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1 How Often You Exercise Can Be Predicted by this One Personality Feature
2 'Tunabot' Unveiled--First Robotic Fish to Keep Pace with a Tuna [Video]
3 Micius Quantum Satellite Shows Bridge Between Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity Still Possible
4 New Hunt for Dark Matter--This Time with Lasers
5 Warning: Flavored E-Cigarettes May Worsen Asthma
6 Weathering Antarctic Storms and the Importance of Weather Balloon Data
7 Astronomers Have Seen Signs of "Life" at the Center of Messier 110
8 The Brain May Actively Forget During Dream Sleep to Prevent Information Overload
9 Antarctic Glaciers Slipping Faster Towards the Ocean Due to Surface Melting
10 New Method for Detecting the Invisible Properties of Nano-Structured Light Fields
11 Researchers Use 'Trojan Horse' to Kill Deadly Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
12 Princeton Experts: Controlling Methane Is a Fast and Critical Way to Slow Global Warming
13 Long Before Dinosaurs, a Giant Asteroid Crash Caused an Ancient Ice Age
14 SSRI Antidepressants (Zoloft/Sertraline) May Reduce Anxiety More than Depressive Symptoms
15 Neuroscientists Make Major Breakthrough in 200-Year-Old Puzzle--New Psychophysical Law
16 Urgent Action in Children Required to Tackle Cardiovascular Deaths
17 Matter Without Antimatter? Closing in on Elusive Particles.
18 Understanding the Mysteries of the Cosmos: New Clues to Dark Matter from Primordial Black Holes
19 Where to Park Your Car? Here's the Efficient Way, According to Math. [Video]
20 Einstein's General Relativity Validated 10 Years Ahead of Schedule by 'Ringing' Black Hole
21 Turning CO2 into Fuels, Plastics and Other Valuable Products
22 Railroad Worms Emit Red Light--Now Scientists Finally Know How It Works
23 New Study Reveals Evidence that Venus Was Once Habitable
24 Discovery of Comet Gateway to Inner Solar System Alters Fundamental Understanding of Comet Evolution
25 Research Finds Gigantic Masses in Earth's Mantle Untouched for More than 4 Billion Years
26 Student Discovered Strange New Mineral Inside a Diamond
27 Powerful Pulsating Gamma Rays Emitted from Neutron Star Rotating an Incredible 707 Times a Second
28 KATRIN Breakthrough Expands Understanding of Elusive Neutrino Particles
29 Frustrating Catch 22 in Graphene Based Molecular Devices Solved
30 Physicists Accomplish Crucial Step for Advancing Quantum Computers
31 A New Insight into How DNA Is Held Together by Hydrophobic Effects
32 In People with Diabetes, What Really Matters Is Fat Mass Index, Not BMI
33 5 Critical Things to Know About Opioid Use Disorder in Pregnancy
34 Colorful New Bee Species Discovered in Fiji, but Extinction from Climate Change Feared
35 Monterey Bay Aquarium Surrogate-Reared Sea Otters Helped Restore Threatened Population
36 Why Are Mountains So High? Mysterious Anomaly Exposes Limits of Conventional Theory
37 Experimental Brain Implant Restores Visual Perception to the Blind [Video]
38 2D Material, Just 3 Atoms Thick, Has Potential for Use in Quantum Computing
39 Scientists Discover a More Efficient Way to Turn Heat into Electrical Energy
40 2019 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Tied for Second Lowest on Record [Video]
