File Title
1 Failure prognosis: Data science predicts which failures will ultimately succeed
2 Immigrant statements in Trump's presidential campaign linked to US Latinos feeling unsafe
3 Dozens of dinosaur footprints reveal ancient ecosystem of Alaskan Peninsula
4 Too real, or too fake? Female Instagram influencers in 'authenticity bind'
5 Were those experiment results really so predictable? These researchers aim to find out
6 Study considers double-edged sword of trust in regulatory agencies' monitoring of firms
7 Lost Lou Reed recording for Andy Warhol discovered by Cornell musicologist
8 Huge-clawed predatory dinosaur discovery in Victoria
9 Transaction fees change the culture of bitcoin, study says
10 Research offers insight into how oldest fossils formed
11 Surviving a zombie apocalypse using mathematics
12 Behind those headlines: Don't believe claims robots threaten half our jobs
13 Halloween is an important way to think about death
14 Ground-penetrating radar reveals why ancient Cambodian capital was moved to Angkor
15 Psychology researchers probe how juries evaluate jailhouse informant testimony
16 Bellevue startup uses artificial intelligence to help English learners' pronunciation
17 Study explores benefits of workplace neurodiversity
18 How much of a difference does the number of kids in a classroom make?
19 Gender equality dates back to the Vikings
20 Skull dimensions of Dominicans and Haitians differ despite close physical proximity
21 Study addresses one of the most challenging problems in educational policy and practice
22 Disruptions of salesperson-customer relationships. Is that always bad?
23 Innovative tool analyzes all 22,000 tweets from 2016 Republican presidential candidates
24 Ancient rhinos roamed the Yukon
25 Study analyzed tax treaties to assess effect of offshoring on domestic employment
26 Victorian scientists thought they'd found an explanation for ghosts--but the public didn't want to hear it
27 Involving kids in making schools sustainable spreads the message beyond the classroom
28 Value chain collaboration in new product development yields innovativeness and performance
29 The last Neanderthal necklace
30 Hindu children more apt to echo propaganda that 'Indian equals Hindu'
31 Discriminating diets of meat-eating dinosaurs
32 U.S. founding fathers were obsessed with American Ice Age megafauna
33 3 ancient shipwrecks discovered off Aegean island of Kasos
34 150-million-year-old sea-monster fossil found in Poland
35 The truth about misinformation
36 Three things the scientific community can do to filter sketchy research
37 Homicide is declining around the world--but why?
38 How crime fears, cultural anxiety and gender shape gun ownership
39 Cynical social media voices can erode trust in news media
40 New research furthers understanding about what shapes human gut microbiome
41 Scientists use machine-learning algorithms to help automate plant studies
42 Lion patrol: Learning to share the savannah with big animals
43 Scientists discover new antibiotic in tropical forest
44 Non-antibiotic cures for cows could speed up treatments for people
45 How differences in the genetic 'instruction booklet' between humans and Neanderthals influenced traits
46 A study on tropical fish sheds light on species invasions
47 Pigs observed using tools for the first time
48 Mapping white clover heritage
49 Shedding new light on West Africa's birds and butterflies
50 Histone modifications are the influencers of zygotic genome awakening
51 Indian paper wasps have their favourite places in their nests
52 New large-sized insect species discovered in tropical forest
53 When laying their eggs, tobacco hawkmoths avoid plants that smell of caterpillar feces
54 Identifying a cyanobacterial gene family that helps control photosynthesis
55 Sweet corn growers, processors could dramatically increase yield, profit
56 Cheap as chips: identifying plant genes to ensure food security
57 The deeper these octopuses live, the wartier their skin
58 Influenza evolution patterns change with time, complicating vaccine design
59 DNA metabarcoding useful for analyzing human diet
60 WTO urges quick ban on harmful fisheries subsidies
61 Mechanical engineer's simple running hack is fun and increases efficiency
62 Endangered black rhino expecting first calf
63 Rat poison eyed in 2 California mountain lion deaths
64 Badger behavior inside the cull zone
65 How bats relocate in response to tree loss
66 Study recommends special protection of emperor penguins
67 China says Thailand's panda died from heart attack
68 From Med's biggest nesting ground, turtles swim to uncertain future
69 Whale 'whispers' keep young safe near predators: study
70 Researchers use game theory to successfully identify bacterial antibiotic resistance
71 Botswana rhinos risk wipeout as poaching rises
72 How chromosomes change their shape during cell differentiation
73 A unique study sheds light on the ecology of the glacial relict amphipod Gammaracanthus lacustris
74 Researchers use AI to find patterns among multitude of people and cells
75 Details of dental wear revealed
76 A study of genetic contributions to changes in prehistoric human stature
77 Kangaroos and other herbivores are eating away at national parks across Australia
78 10,000 types of plant outgrowths bundled
79 Researchers find multiple effects on soil from manure from cows administered antibiotics
80 Human gut microbes could make processed foods healthier
81 Fruit flies help in the development of personalized medicine
82 CRISPR-BEST prevents genome instability
83 Reef fish caring for their young are taken advantage of by other fish
84 Capturing elephants from the wild hinders their reproduction for over a decade
85 For sea creatures, baseline shows disease as sentinel of change
86 Scientists speed up the evolution of yeast to create tastier and healthier alcohol
87 Malaysia finds hornbill 'ivory' in massive wildlife seizure
88 'Tricked' bacteria open new pathways to antimicrobial treatments
89 Scientists call on public to help solve snow gum murder mystery
90 Naturally occurring fungi could curb moose tick plague, entomologists find
91 Liver fluke linked to liver disease in U.K. horses
92 Online prototype could improve ocean migratory species governance
93 Trophy hunting--can it really be justified by 'conservation benefits'?
94 Gut microbes can be picky eaters--here's why it matters
95 New insights into salamander limb development
96 Removing invasive mice from the Farallon Islands would benefit threatened birds
97 Buttons and flies help biologists solve longtime DNA mystery
98 CRISPR enzyme programmed to kill viruses in human cells
99 Secrets to climate change adaptation uncovered in the European corn borer moth
100 Plant death may reveal genetic mechanisms underlying cell self-destruction
101 A Lego-like approach to improve nature's own ability to kill dangerous bacteria
102 Scientists track wheat aphids and their natural enemies for better pest management in Pakistan
103 Researchers discover how chlamydia takes up new DNA from host
104 Tracking wild pigs in real time and understanding their interaction with agro-ecosystems
105 Carnivorous plant study captures universal rules of leaf making
106 Key uncertainties identified for models of mosquito distribution in the US
107 AI and big data predict which research will influence future medical treatments
108 Impacts of low-dose exposure to antibiotics unveiled in zebrafish gut
109 Scientists are decoding the genetic mechanisms of aging
110 Honeybees are math stars (Update)
111 Artificial meat is now made in space, coming to a supermarket near you
112 Better protection sought for Thailand's helmeted hornbill