Super-Strong Materials
67 Creating a New Superconductor by Finding the 'Magic Angle'
68 'An Experiment of Nature'--Fossil Fish Gives New Insights into Evolution After a Mass Extinction
69 Beyond Einstein: Mystery Surrounding Photon Momentum Solved with Super COLTRIMS Apparatus
70 Intriguing Discovery Grants New Insights into Photoelectric Effect
71 Eco-Friendly Electrochemical Catalysts Using Solar Cells to Harvest Energy from the Sun
72 Phenological Index--Tool to Understand How Ecosystems Are Responding to a Changing Climate
73 To Protect Against Congenital Heart Defects, Fathers-to-Be Should Avoid Alcohol Six Months Before Conception
74 Adults Who Lost Teeth More Prone to Heart Attack, Stroke
75 Silk's Nano-Scale Fibrils Give It Cryogenic Toughness to Thrive in Outer Space Temperatures
76 Using Quantum Wells to Cool Electronics with No Moving Parts
77 Drug Discovered with Potential to Treat Heart Attacks and Prevent Heart Failure
78 Researchers Discover a Common Medicine May Prevent Harm to Lungs from Air Pollution
79 Newly Discovered Chemical-Sensing Cells in the Gums Protect Against Periodontitis
80 Golden Ratio (Divine Proportion) Observed in Human Skulls
81 Mayo Clinic Study: Vaping Lung Injury May Be Caused by Toxic Chemical Fumes [Video]
82 New 'Fuzzy' Dark Matter Simulations Disrupt Conventional Thinking About the Make-Up of the Universe
83 Massive Filaments Connect Galaxies and Fuel the Growth of Supermassive Black Holes
84 Study Shows Deep Brain Stimulation Is Effective Treatment for Most Severe Depression
85 The Unexpected Role Ant-Plant Partnerships May Play in Ant Evolution
86 India-Pakistan Nuclear War Could Kill 125 Million, Threaten Global Starvation
87 Building Equipped with Thousands of Sensors Answers: How Much Are You Polluting Your Office Air Just by Existing?
88 Long Before Alzheimer's Symptoms, Plaque Emerges Deep in the Brain [Video]
89 A Cosmic Pretzel: Twin Baby Stars Grow Among a Twisting Network of Gas and Dust
90 Hubble Space Telescope Finds Medusa in the Sky
91 This Flat Structure Can Morph into the Shape of a Human Face
92 NASA Devises Clever Tactic to Save the Mars InSight Lander's Heat Probe
93 Vital Clues Revealed About Recycling in the Evolution of Life in Our Universe
94 Detailed Insights on the Disappearance of the World's Largest Mammals from Microscopic Evidence
95 Peeking at Schrodinger's Cat Without Disturbing It--a Way of Measuring a Quantum System While Keeping Its Superposition Intact
96 Study Shows More than 100 Million Dead if India and Pakistan Wage Nuclear War
97 Is Dark Matter Warm, Cold, or 'Fuzzy'? New Simulations Provide Intriguing Insights.
98 Say Goodbye to this Ocean-Monitoring Satellite
99 Molecular Cannabis Study Reveals How CBD Offsets the Psychiatric Side-Effects of THC
100 Astronomers Observe Two Young Suns Collecting Matter in a Binary System
101 New Evolution-Busting Drug Overcomes Resistance in Aggressive Breast Cancers
102 Research Outcomes Can Be Affected by Anesthetizing Fish
103 Smart Insole with Graphene: Lifesaving Technology for Diabetic Patients
104 Watch the Very First Video of Viruses Assembling
105 Expert Says Oils Added to Vaping Products Cause Damage to Lungs
106 As Graphene Turns 15, It Is on Track to Deliver on Its Promises
107 Detecting Early Signs of Eye Diseases from a Photo--There's a Free App for That
108 Very Stable Genius--Science Says Trump Tweets Were Systematic Plan of Attack in Presidential Campaign
109 In Proton Collisions, More Energy Means More Effects
110 The Fast Dance of Electron Spins--Spin-Flip Within Ten Femtoseconds
111 New Ultrathin Coating to Corrosion-Proof Thin Atomic Sheets
112 NASA Engineers and Technicians Test Mars 2020 Rover Descent-Stage Separation
113 Global Climate Catastrophe if Nuclear War Between India and Pakistan
114 Secrets of the Molecular Makeup of Cannabis Reveals How CBD and THC Levels Impact Side Effects
115 Chinese Activists Protest the Use of Traditional Treatments--They Want Medical Science