41 Researchers Recreate Living 3D Displays--Lightweight Smart Skins with Artificial Muscles [Video]
42 Impostor Syndrome Is Quite Common--Study Finds Best Way to Cope with It
43 Vision for Managing UK Land and Seas After Brexit Developed by Scientists
44 More Durable Missiles, Coffee Mugs with New Technique to Improve Ductility of Ceramics
45 Fish Oil and Vitamin D Supplements Show Promise in Prevention of Cancer Death and Heart Attacks
46 Immunity Against Cancer? Engineered Killer T Cells May Be the Key.
47 Eat Onion and Garlic to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk, According to New Research
48 Warning: A Potent Neurotoxin--Lead--Found in Turmeric by Stanford Researchers
49 Crappy News for the Dung Beetle and Agriculture, Greenhouse Gasses
50 Do Children's Brains Really Get Thinner? Neuroscientists Striking Results Are Unexpected.
51 Could We Feed One Million People Living on Mars? A Provocative New Study with a Detailed Model.
52 New Interstellar Visitor Is Confirmed and It Has a Name
53 Bypassing Moore's Law with High-Speed Photonic Computers
54 Astrophysicists Devised Clever New Way to Measure a Black Hole's Mass
55 Giant Croc-Like Carnivores Terrorized Triassic Dinosaurs 210 Million Years Ago
56 Fire--a Solution to Weed Control Without Pesticides
57 Air Pollution Linked to Mental Health Issues in Children
58 Alien Species Spread by Private Boats in the Mediterranean
59 Warning: Plastic Teabags Release Microscopic Particles into Tea
60 Global Assessment: Large Economic Impacts of Climate Change Can Be Avoided
61 For the First Time, Laser Pulses Used to Achieve Superconduction
62 Secure Printing Using Pure Water as Invisible Ink [Video]
63 Study Finds Heart Disease and Stroke Risk Increased by Pesticide Exposure
64 Stunning New Black Hole Visualization from NASA Illustrates How Its Gravity Distorts Our View
65 What Species Fights Infection More Effectively, a Mouse or an Elephant?
66 Research Breakthrough: Fast, Safe Way to Clean Up Oil Spills [Video]
67 Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer for Fathers that Used IVF/ICSI Assisted Reproduction
68 Bats Hunt Their Prey Using Private and Social Information
69 Missing Seeds: Mysterious Enigma of Supermassive Black Holes
70 Hearing Loss Treatment Hope After New Genes Identified
71 Help Save the Oceans by Ditching the Delicate Wash Cycle
72 Stabilizing Single Atom Catalysts with High-Temperature Shock Waves
73 Quantum Internet Is One Step Closer to Reality with U.S. Army Research Breakthrough
74 For the First Time, NASA's TESS Mission Spots Star-Shredding Black Hole [Video]
75 New Research Finally Explains Why Spider Silk Is So Incredibly Tough
76 Brain Mechanism Linking Chronic Pain and Depression Identified
77 Soft, Flexible Artificial Skin Produces a Realistic Sense of Touch [Video]
78 Study Shows Autism Screening Is Less Accurate than Thought
79 Astronomers Discover the Oldest Galaxy Protocluster & It Features a Mythological Queen
80 Hand-Held Microwave Imaging--To See Through Walls or Detect Tumors--Possible with New Chip
81 Forget Star Wars--See a Real Life "Star Destroyer" in Action
82 Viruses like Herpes and Zika Will Need to Be Reclassified, Here's Why
83 Using the Right Tone of Voice May Be Key to Getting Teenagers to Cooperate
84 New Clues to the Origin of Life on Earth from Microbial Remains in Ancient Rocks
85 Incredible Imaging Shows How Neural Circuits Form in a Developing Embryo [Video]
86 Tracking Basking Sharks Yields Fascinating Insights into Their Behavior
87 Teenage Acne May Be a Natural, Transient Inflammatory State
88 Athletic Training Can Make Your Brain Tired, Not Just Your Body
89 Stanford Scientists Find Potential Treatment for Parkinson's Disease
90 France Banned this Common Food Additive the FDA Says Is Safe--Who Is Right?
91 Warning: Harmful Metals Found in Vapors from Tank-Style E-Cigarettes
92 Hubble Tracks a Galaxy Moving Toward Us at Over 543,000 Miles Per Hour
93 New Models Show There Are Many Gas Giant Exoplanets Waiting to Be Discovered
94 Warning: Dangerous Pathogens May Be Lurking in Your Energy-Efficient Washing Machine
95 Planet Formation Theory Challenged by Massive Exoplanet Orbiting Tiny Star
96 How a T. Rex Can Bite Hard Enough to Shatter the Bones of Its Prey Without Breaking Its Own Skull
97 Common Nutrient Supplement May Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
98 Experts Say Salt Shakers Need a Tobacco-Style Health Warning
99 This Mysterious Exoplanet Should Not Exist
100 Geometry Goes Viral: Math Used to Solve Virus Puzzle
101 New Study Reveals Dramatic Changes in Australia's Great Barrier Reef
102 New Metamaterials for Energy Harvesting Designed by Machine Learning
103 Algorithm Uses Math to Blend Musical Notes Seamlessly [Video]
104 Superconductivity Finally Found in Place Scientists Have Been Looking for Decades
105 New Tool to Study Molecular Structures Uses a Laser, a Crystal and Light Detectors
106 The Secret of Motivation: How Neural Circuits Drive Hungry Individuals to Peak Performance
107 NASA Designing Advanced Shapeshifting Robots for Saturn's Moons [Video]
108 Life's Building Blocks May Not Have Originated on this Planet
109 Galaxy's Tranquil Halo Illuminated by Enigmatic Radio Burst [Video]
110 New Breakthrough Smooths Skin Wrinkles--Without Needles
111 Faster than the Speed of Light: New Model Proposes Jets Go Superluminal in Gamma-Ray Bursts
112 Charles Darwin Was Right: Catching Evolution in the Act
113 True Lies: Why Certain Ads and Fake News Claims May Seem Accurate